How The Ps5 Maintains Your Ps4 Data Intact

In this post, you’ll learn about the PS5’s important features, including how to keeps PS4 data intact.

These Are The Key Takeaways

  • The PS5 makes it easy to transfer data from previous consoles.
  • Cross-gen data supports are approached differently than other approaches.
  • Experts believe that cross-gen support for data is more important than ever.
  • As gamers gear up for the PlayStation 5 (and Xbox Series X), experts believe cross-gen data transfers are an important feature that console makers should consider.

PS4 storage

Gamers are now focused on the next-generation consoles. The press finally has access to PS5s, next-gen Xbox consoles, and more details about how these consoles will bridge data gaps between the current generation and the next.

Recent photos of the PS5 revealed additional details about how users can transfer content from their PS4 to the PS5. These transfers are important for the future generation of gaming. You can also maintain the PS4 Data intact.

Samuel Franklin, who founded Games Finder and was a former games journalist, said in an email that “being able to transfer a Save file for your favorite game is invaluable.”

The Same Data, New Generation

Sony and Microsoft both have different ways of solving the problems associated with games released on current-gen consoles. Both the Xbox Series X (PS5) and PS5 both will support games that were released on current-gen consoles. Talks about next-gen gaming have focused on backward compatibility, rather than the need for gamers to purchase the same title multiple times in past iterations.

“This console era transition is by far the worst that players have seen in a while.”

According to several photos taken by media who received the PS5, users will be able to transfer PS4 data in a variety of ways with the new Sony console. A PS4 or PS5 can be connected to the same network via a cable. An external hard drive can also be connected to the PS4 intact so that content can be transferred. Xbox Series X also offers similar data transfer options, as well as the ability to play games directly from an external drive. This allows you to transfer data without downloading it again.

Because this generation is different from previous consoles, it’s crucial that users can easily transfer their PS4 data. Many games that were released on PS4 will be supported on the PS5 unlike the move from the PS3 and the PS4. The Xbox Series X also features Xbox Smart Delivery. Both Xbox One and PS4 have games still scheduled for releases, such as Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, or some PlayStation exclusives, Horizon Forbidden West.

“The ability to restore a preserved file from a current fave is quite useful.”

According to a Washington Post interview, Sony plans to continue supporting the PS4 for several more years. Franklin believes this generational shift will be unlike anything we have ever seen.

He stated, “It’s the largest platform paradigm change gamers have ever witnessed.”…virtually from the start, both Sony and Microsoft offered a variety of functionality around saved games and additional features.”

PS4 Data Saves Aren’t Completely Secure

Most games will transfer to the PS5 but save data will not. Xbox will transfer all your saved data and games to the next generation while Sony has left cross-gen data to support up to developers.

upgrade ps4 storage

“Please note that the ability to save game data between a PS4 and PS5 version is a developer decision,” reads a PlayStation Blog post. This has already led some to believe that Dirt 5 won’t be able to save across generations on the PS5. Sony, however, confirmed in a blog post that Spider-Man Miles Morales and other games will be able to save between the PS4/PS5.

You don’t need to worry about losing data such as trophies or other info. It is all tied to your online account. The ease with which PS5 owners are able to transfer new content to their accounts should reduce the pain of losing hours and progress. Experts still believe that there will be plenty of support for gamers who use cross-gen PS4 data via the PS5 regardless of possible game saves.

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