Fixing PS4 Stuck On “Connect Controller” Screen

When you turn on your PS4 and the blue screen shows up asking you to connect your controller and press the PS button, but when you do exactly as described nothing happens. The PS4 is simply stuck on the “connect controller” screen.

Many users reported this issue happening to them, and regardless of all the troubleshooting methods they did, nothing worked for them and the PS4 is still stuck on the “connect controller” screen.

What Causes The PS4 To Be Stuck On The “Connect Controller” Screen?

There are a few reasons that cause this issue, that are:

  • Dead or depleted PS4 controller’s battery.
  • The USB cable is worn out or damaged and needs replacement, or the PS4 USB port is not working properly (in case you’re trying to connect your controller via USB yet the same problem takes place.)
  • PS4 system software is undergoing a sort of data corruption that impacted its ability to properly recognize and interact with external devices.
  • The PS4 controller is defective.
  • The PS4 is not properly ventilated and thus overheats, therefore when you turn it on, it gets stuck on that blue screen.

Since there are a few reasons that can cause the PS4 to be stuck on the “connect controller screen, it’s best to try a few different solutions until you find the one that works for you.

Solutions To PS4 stuck on the “connect controller” screen

Here are a few suggested solutions to fixing your PS4 that gets stuck on the “connect controller” screen.

1. Run several tests on the controller and console

This requires you to check the USB cable and the PS4 USB port. Also, you want to make sure that your controller is fully functional so as to the PS4 console.

This is a significant step in the troubleshooting procedure of this issue. We must find out what actually causes this problem.

Try using this cable on a computer or another PS4 if possible. If not, try connecting another PS4 controller using that cable. Just try whatever comes to your mind to ensure the USB cable’s integrity.

Also, check if the PS4 USB port is actually working. Make sure it is clean and not dirty. If you see dust inside the port, it might be the reason for the whole issue. You’ll need to learn how to clean the PS4 USB port then.

Once you do all that, you’re ready to try the relevant solutions below that go with your problem.

2. Power Cycle Your PS4

Power cycling simply means that you turn off a device and disconnect its cable from the power outlet for a period of time then reconnect it to the power source.

You have to wait around 5 minutes with the PS4 when you power-cycle it. It’s recommended that while the PS4 is off you unplug all external devices connected it to as well, including the controller.

After the 5-min period passes, just plug the PS4 power cord back into the power outlet, turn it on, wait for the PS4 system to prompt you to attach the controller, connect the controller via USB and turn it on.

Now check if your PS4 still gets stuck on the “connect controller” screen

3. Hard Reset Your Controller

When the PS4 controller is “hard reset,” it is returned to its factory default settings, or essentially how it was when it was brand new. Fortunately, the DualShock 4 controller makes this simple to perform, although we’ll need a paper clip or something similar to reset your PS4 controller.

  1. Turn off the PS4.
  2. Flip the DualShock 4 controller over, then look for the little hole next to the left shoulder button.
  3. Unfold one end of the paper clip and push it into the hole to press the hidden button.
  4. Keep pressing this button for approximately 5 seconds.
  5. Use a USB cord to connect the controller to the PS4.
  6. Switch on the PlayStation 4 and wait for it to start up.
  7. Use the controller’s PlayStation button to sign in to the PS4. When the DualShock 4 and console have linked, the light bar should turn blue.

To learn more about PS4 controller reset, please visit this page.

4. Power Cycle Your PS4 Controller

This is a somewhat difficult for non-savvy user. Therefore if you feel you don’t have the ability to do it, seek help from a technician.

You need here to power cycle the PS4 controller. To do that, open up the PS4 controller’s cover and disconnect its battery by unplugging it as seen in the picture below.

Now, leave the battery disconnected for around 5 minutes then connect it again.

Afterward, you have to hard reset your controller again.

5. PS4 Controller USB Cable Replacement

If your PS4 is stuck on the “connect controller” screen and not responding to your controller, it might be because the USB cable is worn out or damaged. In this case, you’ll need to replace the PS4 controller USB cable.

You have to buy a DATA cable instead of a power cable. Power cables that come with your Android phone mostly won’t work (although a few users reported that they worked).

Otherwise, if you don’t have an issue with connecting your PS4 controller via USB, and your main problem is with the Bluetooth connection, skip this method.

