Can a PS4 Overheat? If yes, What to Do?

Many new users wonder whether can a PS4 overheat. The fact that every savvy knows is that all electrical/electronic devices do overheat, especially when they get old. So, asking if it’s possible for PS4 to overheat or not has a simple and straightforward answer, which is: YES of course.

In this article you’ll learn what causes the PS4 to overheat, what are the bad effects of overheating on the PS4 system and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

The PS4 Can overheat with excessive usage

What Causes the PS4 Overheating

Can a PS4 overheat because of the following reasons:

    • Poor ventilation. If your room doesn’t have enough airflow, it can lead to PS4 overheating and poor cooling from the air conditioner or fan. The best way to prevent this is by opening windows for better circulation and removing any blockages that might impede air flow inside the system.
    • Too much heat can be generated by the PS4. The PS4 system may overheat when it’s exposed to a lot of sunlight or turned on for an extended period of time without being moved from one spot to another. If this happens, you can simply turn off your device and give it some space in order to let the fan cool things down for a while.
    • Too many games can cause the PS4 to overheat. Playing too many games can generate more heat in your system, which can be detrimental to its performance. Try playing one game at a time and avoid downloading or installing any new ones until you finish with the previous ones totally. Additionally, games that are heavy on graphics or have a lot of detailed textures can place more stress on your PS4, leading to an increased chance of crashing or rebooting. This can keep happening until your PS4 can cool off.

There are several reasons why PS4 overheats

  • The PS4 is not turned off from time to time can also cause the PS4 to overheat. If you don’t turn your PS4 console off for a while, it can accumulate heat in its internals and make things worse if you start using the device again without giving it some space first.
  • There are other factors that can contribute to overheating of your PS4. For example, the console can become overheated if you live in a hot and humid area or have too much dust inside your device. Thus, always make sure to give it some space when playing games so that its internal fan can cool things down. It’s also important not to leave the PS4 on while not in use as it can accumulate heat and overheat when you start using the console again .
  • If you’re not sure what’s causing the PS4 overheating, try to keep it in a well ventilated area like near an open window or outside for at least 30 minutes. This can help remove dust and other particles from inside that can contribute to overheating problems.

With these tips, hopefully your next gaming session can go without issue.

How to Prevent PS4 From Overheating

Every PS4 user must learn how to prevent the PS4 from overheating in order to avoid all issues related to that matter, including declining performance and damage of internal components.

The PS4 can overheat when the internal temperature of your device reaches a certain level and can cause problems with performance. Here are some tiPS4 to prevent PS4 overheating:

    • Keep your PS4 in an area that has good airflow, like near an open window or outside for at least 30 minutes before use. This can help remove dust from inside that can contribute to overheating problems.
    • Take a break from playing every 2 hours or so by shutting down the PS4 for about one minute in order to let it cool off.

PS4 is too hot message

  • Place your PS4 on a surface that can disperse heat, like wood flooring. Carpet can cause too much buildup of heat and prevent air circulation around the system.
  • Turn off any external devices that can contribute to overheating, like your PSVR headset.
  • Keep the PS4 out of direct sunlight or in a room with bright lights as they can cause heat buildup and prevent air circulation.
  • Use a PS4 cooling station to help maintain the optimum temperature on PS4.
  • Keep your PS4 out of the reach of children or pets, as they can easily knock it over and cause malfunctioning that will eventually result in overheating.


The can a PS4 overheat, but there are stePS4 that can be taken to prevent overheating. If you encounter any problems with your PS4 system’s temperature, yet your console is still under warranty, make sure to contact customer service as soon as possible.

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