Cannot Find the Update File (SU-41350-3) | Fixed by Experts

When you go to update the PS4 system software, you may get an error message with code number [SU-41350-3]. Its on-screen message is: “Cannot find the update file.”

This message appears in the Safe Mode once you restart the PS4 during the update process. And, as that message indicates, the PS4 system fails to find/recognize the appropriate update file to complete the process. So, why does this happen and how to fix it?

Well, fixing Error [SU-41350-3] is way too easy, but first, let’s learn why this error occurs.

Why Does Error [SU-41350-3] Happen?

Cannot find the update file - SU-41350-3

There are several reasons that cause Error [SU-41350-3] to occur. Some of them are very simple and easy to fix, and others need some work. So, let’s see what may cause Error [SU-41350-3].

  • You have not downloaded the right update file. When you go to the official PS4 system software update page, you’ll be put in front of two options: either to download the full installation pack, or the update patch. You may probably downloaded the full pack thinking it’s the right file. So, make sure to get the appropriate file and try again.
  • The update file you downloaded is corrupted. Yes, it happens sometimes when you download any file from the Internet that it gets corrupted. This is because of either an abrupt interruption of the internet connection or a storage device failure. To resolve this, you only need to safely remove the USB storage, then connect it again to the PC on which you’re downloading the update file. Now, download the file again and check it with the PS4.
  • You haven’t stored the update file in the correct path. Do you know that you have to store the update file in this path (/PS4/UPDATE/)? all in caps. You have to first create a new folder on the USB storage device named PS4, then another folder inside it named UPDATE.
  • The update file’s name has changed. The update file’s name must remain intact (PS4UPDATE.PUP) without any change.
  • The USB storage device you’re using needs maintenance. This you’ll learn in the next section.
  • A failure occurs in the PS4 USB connection. Here you might want the help of a technician.

These are the most common reasons that cause Error [SU-41350-3]. Now, let’s see how can you work around it.

Fixing Error [SU-41350-3]

Fixing Error SU-41350-3Here I’ll presume that your USB storage device is working properly without any issue. You can connect it to a PC and perform a performance test to verify whether it’s healthy or not.

Once you do that, let’s download the right update file. If you’re going to install a new hard drive or you have your PS4 hard drive formatted for maintenance purposes, you’ll need the full package update file. Otherwise, the update patch is what you need if you only want to perform a manual update.

So, now we’ll assume you have an absolutely intact update file that no modification/damage made to it.

Additionally, let’s presume that you have also stored the updated file in the right path, just as instructed above.

Now, completely turn off the PS4 and unplug its power cable for around 15 seconds. Also, plug out the USB storage device for the same period of time. Now, connect the USB storage device to the PS4 and plug in the power cable. Turn on the PS4 and let’s see what happens.

If you still get the “Cannot Find the Update File (SU-41350-3)” message, that means you have a hardware issue, either with the USB storage device or with the PS4 itself. Just let’s not hope for the worst, and let’s try with the USB storage device.

Clean the PS4 USB ports

Dirty PS4 USB ports
A dirty PS4 USB port might be the main culprit for causing Error (SU-41350-3). In order to properly clean these ports, try using a small spray bottle that squirts a nice fine mist to put some isopropyl alcohol in. This is perfect for situations like this. That and a toothbrush will clean out USB ports like a dream.

Switch the USB Port

The first thing you have to try before anything else is to switch the PS4 USB port. Sometimes the USB port might be defective and switching it can resolve this issue.

Note that don’t switch the USB port when the PS4 is on. Turn it off first then do that step.

Maintain the USB Storage Device

The PS4 USB storage device you’re using might be defective or having some functional errors. That’s why you’re getting Error (SU-41350-3).

The best way to fix that is to connect the USB storage device to a PC, and perform a FULL format (not quick) on it. The full format will eliminate any bad sectors existing on the drive and restore its original performance.

Additionally, make sure to format the drive with FAT32 or exFAT file system. The PS4 system doesn’t recognize other file systems.

Note that if you’re using a USB flash drive that’s larger than 4GB, or an external HDD, you better format it using exFAT file system.

Formatting Steps

So, to carry out the format process, connect the USB storage device to a PC (We’ll be using here Windows 10).

Note that in order to properly format the USB storage device connected to your computer, you will use the Disk Management tool. To access the Disk Management tool, click the Windows icon and type Disk Management.

unckeck the quick format box in order to eliminate errors on the USB storage device

  1. Right-click the disk that says Offline, then select Initialize Disk.
  2. Select the partition layout.
    • GPT for hard drives with a capacity larger than 2 TB.
    • MBR for hard drives with a capacity of less than 2 TB.
  3. Right-click the space that says Unallocated, select New Simple Volume…, and then follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. Select the Format of the drive volume with the following settings.
    • File System:
      • NTFS for Windows use only.
      • ExFat for Windows, Mac and PS4.
    • Allocation Unit Size: Default
    • Volume Label: Enter the name you wish to label the drive as. ie, Studio Hard Drive.
    • Perform quick format: Check.

Note that the quick format box is toggled by default. That means Windows will delete the file structure of the drive, though the data is still accessible if you use hard drive forensics tools. Doing a full format takes longer, but it’ll overwrite your data and scan for bad sectors. Therefore, you have to clear the “Quick format” box in order to perform a full format.

Now, after you have successfully formatted the PS4 USB storage device, store the corresponding path as illustrated earlier. Try your luck this time and I hope it works and Error (SU-41350-3) is fixed.

Change the USB Storage Device

Sometimes the USB storage device seems healthy and error-free, but it isn’t in reality. There might be hidden errors that don’t appear to the surface. In this case, the best thing you can do here is to use another USB storage device and try your luck in resolving Error (SU-41350-3) issue.

The PS4 Needs Maintenance

If nothing works for you and you still getting the message “Cannot find the update file” with error code [SU-41350-3], that means then it’s time to repair the PS4 and take it for maintenance. The USB connection might be defective and in need of a fix. Only an experienced technician can judge this situation after running his special tests.

You can contact the PlayStation Customer Support Service for further assistance and see what they advise you.


Fixing Error [SU-41350-3] is not something you have to panic about. Although it’s a very common error, its fix is very easy. It happens though rarely that a hardware part of the PS4 is defective and thus, the console needs technical maintenance. But in general, don’t worry if this error occurs, in most cases it can be resolved in a short time frame.

Questions & Answers

Why am I getting Error SU-41350-3 on my PS4?

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What causes Error (SU-41350-3) on PS4?

There are varied reasons that causes Error SU-41350-3 on PS4, including a corrupted update file, a defective USB storage device, and a defective USB port.

Can I fix Error (SU-41350-3) myself without the help of a technician?

It depends on the real reason behind that error. If Error (SU-41350-3) is caused by just a corrupted/damaged update file, or just a defective USB storage device, you can easily fix that. But if the problem is bigger than that and the PS4 USB port is defective and not reading well, you will want to take your PS4 to a repair shop.

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