6. PS4 Controller Battery Replacement

If your PS4 still gets stuck on the “connect controller” screen, it might be because the battery is dead or not holding power. You can check the PS4 controller battery level by pressing and holding the PS button for about 10 seconds.

If the PS4 controller battery level is low, it might be the reason why your PS4 is stuck on the “connect controller” screen. In this case, you’ll need to replace the PS4 controller battery.

7. PS4 System Software Update

One reason why your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting is that the PS4 system software is outdated. You can check for PS4 system software updates by going to the PS4 Settings menu and selecting System Software Update.

If there’s an update available, select it and follow the prompts to install it. This might fix the PS4 stuck on the “connect controller” screen.

8. PS4 Cleaning and Dusting

When the inside of the PS4 is dirty it might affect the performance of the whole system and will result in unexpected issues to occur. For this reason, if you notice something you’re unfamiliar with on your PS4, try to clean it then try connecting your controller again.

9. Factory Reset Your PS4

If everything fails, the last resort is to fully initialize your PS4 and reinstall the PS4 system software from scratch. That’s because there might be a sort of systematic error in the PS4 system that prevents recognizing or properly interacting with the PS4 controller. If this is the case, factory resetting your PS4 will resolve this issue.


So, this guide has covered almost all aspects of the PS4 stuck on the “connect controller” screen. In case nothing has worked for you and you want further assistance, you’re welcome to contact us by commenting below.

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8 Responses

  1. Gordon Kelter says:

    I have tried almost 20 cords i even bought charge and sync cable meant for computers and gaming says right on it. i did mention that? also why would the controller and the usb stick work flawlessly when in safe mode.???? i can t wrap my head around it i think its gotta be a glitch in the update’

  2. Gordon Kelter says:

    i have tried everything. cords, resets taking cintroller apart. resetting controller via button and removal of battery. unplugged ps4 while taking controller apart. all back together. same conclusion. i just bought this newer one because the old one i had worked awesome. but it came from recycle bin and had a very bad fan control. temp modulator. i literally just kept the top off of it and got the fan to go by manuLLY SPINNING IT BY HAND ONCE IT STARTED SHE RAN LIKE A TOP!! LOL iT LITERALLY HAS NO TOP NO METAL PIECES!!!! you can see the fan thats about it well. the cooliing part

    the new one i’ve gone through almost 15 cords went bought a new cord oday. did a factoryreset qwith usb stick also updated with a usb stick and the internet connection. OK HERES THE KICKER TO THE WHOLE THING WHEN IM IN SAFE MODE THE NEWER UNIT IPURCHASED WORKS FINE IN THE SAFE SAFE MODE UP DOWN SELECTING USB OR INTERNET FOR THE UPDATE. WORKS AWESOME IN THERE BUT as soon ass lol hahaha it finishes and gets to that stupid blue screen connect your usb in first1!! then secondly the ps button and welll were back where we were stuck. and now since ive taken apart the controller my old pos that has held through almost everything except an atomic bomb wont recognice the controller either but its a different screen . sorrry for my life story but it sucks ijust paid my overdue internet of 265 bucks bought this system for some paper buddy owed me i also spent on PS4 PREMIUM MMEMBERSHIP

  3. MicroUSB says:

    I had the same issue and after reading another forum, I found out that there are two types of Micro-USB cables; “data transfer + charging” cables and “charging” only cables. To actually connect the controller to the PS4, one would need a data transfer cable.

    A charging only cable will cause the orange charging light to glow but not communicate with the PS4. I think this is the most confusing part since I also thought “orange glow = connected” but apparently not!

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Thank you our valued reader for this good comment that may help other readers resolve this issue although the article has already stated that you’d need a new data cable to replace the old one.

  4. Raymond MacHugh says:

    I done the same, new controller, same problem, 7 wires later sorted, save time and hassle and search ps4 controller charger cable and purchase a new comparable cable, that should sort it!!!

  5. Gilda says:

    Hi I have cleaned and bought a new remote and my ps4 is still stuck on connect controller. It happen after I did a factory rest.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Most probably the PS4 system is no longer able to recognize controllers due to a sort of data corruption occurred after you factory-reset your controller. Usually initializing the PS4 will resolve this issue.

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