Different session shooters worth playing

Many players who like to spend time on the PC, but do not have enough time for games, choose session shooters.

What does session shooter mean?

This is a format of games where each match has the same conditions for the game, but is played completely differently.

Good examples would be CS GO and Valorant, where you play for a maximum of 26 or 30 rounds on the same maps, but due to the high variability. There are many different ways you can act and there are many factors that influence the overall outcome, which is what makes session gaming so fun for most players.


This is a relatively new project from Riot Games, who decided to take over part of the championship from CS GO and released their analogue with various differences and are already actively influencing the development of e-sports.

A maximum of 26 rounds awaits you, on different maps, where there are three directions for attack and defense, like in CS GO, its own economy, but unlike the shooter from Valve, you need to win 13 rounds to win, and not 16 like in CS.

The economy has a logic very similar to CS GO – whoever wins a series of rounds strengthens their finances, and whoever loses is forced to save and buy weapons every other time, playing with whatever they have.

Unlike CS GO, in Valorant there are no pronounced sides of terrorists and special forces, but there are attackers who plant a bomb, or spike – that’s the name of an explosive device.

Valorant uses a system of agents who have special skills to help in games. You can only select one representative per team.

Each hero has three types of abilities:

  • Signature – It is awarded to the player at the very beginning and is updated after use if you kill two enemies, or simply wait for the reload time.
  • Basic – You buy a basic skill for one round for 100–300 points, which accumulate through game actions during the rounds.
  • Special, or ultimate – this skill cannot be bought, but can be earned by picking up orbs on the map, making a series of kills, setting or clearing a spike, or from a large number of deaths as an aid in returning to the game.

For a more eSports-like atmosphere, you can play ranked matches that will determine your overall gaming skill.

The principle of operation is the same as in CS GO. You need to win and contribute to victory through kills. If the team wins, but your score is poor, you may not get promoted, or the process will take longer because the system needs to understand that your playing skill has improved, and you are ready to play at a higher level.

An alternative would be to order Valorant rank boosting to play at high levels against really good players with whom it will be difficult at first, but the progress in shooting and tactics will be much higher.

CS GO or CS 2

An updated version of CS GO, number 2, will be released very soon, and if you believe insiders, the release is scheduled for September 27-29.

The concept will remain the same – two teams will fight each other in a rating format, but now for winning you will receive your rank on each map and a serial number among other players.

Another important change that awaits all players in CS GO is the updated system of rating games, which now consists of 13 victories instead of 16 as before.

The new system became possible not only because of copying from Valorant, as it might seem initially, but because of a change in game tactics and economics.

CS 1.6. acted on the principle of more economic rounds, that is, without buying weapons to save money for the next one.

To prevent losing players from finishing the match early, a model of 16 round wins was invented to win the match.

In CS GO, everything has changed – players began to more often use tricks with the economy and buy the so-called force buy – buying killer Desert Eagles and armor and trying to win a round in an obviously worse situation and thereby turn the economic situation in their favor.

In addition to matchmaking or ranked matches, several more interesting modes will be available to you:

  • Arms race
  • Strike
  • 2×2
  • Regular match

Arms race

You start your game with a random weapon and must kill enemies with it to unlock the next one, and so on until you get to the knife. The winner is the one who kills the enemy first with a golden knife.


This is a mode in which a bomb is planted right at the start of the match and three terrorists must protect it from the advancing special forces.

The uniqueness of the mode lies in the fact that there is no way to buy weapons, but there are special cards with sets of equipment and implement the round with their help.

If you can get the title of MVP in the previous round, then the set will be better than others.


This is a scaled-down matchmaking format, with only four players on the entire map.

There will be only one bomb site here, but three exits to it.

Players can play just the two of them in the same rating mode, practice holding or knocking out a target, and just have fun with a friend.

Regular match

This format is partially similar to matchmaking, but is more similar to CS 1.6, which is familiar to everyone, or to those players who caught the legendary part.

You will play until 16 wins and have up to 16 players on each team instead of 5.

Each player will have an automatic body armor, which will save money every round.

It won’t be easy here, because enemies and allies are literally everywhere, but that’s where the fun lies, and the dynamics of the match are fast enough that you won’t even notice how it ends.

Apex Legends

Apex is a dynamic battle royale format in which you must choose your agent, land on the territory, find weapons and ammunition and fight with opponents for survival and the right to become top 1 on the server.

Accumulate kills and stay alive as long as possible, and then you will progress in the rankings and increase the level of the division with a corresponding selection of opponents.

Some tips for winning:

  1. Do not parachute into big cities and large points for replenishing ammunition and equipment – it’s easy to get shot there and lose, especially if you don’t know the game map well.
  1. Watch for the narrowing of the zone and determine in advance the direction to reduce it, so as not to accidentally remain outside it and not lose all your health.
  1. Select an agent who will help compensate for gameplay errors in the initial stages – for example, Lifeline with her first aid kits, or Octane with health regeneration outside of combat.

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