Cannot Start the Application (CE-30005-8) Fix

It happens that while you’re playing your favorite game or working on an application, error code CE-30005-8 suddenly appears. The error message content is: “Cannot start the application. (CE-30005-8)“, as you can see in the image below.

Cannot start the application (CE-30005-8) PS4 error message

The real problem with this type of errors is that it’s fundamentally related to a hardware failure. When such an error occurs, you have to immediately take action, especially when the PS4 hard drive is responsible for it. Because that means your data is at risk and you may suddenly, without any former warning, lose it. Unfortunately, most of the times the PS4 internal hard drive causes this error. It indicates that it undergoes serious functionality problems, thus needs repair.

In all cases, even if you haven’t faced this error yet, you must seriously consider upgrading/replacing PS4 stock hard drive with a better drive in terms of reliability, speed and overall performance. Because the PS4 stock hard drive is a cheap, obsolete and an old drive that no longer meets the minimal performance standards of today. Just read this detailed report about the specifications of PS4 hard drive to fully understand what I mean.

Anyway, let’s go through this error and suggest actions you can carry out to fully fix it.

Official Error Fix

The PlayStation official website suggest a fix for this error that many users found helpful. (source)

Error occurred while accessing the Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”) or Blu-ray / DVD Drive.

It looks like your console is having problems reading from the Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”) or Blu-ray player, please follow the steps below:

  1. Eject the disc from the system, making sure it’s not dirty, scratched or damaged.
  2. If the disc is in good condition please try rebuilding the system’s database using Safe Mode option 5. Information on how to access and use Safe Mode can be found here.

If the error persists your console may be faulty and in need of service, please contact PlayStation Support.

In many cases, this fix is useless and unhelpful. Yes, it did help many, but, on the other hand, a wide variety of users didn’t actually benefit.

Determining the Real Reason

Error CE-30005-8 can occur by either one of the three devices: the PS4 internal hard drive, an external hard drive used as an extended storage, or the Blu-Ray/DVD player. So, let’s diagnose each device separately, starting from the easiest.

Checking the Blu-Ray/DVD Disc

Checking PS4 Blu-Ray/DVD player for error CE-30005-8In some cases, it’s likely to see Error CE-30005-8 when trying to start a game from the Blu-Ray/DVD Player. It’s usually an easy fix. So, let’s first determine whether it’s the reason or not.

Ejecting the Disc

If you know how to properly eject the Disc from its player, just skip this section. It’s mainly for newbies.

Ejecting the Disc be done in two ways with the first one having to be manually using the eject button, which is located below the power button on the PS4 when it is lying down flat horizontally. The other option is to press the “Options” button on the Dual Shock 4 with the videogame highlighted on the Home menu. Doing so gives you the option to “Remove Disc.”

Cleaning the Disc

Now check the underside of the disc and there’s a good chance you’ll see smudges (which can be easily cleaned) or scratches. To clean a dirty disc, use a lint-free cloth and wipe from a straight line from the inner circle to the outer edge. You can find out more details on this process from Sony’s website.

Check Now If It Works

Now, insert the cleaned disc back into the PS4 again to see if you are still getting the same CE-30005-8 error code as before. You can also try out other PS4 game discs or Blu-Ray movies to see if the problem is limited to just the videogame or if there really is a problem with the Blu-Ray drive.

If this solution doesn’t work with you, and you feel it isn’t something you can fix yourself, then head to your nearest Game retailer and you can use their disc repair service for $5.

Checking the External Hard Drive

Checking PS4 External hard drive for error CE-30005-8If Error CE-30005-8 appears when trying to launch your game/app from an external hard drive, or even during the gameplay, it means it’s failing to function properly and you have to repair it.

Usually this error occurs after the PS4 system has already recognized and approved the external hard drive. So, the external hard drive is working fine on PS4 until this error happens.

Unless the external hard drive is making a clicking/grinding noise, the problem is not serious. Mostly it’s a matter of bad sectors that affect the functionality of the drive and you need to eliminate them.

This great and detailed guide thoroughly explains how to do that in a step-by-step pattern.

