How To Totally Fix An Overheating PS5

The Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) is one of the most powerful gaming consoles ever released. It has amazing graphics, lightning-fast loading times, and a plethora of cutting-edge features. But like other gaming consoles, the PS5 is prone to overheating. While it is normal for the PS5 to warm up during gameplay, it can also become too hot if it is not managed properly.

If the PS5 overheats, it can cause performance issues and even permanent hardware damage. The good news is that there are a few simple steps that can be taken to prevent PS5 overheating. These include ensuring the console is in a well-ventilated area, regularly cleaning the dust out of the fan and vents, and keeping the console away from direct sunlight.

In the event the PS5 does overheat, the official error message is “PS5 is too hot. Turn off your PS5, and wait until the temperature goes down.” Additionally, if the issue persists, you can open up the PS5 to clean its fan, take it to service, or change its setup.

PS5 Overheats Only When Playing PS5 Games

One of the weirdest scenarios when playing on the PS5 is that the PS5 overheats when playing PS5 games, but not when playing PS4 games. This may be due to the increased power requirements of the PS5 games, or it could be a hardware issue. But this also indicates a serious problem with the PS5 that must be fixed.

What Causes My PS5 To Overheat?

According to CNET, the PS5 reaches a maximum temperature of 35,1 degrees Celsius above room temperature when playing intensive games. Further testing conducted by GamerNexus demonstrated that the PS5 system operates normally between 65 and 75 degrees Celsius.

Yet, the PS5’s RAM can reach 92 degrees, which is dangerously near to the 105-degree barrier for most electronic components.

GamerNexus’ test room is around 22 degrees Celsius. Credit: GamerNexus / YouTube

Nonetheless, these are still typical situations. Yet once additional components exceed 90 degrees Celsius, the system may begin to suffer. Moreover, the RAM’s thermals will increase far faster than the rest of the console’s components.

A PS5 that overheats is hazardous. When a temperature threshold is exceeded, continuing functioning becomes challenging. Excessive heat can cause damage to the CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD storage.

Under extreme heat conditions, the PS5’s system may restrict the GPU and CPU speed to reduce the temperature. This may result in game crashes, lengthier loading screens, frame drops, freezes, and similar issues.

The most common indicator of a PS5 overheating is a decline in fame. This is a significant issue, as the PS5 (and the X Series X) sometimes struggle to maintain 60 FPS in 1080p.

How to Recognize an Overheating PS5?

There are multiple indicators that the PlayStation 5 is overheating. Here are the cautions:

  • Your console displays an error warning (Your PlayStation 5 is overheated). Frequently, after the announcement, the console will automatically shut off. If this holds true, the problem is severe.
  • The PS5’s fan is very loud and sounds like an aircraft taking off. It can also produce peculiar sounds.
  • While gaming, you are encountering performance issues. Among these include frame drops, delayed loading times, screen tears, screen freezes, and audio desyncs.
  • You observe black dots, white dots, purple or green screens, or black screens.
  • The console is really warm to the touch.

If you observe any of these problems, it indicates that the issue has lasted for some time.

How To Keep Your PS5 Cool

It is preferable to prevent overheating problems and maintain a low temperature for your PS5 console. It can extend the life of your console and other electronic devices.

These are some broad guidelines to follow:

  • Give your PlayStation some breathing room. This entails positioning it at least 4 inches from the wall in an open area.
  • Underneath the PlayStation 5, place a marble, stone, or wooden platform. Also, if possible, utilize its stand. When the PS5 is placed horizontally or vertically, the base should keep it off the ground, and the vents should face backward.
  • Try to play with the air conditioning or a fan on. Alternately, open the door or windows to enhance ventilation.
  • Remove any additional things atop the PS5, such as clothing, fabric, and toys.
  • The console should be placed as far from the floor as practicable. When dust is heavier than air, it settles toward the ground. But, if you keep the PS5 up, it will not absorb the soil.
  • Maintain a clean environment surrounding the PlayStation 5. Use a microfiber cloth to additionally clean the PS5’s casing. However, shut it down before cleaning it.
  • Employ a vacuum cleaner with a low suction force to remove dust from the air vents at the back. Sony recommends this remedy, which is simple and does not require opening the PS5.
  • Keep your pets away from the console, as their fur might quickly block the vents.

The PS5 is a high-end and costly game console. Improving its configuration is the greatest way to prevent overheating. That can ensure years of enjoyable gaming.

Suggested Solutions From Reddit

Here are three useful solutions quoted from different Reddit users who could overcome this problem:

  • If you take the fan out, shine a torch down from the fan hole to the bottom (where you plug the power cable in) you will see some holes that will be covered in dust and clogged. I got a toothbrush and a hoover and just cleaned it as much as I could by just taking the fan out. I’ve not had the problem since.
  • I noticed other people who had it mentioned they had their console vertical, I decided to give it a good clean, just the faceplates off, compressed air, and a shop vac, and then set it back but horizontal, haven’t had a single issue since. Laying it flat helps ventilation.
  • I read a post that said this was happening to people that nearly had their hard drives full. Mine was nearly full so I lowered it to below -50% HD space. Never had the issue again.
  • In my case I removed the fan and then noticed that the circular vents inside the ps5 that go to the power supply were completely clogged by dust, I dusted it and my ps5 was new again, I also dusted the heat sinks but I believe the problem was the clogged vents on the power supply.
  • Had the same issue with one of mine. I popped the panels off, took canned air, and blew a bunch of dust out that was not visible. No issues since then.
  • After some research I learned that you could replace the Liquid Metal on the processor and that did the trick. If you don’t have experience messing around with internals on electronics I recommend looking for a good tech repair store.
  • If you take the fan out though, you can look down towards the inside of the console, there are ventilation ports around where the power supply is, and they can become absolutely clogged with dust. I had to get a very small vacuum and a security screwdriver to fix the issue but it’s working fine for me now.
  • The fix for this is unbelievably simple. It’s your home. You more than likely have an HDMI with a metallic exterior. This causes than heat from the fans to be stored by the method of convection instead of the heat dissipating. Use an HDMI cord that has a rubber surrounding and the heat will no longer multiply causing shutdowns and warnings. This actually applies to more than just the PS5.

PS5 Overheating FAQ

Why Is My PS5 Overheating After Cleaning?

It is possible that dust and debris may have been left inside the system or on its components while you were cleaning. This can cause the system to overheat since the dust and debris can act as an insulator and trap heat inside. Additionally, if the system was not properly put back together after cleaning, the air vents may be blocked, not allowing the system to properly ventilate and cool down.

My PS5 IS Overheating When Put Vertical

This is likely due to the system’s design where, when placed vertically, the vents are blocked by the console itself, not allowing the system to properly ventilate and cool down. Additionally, if the system was not properly placed on a flat surface, that could also cause it to overheat.

What are PS5 overheating symptoms?

Symptoms of overheating can include the fan running at a higher speed than normal, the console becoming hot to the touch, and the console shutting down without warning. Additionally, the console may display a warning message that the system is running too hot.

What Is PS5 overheating warning Message?

The PS5 overheating warning message is “The system is running too hot. Please turn off the system and allow it to cool down.” This message should appear on the console’s display when the system is overheating.

Why does my PS5 shut down after overheating?

When the system becomes too hot, it automatically shuts down in order to protect itself. This is because the components of the system can become damaged if they are exposed to too much heat for too long. Additionally, the console may display a warning message that the system is running too hot.

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