Largest Hard Drive for PS4 – The Maximum Limit

Maximum hard drive upgrade size on PS4 explainedUpgrading the internal hard drive of PS4 to another drive that offers larger storage capacity has been, for years now, the most preferable workaround for the unpleasant storage limitation issue of PS4. More than a year ago, when you try to upgrade PS4 hard drive to larger than 2tb, you’d have to deal with the errors it caused in the system due to the lack of support from PS4 system for capacities beyond 2tb limit. The most common error was the disability of the Rest Mode function. That was the case until the release of PS4 System Software 3.5 that offered a full support for larger drives (4tb was tested and the full compatibility with PS4 was confirmed, as was reported unofficially by users who made their own experiments.)

You’ve probably realized that the size limitation of the hard drive you want to use for PS4 storage upgrade is the sole responsibility of the PS4 system, and whenever the system software is updated, there’s a big chance that its support for larger drives has expanded.


  • The largest internal hard drive that conforms to PS4 storage upgrade standards comes in 2tb storage capacity. The best one to recommend is Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD.
  • Currently, PS4 System supports up to 8tb of internal storage and another 8tb of external storage.
  • With the base PS4 model only, it’s possible to reach 16tb of storage capacity, whereas only 10tb is possible with PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.
  • You have to keep the PS4 System Software updated with the latest version in order to receive the latest storage compatibility support.

Up to 16tb of Storage Support?

The release of PS4 System Software 4.5 has impressed almost every PS4 fanboy, for it came with a long-awaited feature that every user wished to see in their game console—the extensive support for external storage. With that feature, PS4 system can handle up to 8tb of external storage capacity and manage it as a storage extension to the system storage. (Read more details on this issue here).

But how can this help us determine the maximum storage limit that PS4 System can support?

Well, because there’s no official statement on this particular issue that can end all arguments, we have to guess and do our own calculations to find the most accurate answer.

So, here we go..

Since 8tb is the maximum limit of extended storage PS4 System can handle, as Sony officially announced in the extended storage user’s guide and in its blog post that illustrates the new features of System Software 4.5, theoretically, it indicates that PS4 System cannot handle a storage partition larger than 8tb. And because we have two partitions here, the internal and external storage, it means that the maximum capacity of PS4 System of storage support is: 8tb + 8tb = 16tb.

It’s worth to mention here that Nyko Technologies in its article that describes the traits and advantages of the company’s Data Bank, has assured this “conjecture” (if you may call it) by stating that PS4 internal hard drive can be upgraded to up to 8tb:

With the Data Bank installed, the storage capacity of the PS4™ can be expanded up to 8TB*, drastically increasing the amount of games and save files that can be stored on the system.

Reaching the Max Storage Limit

In the base PS4 model only (Excluding PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim), it’s possible to reach the maximum 16tb storage limit by upgrading the internal hard drive with a 3.5-inch 8tb desktop hard drive using an accessory called: Data Bank, then add an external hard drive with 8tb of storage capacity, and you’re done.

Below are our recommended equipment to achieve this goal..

Data Bank

The Data Bank for PlayStation®4 allows the use of a 3.5″ hard drive to be used as internal memory instead of the stock 2.5″ hard drive that comes pre-installed in the system. 3.5″ drives are less expensive at higher capacities than the 2.5″ drive inherently supported by the PS4.

There’re several data bank brands in the market, but we found that only two worth your consideration. Remember, these data banks only work on the base/standard PS4, and they don’t fit to PS4 PRO or PS4 Slim. (Read more about PS4 Pro & PS4 slim Data Bank)

DongCoh Game Bar

8tb Internal hard drive

Most of 8tb hard drives on the market are surveillance hard drives that are more optimized for storing and archiving data than that for performance. Therefore, if the drive’s performance is one of your priorities (as a gamer it must be), then avoid these drives and pick a regular desktop hard drive.

The following drive is our recommendation for upgrading PS4 internal hard drive:

Seagate Barracuda Pro 8tb

8tb External hard drive

We would like to find a portable external hard drive in 8tb capacity, but at the present time it, doesn’t seem possible. What’s available in this capacity is a desktop stationary external hard drive that needs a power cable to operate. Our recommendation is the following drive:

Seagate Expansion 8TB

Solutions for PS4 Pro & PS4 Slim

Because there’s no Data Bank available for PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, it’s not possible to reach the 16tb limit, and the maximum capacity you can get is 10tb. But how comes? The answer is simple.

As for the internal hard drive upgrade, you cannot go beyond 2tb, because the largest hard drive that conforms to the standards and fits inside PS4 Pro/Slim’s drive cage comes with only 2tb of storage capacity.

2tb Internal hard drive

The best drive we would recommend for an internal hard drive upgrade on PS4 Pro and PS4 slim is Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD.

You can click on the review button below to verify yourself how great this drive is.

Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD

8tb External hard drive

We recommend the same external hard drive above.

Who Needs that Huge Storage on PS4?

Big Storage for PS4Many readers would wonder and say: Wow, 16tb or 10tb? That is so capacious. Who does really need that much of storage space?

Actually, in every field you’ll find people with unexpectedly exceptional needs. Users who have many family members sharing the same PS4 need it, bearing in mind that modern PS4 games are coming in average 40gb-50gb file size. Don’t forget also that PS4 hard drive can now store movies, so you’ll find some people who like to store their favorite movies on PS4 hard drive, and that consumes lots of space.

Moreover, you can use your 8tb external hard drive as a backup storage instead of extended storage, which allows you to use it with your computer also. That means it will be a multi-purpose external HDD that’s justified for its huge capacity. (For more details, read our article on PS4 Backup Storage)


As of the time of writing, the latest version of PS4 System Software is 4.73, and the system software will keep updating, and probably Sony will announce larger support for storage.

Games and movies are rapidly increasing in size, and what we consider now too large will be small in the near future.

We don’t see it’s worth to upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 to larger than 2tb with the existence of external storage expansion option. And if you want to expand the PS4 system storage, we advise that you read our article: Best 5 Methods to Expand PS4 Hard Drive Storage.

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