How To Console Sharing And Offline Play With PS5(TM)

How to enable Console Sharing and Offline play on PS5 consoles for sharing your purchases and receiving subscription benefits with others

The game Console Sharing & Offline setting connects a PS5 console and your account. It allows you to share your media and games with other PlayStation 5 users.

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Limits To Offline Play And PS5 Console Sharing

One PS5 console at a time can have Console Sharing or Offline enabled. You can enable the setting on one new PS5 console.

The Console Sharing or Offline settings on the other PS5 console and the PlayStation Plus will not be affected. You and your media won’t be accessible to any other users of the disabled console.

PS5 Console Play and Offline Play do not reduce your primary PS4 console activation limits.

How To Enable PS5 Console Sharing

PS5 Console sharing and Offline are automatically enabled when you sign in to PlayStation(TM); Network the first time.

  • Go to Settings > User and Accounts > Others > Console Sharing and Offline play.
  • Select Enable

How to Disable PS5 Console Share

offline paly console

  • Go to Settings > User and Accounts > Others > Console Sharing and Offline.
  • Choose Disable

By following these instructions, you can enable and disable control share on your PS5 console.

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