How To Enable Auto Updates For PS5

You can enable auto updates to automatically update file your PlayStation 5 without you even having to touch it. But how can you make the most of this feature?

auto updates

It is important to make sure your PS5 firmware is updated in order to keep it in great condition. Also, ensure that you always play the latest version of any game. This will allow you to receive important security patches. But what if your PS5 forgets to update its games and other software? Auto updates can be enabled to let your console remember what you have done.

What are PlayStation 5 Auto Updates?

The PS5’s auto-update feature is pretty straightforward. Once upon a while, you had to manually update your device and game by using menus and selecting multiple options.

You can still use this manual method. You don’t have to constantly check your firmware version or keep updating your game, but it is much simpler to let your PS5 do all the legwork.

When an update is due your sony next-generation PS5 console will automatically download it. How to enable this feature.

How to Turn on Auto Updates for PS5

You will need to go through several steps in your PS5 settings before auto updates can work.

  1. Connect your PS5 to the Internet

First, connect your PlayStation 5 to the internet. To do this, go to Settings in the top-right corner next to the profile picture.

Go over to Network > Configuration > Setup Internet Connection by clicking there. You can either select Connect to the Internet to establish a wired or wireless connection, or you can use the advanced options.

  1. Allow the PS5’s “Always On” Internet Connection

After connecting your PS5 to an internet connection, go back to Settings. You can find the rest mode features in System > Power saving > From there, navigate to the Settings menu. Allow the option to stay connected to the Internet.

This means that your PS5 always has a connection to the Internet. Even when in rest mode.

  1. Enable Automatic PS5 Update Installation

The internet connection is always connected so you don’t have any worries about an update arriving at night or while you’re working. You will have to let the PS5 install the files to prevent them from hanging around when you turn the PS5 on.

This can be done by going to Settings >System > System Software > Update and Settings, then selecting Install Update Files Automatically.

Set up automatic PS5 updates

auto updates on ps5

Once your console has been set up to receive automatic updates, it is time to enable those updates. Go to Settings > Game/App Settings > Automatic updates.

You can choose to auto-download or install from here. This ensures your console will continue to receive updates, even if it is in Rest Mode.

Your PS5 will Now Automatically Update! You can be assured that the PS5 console will install and download updates for you. You’ll still have plenty of time for all the other great features on the console.

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