How To Play PS4 Games Personally On PS5

Do you want to learn how to play PS4 games on PS5? Here are some tips to help you expand your console’s game collection.

Play PS4 Games

Learning how to play PS4 games on PS5 will greatly increase your gaming options. PS5’s greatest feature is its ability to play an extensive library of PS4 games.

Sony has made it a point to take backward compatibility seriously for the first time. The result is that most PS4 games work flawlessly on PS5. PlayStation Plus subscribers get a collection of classics at no extra cost.

There are so many PS4 games that can be run on PS5, it’s difficult to talk about those that don’t work. Only seven titles are currently incompatible on the Sony support website: Afro Samurai 2, Revenge of Kuma Volume One and Ride on the Edge 2 Just deal with It! Robinson: We Sing, Hitman, Hitman Go, Definitive edition, and Shadwen.

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PS4 games are compatible with PS5 so you don’t have to worry about missing any features. You may also experience some unexpected behavior or errors.

Here’s how you can play PS4 on PS5.

How to play PS4 Games on PS5: Digital games

You can play PS4 games via the game library if your digital games collection is large or you have an extensive library of PS4 titles.

  1. Go to the PS5 Game Library

Scroll down from the home screen to reach the Game Library. The icon depicts six blocks and a gamepad at the front.

  1. Filter your PS5 games

This will list all your digital games, but it is possible to filter the results to only PS4 titles. Click the icon at the top with three lines and a down-arrow.

  1. Choose “Platform”

Choose “Platform” in the menu. Press X.

  1. Select “PS4”

Mark the box that says PS4.

  1. Choose the game you wish to play, then install it.

PS4 games are now the only option. Simply search for the game you are interested in, download it, and then play it like any other title.

Disk Games are a great way to play PS4 games on a PS5

Disk-based gaming is even simpler. You just need to insert your PS4 disk into the PS5 disc drive. It will then start installing normally. Play the game as usual by selecting it from the menu.

You have to buy the PS5 instead of the Digital Version. As you might imagine, the Digital Version does not allow you to play your PS4 files. It is impossible to use an external Blu Ray drive.

PSVR Games are a great way to play PS4 games on a PS5

Play PS4 Games

You can play PSVR games on PS5 in the same manner as the above. However, there are two important caveats.

  1. The PS4 camera must be used

Although the PS5 comes with its own camera accessory it will not work with any existing PSVR hardware. This means that you will need to use your existing PS4 camera. However, it won’t work with the new console without an adapter. The adapter can be requested by PS5 owners. They just need the serial number of the hardware.

  1. A DualShock 4 pad might be necessary

The DualSense controller is compatible with almost all PS4 games, but it’s not compatible with PSVR. It lacks the light strip at the back that allows the camera to see the DualSense controller. This is not a standard feature in all games, but it does exist in some. To make sure that this happens, connect a PS4 pad with your PS5.

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