Checking the Internal Hard Drive

Checking PS4 internal hard drive for error CE-30005-8If the error is reporting against your PS4 internal drive, then this could be something more serious. Usually you shouldn’t worry much if you don’t hear any noise coming out from the hard drive. This might be some bad sectors that hinders the drive from functioning properly.

This article contains an in-depth discussion of PS4 hard drive failure and how to fix it.

In brief, fixing the internal hard drive of PS4 is just the same way as fixing the external hard drive. Only you need a USB external HDD enclosure to connect the hard drive to a PC/MAC.

Now, whether you’ve got the PS4 hard drive fixed or not, think seriously about upgrading/replacing it with a solider and more reliable drive.

Delete Game Data

If you have done all suggested solutions and you still have that error, then you can try to delete and restore the game data on the hard disk drive. To do so, you must first back up the save data using either a USB storage device or online cloud service if you are a Playstation Plus member. Both options are located in the “Settings” menu, which is located to by pressing up from the home menu and then scrolling right. You should then select “Application Saved Data Management,” and, subsequently, “Saved Data in System Storage.”

Application Saved Data Management

Once that is done, go select the problematic game and then press the Options button in order to bring up the “Delete” option. Re-install the game data from the disc, which should automatically happen. Afterwards, restore your save data via the Playstation Plus online storage or USB device from the same “Application Saved Data Management” option of the “Settings” menu.

Rebuild PS4 Database

Sometimes rebuilding the PS4 database can resolve this problem and fix that error. It’s a very easy process to fulfill, but it may take a few hours though.

Rebuild PS4 Database

Process Steps

To successfully rebuild the PS4 database, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the PS4 completely (i.e. not in Rest Mode).
  2. Once off, press and hold the power button. Release it after you’ve heard two beeps: one when you initially press, and another about seven seconds later. This will boot the PS4 into Safe Mode.
  3. Connect a DualShock 4 controller with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. If the PS4 isn’t recognizing the controller, you may have attached a ‘power only’ USB cable – use the one that came with the controller.
  4. Select the option Rebuild Database. It will warn you that it may take hours.

Disable Mods

Some gamers confirmed that disabling recently added mods helped them repair this error code. While this solution might not work for all users, it is worth trying it out.


When you see the error message: Cannot Start the Application (CE-30005-8), it means there’s a hardware failure has occurred. If none of the above solutions work, you have to take your PS4 to a technician. He’s the only one who can discover why PS4 behaves that way.

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35 Responses

  1. Salman shaikh says:

    Lovely work around of cleaning g the disc and re inserting … It worked thanks for the amazing suggestions

  2. Brum trapstar says:

    Thank you disc was dirty 🤦‍♂️ It works now

  3. Mohamed says:

    It’s not working I tried everything except changing the hard drive

  4. philip ofafa says:

    i changed the hard drive and i keep getting this error, i even changed the lens, installed new software but it still persists.Should i replace the whole blu ray drive?

  5. Justin Tyme says:

    This error is occuring with a digital game and only with that specific game, i can download and play any other game so im confused as to the root of my problem

    • PS4 Storage says:

      This may occur due a conflict between the current PS4 system software you’re using and the game coding. Sometimes this problem happen because you installed another app/game that causes the conflict with the game. If it’s possible, try to initialize PS4 and update the latest PS4 system software version and just install that game. Now play it and check whether it causes the same problem or not.

      By the way, are you using an external hard drive to play that game?

  6. Maapp says:

    I just downloaded a game and it’s locked can anyone help

  7. Spencer says:

    I downloaded an update for call of duty black ops 4 and right after the update the system updated the software to the most recent version as well, the first time clicking on the game after the updates, the system loaded the first screen and it showed that the update downloaded. However, about 5-10 seconds into the screen it brought the message,

    “Cannot start the application.

    How should I go about for resolving the issue because I have a feeling the update downloaded/installed improperly and the error occurs. I’ve done all of the troubleshooting steps to fix it if it were something else, besides possibly a faulty hard drive but it was working good prior.

    My question was that should I back up all of my data for the application to the online storage and then reinstall the game? Or is there anything else I could do that would save the time and having to back-up and reinstall everything to try to fix?

