How Do I Fix A Ps5 Download Error Message Stating, “Can’t Download Or Copy” Something Wasn’t Right.”

That’s what you’d do if your PS5 claims it “can’t download or replicate” a program or upgrade you’re planning to mount an error message…

error message

The PS5 has been around for almost six months, but those who were fortunate enough to receive one had to struggle with an error message, storage concerns, as well as other obstacles.

It is indeed terrible enough so that the PS5 doesn’t presently allow auxiliary SSD memory for PS5 games, but problems like that might tempt you to upgrade to an Xbox Series X instead. On the PS5, one message we’ve encountered is input lag, “Can’t install or duplicate.” Something didn’t work out.” This storage issue appears to be related to the error message CE-10005-6.

Fortunately, this was not the end of civilization. Continue reading to find out what we understand about the PlayStation 5’s “can’t install or duplicate” bug…

Why am I getting an error message code on my PS5 that says “can’t install or replicate”?

It’s difficult to say whether there’s a pattern then when this error code appears, but I noticed it when the PS5 was attempting to install The Sims 4 into the console’s inbuilt Storage space.

This happened after I changed The Sims 4 from my outside hard drive to the SSD, so it’s possible that it confused the console, but it’s difficult to imagine why.

The notice “can’t install or replicate” remained to appear no matter how many people the console attempted to obtain the patch. It didn’t appear to affect other games’ downloading or upgrades, which is strange.

How can I solve the PS5’s “can’t install or replicate” problem?

The current guidance for any and all PS5 storage troubles, as per, is to follow some steps:

ps5 error message

  • Please ensure you have the most recent Firmware Upgrade downloaded and operating in your Settings.
  • Then switch the PS5 off now and restart it in standby mode: when the console is turned off, press hold the power button on the controller till you get a second beeping to activate ‘safe mode.’
  • You must be offered the opportunity to ‘reconstruct your databases’ while in standby mode; do so, but it should clean up the cobwebs and eliminate any storage-related bugs.

After having this done, you may have to re-download some video games and data, but it will ideally fix your problem with the “Can’t upload or duplicate” error notice.

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