How To Improve PS4 WiFi And Make It Faster

Every gamer’s worst nightmare is having a slow internet connection, but many people have this problem today. Unless you have changed something on your PS4, the problem is usually with your WiFi router and how you have it set up to connect. Some ways to get better and faster WiFi speeds are to change the DNS settings or move the PS4 closer to the WiFi router.

A slow connection is often caused by WiFi routers that are far away from the PS4. Walls and doors can weaken signals because they are so thick. These slow speeds could be caused by DNS settings. The problem can be fixed by changing the settings to “custom” or moving the PS4 closer to the WiFi router.

We’ve listed a few ways to get the fastest speed from your WiFi router so you can play games while staying connected. There are other things that can affect DNS settings, like having too many devices connected or switching to a faster WiFi. These things play a big part in how fast your PS4 WiFi connection is.

What Causes The PS4 WiFi Connection To Be Slow

No matter if you’re using your PS4 to play games or just stream video, a poor WiFi connection isn’t ideal for anyone. A sluggish connection might easily ruin the fun of the whole thing.

Having said that, PS4s with poor WiFi connections are not unusual and can happen on any of its variants. Some of the most frequent causes of a slow PS4 connection are given below.


Interference is one of the most frequent reasons why your PS4’s WiFi connection is slow. The WiFi signals can readily be distorted by solid concrete or brick walls. This problem can also be brought on by other components, such as hefty structural components or doors. Place your PS4 as close to the WiFi router as you can. A faster ping, a stronger signal, and less interference from thick walls are all benefits of being closer.

Overloaded Connection

Make good use of the limited bandwidth that your WiFi router has to offer. A slower connection results from the bandwidth being shared among several devices on your WiFi network. To ensure that you have enough bandwidth to support your PS4, limit the number of devices you join to your WiFi network.

Slow WiFi Speed

An older 2.4 GHz WiFi connection has a lower frequency and bandwidth, making it slower. To get a WiFi connection with a greater frequency and bandwidth, think about switching to a 5 GHz connection. A 5GHz WiFi connection is supported by both the PS4 Slim and Pro versions. In general, a more advanced and pricey WiFi router will address several problems.

How to Increase PS4 WiFi Speed

Whether you’re using a PS4 Pro, a PS4 Slim, or the original PS4, slow Wi-Fi problems can occur. Any version of the console can use these fixes, but some may function better than others.

Also, due to its wireless card, the original PS4 is renowned to have connectivity issues. If you have that console, you can experience issues more frequently as the system wears out.

FIX #1: Power Cycle Your PS4 and Internet Router

Many technical issues with electrical devices are simply resolved by power cycling. All you have to do here is to turn off your PS4 and router as well, unplug both of them from the power outlet, and leave them unplugged for around 5 minutes before you plug them back into the outlet.

This method will give a change for the internal components to “rest”, cool down, and free themselves from residual static electricity. As a result, this method allows a fresh start for these components by the time you turn on your devices.

FIX #2: Place Your PS4 And Router Beside Each Other

The PS4’s Wi-Fi connection can become unreliable due to the distance, especially if there is interference from building materials. Positioning your PlayStation 4 closer to your router will improve the quality of your Wi-Fi connection.

Note that moving closer to the router is especially crucial if you have brick interior walls in your home, as the signal may have trouble penetrating such walls. Don’t separate the console and router into different rooms.

FIX #3: Disable PS4 Remote Play Feature

Disabling Remote Play may solve connection problems in rare instances. This occurs because each device in a Remote Play setup forms its own little network. If you turn it off, the PS4 can devote its whole attention to the game you’re playing. Simply disable remote play by going to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings and unchecking the box.

FIX #4: Change WiFi Channel

Changing Wi-Fi channels is one way to get around interference. 5GHz provides a more robust signal that can support a greater number of concurrent users and devices. The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are both capable of 5 GHz. Simply navigate to the menus Settings > Network > Setup Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi > Easy to make the change. Then go to the menu by clicking the Options button and choose Wi-Fi Frequency Bands. Press X to choose 5GHz.

Note that it is recommended that other devices, including consoles, computers, and phones, be removed from the Wi-Fi network if a 2.4 GHz connection is required for online play.

FIX #5: Change WiFi Channel

If those solutions don’t work, contact PlayStation Support for further assistance.


If none of these method helped improving the WiFi connection on your PS4, you may want to try connecting your console wirily to the router via LAN.

If you feel your WiFi connection is slow and not getting improved on your PS4, this is the simplest solution to this problem. All that is necessary is a LAN cable to connect the PS4 to the router. You get the best connection, upload, and download speeds for your PlayStation 4, and there are no interference issues to worry about.

Be noted that the PS4 won’t be linked through Wi-Fi while using a LAN cable. Since the device is plugged directly into the router, your internet connection will be stronger.

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