Fastest DNS Servers for PS4 For Better Internet Speed [2022]

You begin to notice a lag between your actions and what you see on the screen while playing an intense game with buddies on PS4. That’s definitely a terrible indicator. It can be the result of a poor Internet connection on the PS4. Your DNS server may also be at fault; your internet connection isn’t always the problem. You could therefore require some quick DNS servers for PS4 to lower ping and stabilize connections.

The DNS settings for your connection are configured by default by your Internet service provider (ISP). However, it’s advisable to steer clear of using the built-in DNS. We always advise employing a unique DNS server. Poor DNS performance on your end might ruin a wonderful gaming experience, especially if you’re playing online multiplayer games.

We advise installing a custom DNS server to reduce PS4 lag when gaming. Not only can using a custom DNS benefit your game console, but it will also significantly reduce latency problems. The finest and fastest DNS servers for PS4 were examined in this article. It also applies to mobile devices and gaming PCs.

What Is DNS?

The domain name system is known as DNS. If you find it to be too complicated to understand, let us simplify it for you. An Internet phonebook akin to DNS exists. Consider a phonebook as an example. When you tap on a name, the number linked with the name is called. Similar to this, when you access, the DNS translates the hostname to the appropriate IP address, which in this case is

Fastest DNS Servers For PS4 [2022]

DNS Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Cloudflare DNS
DNS Advantage
OpenDNS Home
Safe DNS
Comodo DNS
DNS. Watch
Alternate DNS
Uncensored DNS
Level3 DNS
Fourth Estate
Century Link

So, some of the top DNS servers for PS4 are listed above. We advise using DNS servers like Cloudflare DNS and Google’s DNS. Custom DNS enables you to access some blocked websites while also speeding up your internet connection. Even when a movie or website is blocked, you can still access it using a custom DNS.

Use a benchmarking program like DNS Name Speed Benchmark to check each DNS’s ping time. Similar to this, you may check your ping using DNS benchmarkers like DNS Speed Test for Android. To determine which DNS server would be ideal for your PS4, we advise running a DNS test.

Changing The PS4 DNS Server Settings

You may be surprised to learn how simple it is to change the DNS server on a PS4. Having said that, it can significantly affect your internet speeds and latency. Depending on where you are, different DNS speeds may apply. Here is how to modify the DNS settings on your PS4 before selecting the best DNS servers for PS4.

Step 1: Go To PS4 Network Settings

On your PS4 home screen, go to the Settings menu and select the Network option.

Step 2: Select “Setup New Internet Connection”

Once you enter the Network option page, select “Setup New Internet Connection”.

Step 3: Select LAN/WiFi, then “Custom.”

Choose either LAN or WiFi, based on the internet connection type you use. Afterwards, select the “Custom” option from the next page.

Step 4: Pick “Automatic” then “Do Not Specify.”

Now, you have to select “Automatic”, then select “Do Not Specify” under the DHCP Host Name section.

Step 5: Select “Manual”

A prompt to change the DNS settings will appear. Choose “Manual” to configure the optimum DNS server for your PS4 system.

Step 6: Insert Primary and Secondary DNS Data

Choose the DNS that you believe would work best for you from our list of the best DNS for PS4. Google’s DNS is what we are using here. Enter the appropriate Primary DNS after choosing “Primary DNS.” The similar procedure should be followed for “Secondary DNS.”

Step 7: Configure the MTU and Proxy Settings

Finally, set the Proxy Server to Do Not Use and the MTU to Automatic. Select Test Internet Connection to finish. Try out every DNS configuration to determine which one, according to your location, works best for you.


It all boils down to trial and error since there is no DNS server deemed “best” for all PS4 users. It all depends on several factors that determine the best DNS for your PS4. So, what you consider as the best DNS for your PS4 might not be the same for a PS4 player in another city or country.

You can test each DNS server using the method outlined in this post which helps you figure out which one is the fastest for your connection.

It’s important to search for the DNS that offers you the least latency if one doesn’t work for your connection. The DNS servers that are listed are some of the top PS4 public DNS servers available. Please let us know in the comments below if you continue to experience any problems with the PS4’s DNS servers. Try to add any further DNS recommendations you might have here.


How to find my DNS Server?

In order to find what your DNS server is, you can check the DNS at the IP address of your wireless router, if you have one. If not, you may find out what DNS your Internet service provider is using by asking them.

What DNS would you recommend for PS4?

While there is no one DNS that works for everyone, we advise trying Google and Cloudflare DNS first. Some of the top DNS servers for PS4 are listed here. Performance of the DNS server varies according to your location and ISP.

Is Changing the PS4 DNS Settings Safe?

There is no way to worry about changing your PS4 DNS settings as it's completely safe. You can return to your default DNS whenever you want without it having any negative effects on your PS4.

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