    To whom reads this and tries to help if possible, thank you for your time to help me come to a conclusion on what to do for this problem.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      This issue usually happens due to the incompatibility of the game update with the current version of PS4 system software. OR because the improper installation of the game update.

      If the reason is the first, you need to initialize PS4 and update it to the latest version, then install that game and its update. If it doesn’t work, you have to wait for another update that conform to the PS4 system software standards.

      If it’s the second, you need to reinstall the game and its update without initializing. Just store the game saves on an external storage device or to the cloud storage provided by PSN, then do what you described already.

      There’s no easier way, I am sorry to say. You should have always taken a backup copy of the whole PS4 hard drive in case of emergency. Next time think about backing up PS4 data in a regular basis, this will save you lots of efforts in the future.

      • Spencer says:

        I apologize I didn’t get to see the reply to my question before it was resolved, but I appreciate the response.

        It was the second one thankfully. When the update was mid installing, it also started installing a system update as well as the games update. All the data on our system already is synchronized to upload a backup copy of everything to the cloud. So I uninstalled the game and then it brought a message to reinstall the system update, then after I reinstalled the game itself. Worked like a charm and got my little sibling to stop freaking out lol.

        Your idea definitely would have worked if I didn’t figure it out soon after and read this sooner. So hopefully the question might help others though because it was a bit frustrating for sure.

        Thank you kindly for the good thorough answer!

  8. Christopher says:

    I have tried every thing still.not working

  9. Anterrio Freeman says:

    it always say clean the disc for 2k16 for some reason all of my games work I tried the rebuild data thing 2 times and nothing changed I tried to update the system software but I have no internet i tried to restart my system on and off safe mode please help me i just bought 2k16 today and I got a warrant on it

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Download the PS4 system software update patch on a USB flash drive and plug it into your PS4 and update your PS4 system. Hopefully this will do the trick.

  10. Eddie says:

    I just got a new game that has no smudges or scratches or none of that sort and I have to copy the application and I keep getting an error that says ce-3000-8 and I tried everything I even rebuilt the data base and I can’t seem to find the problem.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      This is a storage problem then. It’s either the blu ray drive or the hard disk drive. The easiest way is to work on the hard drive. Try to connect it to a PC and perform a FULL format, which will eliminate all sorts of errors and restore its lost performance.

  11. Dylan says:

    The ps4 fails to load AC odessey disc but loads battlefield and fifa discs fine.

    The AC disc has no scratches what so ever and is basically brand new?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      This is surely not a hardware issue. Neither the hard drive nor the VGA has any problem. In many cases, the reason for that comes from some program conflicts that occur within the PS4 operating system. Initializing PS4 and updating it to the latest version, then trying to play your game should resolve this. Please try this and provide us with your feedback. Thanks.

    • Luther Fraser says:

      Odyssey is the problem for me aswell! Won’t install properly even though I used to play it and have over 60 hours game time!

  12. Michael says:

    If this error keeps happening put the PS4 into rest mode then turn it back on, restart the PS4 console, then turn off the console. Do all of this with the disk inside and it should work

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Thank you for your advice. It’s much appreciated. May that help someone suffering from this issue.

  13. Nathaniel Hood says:

    I deleted Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 and I have both of them on disc. Both of them are having the error code and is wondering if it is my hard drive and what I have to do to fix this problem.

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Either that or your PS4 just needs initialization. You first try to initialize, if not, accuse the hard drive.

  14. Michelle Muriel says:

    So I deleted RDR2 but I decided to download it again so when I first put the disc in it downloaded an update then tried to download the disc all over again it gets to about 80 is percentage and then the error comes up, did I do something wrong?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      deleting a game then installing it again may cause errors within PS4 system. I think the quickest solution is to initialize PS4. This should fix it.

  15. Rhi says:

    This only happens to me with red dead redemption. My gta v was fine so idk what to do

    • PS4 Storage says:

      If none of the above suggestions work for you, you need to initialize PS4. Once done, update to the latest system software version, then install that particular game and check whether it works or not.

      This error often happens due to game/app conflicts, and initialization shall resolve it.

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