Fix Your Lag Spikes On PS5 With These Simple Settings Tweaks

One of the reasons why the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is able to process data so quickly, is due to the use of a solid-state drive or SSD as a storage medium. By using an SSD, Sony was able to cut loading times on the PS5, making it much more effective at reading data, even 100 times faster than the old PS4.

But along with use, the PS5 becomes slow, showing a notable decrease in performance. According to TechRadar, this has something to do with the cache stored on the SSD. With many cache files stored in the drive, the console becomes somewhat laggy, and players start to notice a strange performance.

Now, if you want to restore the PS5 to its glorious performance, like when you just opened it during unboxing, there are steps you need to take. If the PS5 becomes slow due to accumulated cache, then by deleting it, you can restore the PS5’s performance to its prime condition.

Fixing the Lag Problems on PS5

Understanding What Cache Is

Just like in a browser, whether on a PC or mobile device, the cache on the PS5 is a data warehouse function to speed up your PS5’s work processes in use, making it idle when running.

With cache, the process of loading applications or displaying information, and of course game loading times, will be much faster and constant.

But when the cache becomes too full, its function actually ends in anti-climax, resulting in a slower PS5 performance. The negative effect is the loading time which is no longer short and other technical problems like the console can’t be turned on, or even overheating.

How to Clear PS5 Cache

Please be aware that this menu is not available directly from the settings menu on your PS5. To access it, you must first enter Safe Mode, and then clear the cache in question. Here’s how to clear the PS5 cache:

First of all, make sure that your PS5 is turned off. And then, press and hold your PS5’s power button, and release it when you hear the second BEEP sound (seven seconds after holding it).

After that, plug your DualSense into PS5 using a USB cable. Once plugged in, press the PS button on your DualSense. Here, select the fifth option, which is “Rebuild Database”. Wait for this process to finish and restart your PS5. Your PS5 will run out again after this.

Another Thing to Note

The lagging performance on PS5 can also be caused by connection problems if you’re playing online games. Thus, by using a safe, secure, and more-optimized internet connection, these problems will go away. Aside from making the connection safe, gaming VPNs can also prevent lag spikes, which often happen in this type of game. So, we highly recommend using a VPN specially designed for gaming to avoid lags, high pings, and other technical problems. That way, you can always enjoy a smoother gaming experience anytime you want.

Other PS5 Problems and The Fixes

No matter how sophisticated the technology is in electronic devices, of course, it cannot be separated from bugs and errors. Whether it’s a software or hardware problem, complaints from PS5 users are starting to appear on various platforms.

If this common problem on the PS5 that often occurs starts to interfere with the comfort of playing, it’s good to always pay attention and don’t just ignore it. The following are PS5 problems based on user comments and how to fix them.

1. Can’t Connect to PS Network

A number of users have complained that they cannot install new games from the PlayStation Network because the connection fails. As a result, those who previously wanted to play the game became frustrated and ended up refunding it.

If you experience the same thing, take the first step by checking the internet connection used and then try again. You can also check the network status (Check Network Status) through the PS5 settings just to make sure.

2. PS5 Crashes When Restarting

At least some reports say that the PS5 crashes when it is restarted; it only gets stuck on the PlayStation 5 logo on the screen. The solution to this problem is don’t panic by pressing all kinds of physical buttons. Instead, wait a few moments and then restart again.

3. PS5 Can’t Be Turned On

If you have ever experienced PS5 not being able to turn on, this problem might be related to the inner components of the console. There may be a problem with the Power circuit.

So if this happens to your PS5, go to the PlayStation website in the “Troubleshooting” section to find out whether or not a warranty claim can fix this type of damage.

Some say that the use of additional storage or third-party HDD storage can cause the PS5 to experience damage to the power section causing the device to automatically turn off. It’s best to avoid using an additional external hard drive on the PS5 until Sony updates the device’s firmware.

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