How to Record Gameplay on PlayStation 4

We cannot deny that when it comes to video games, PlayStation is one of the leading video gaming brands that bring the most fun and exciting video games for all ages. According to a Sony report, there were about 112 million monthly active users at the end of 2022. 

Thanks to the continuous development of video games, especially on PlayStation, game streaming and recording surged in popularity. Based on a Statista report, the number of gaming content video viewers online reached 1.2 billion people in 2020. 

So if you love playing video games on your PlayStation, you can maximize game streaming and video-sharing platforms to share the fun and excitement. In recording your gameplay on PlayStation 4, you may need different video editing tools, such as a video resizer, recorder, trimmer, merger, and more. 

To guide you, here are some steps you can follow on how to record gameplay on PlayStation 4. 

Using the PS4 Built-In Recording Tool

With the built-in recorder of your PS4, you can directly record your gameplay. But note that you are only limited to recording 30 seconds up to 60 minutes of your game. To record, follow the steps below: 

  1. Turn on the power of your PS4 and click on the share button.
  2. Select the Sharing and Broadcast menu and click on the length of the video clip bar.
  3. Pick the desired duration of recording: 30 sec, 1 min, 3 mins., 5 mins., 10 mins., 15 mins., 30 mins., or 60 mins.
  4. If you also want to record your voice along with the game, connect a microphone or headphones with a microphone.
  5. Press on the Audio Sharing Settings and check the “include microphone audio in video clips” option.
  6. Start the game you want to record by pressing the share button twice on the PS4.
  7. If you want to stop the recording, press the share button twice again.
  8. Also, the recording will stop after the record duration you set.
  9. Go to the main menu and check the video under the capture gallery tab.

Connecting PS4 to PC Through Capture Card

A capture card allows you to project your PS4 games into your own PC monitor. That way, you can easily record the gameplay and audio using a PC software recorder.

If you don’t know hot record gameplay on PlayStation 4 through the capture card, you can follow the steps presented below: 

  1. Connect your PS4 to the computer through the HDMI and capture card.
  2. Turn on your PS4 and check if the game is projected onto your PC monitor.
  3. Make sure that your PS4 settings are up to date since older versions of PS4 prevent gameplay recording on a foreign device.
  4. From your PS4 settings, go to system and select system information.
  5. Disable the “Enable HDCP” so that you can record your gameplay.
  6. Open your computer’s video recorder. Some computers have built-in screen recorders. If you don’t have a video recorder, you can easily install one.
  7. Make the necessary adjustments, such as audio volume and video settings, and start recording the game you want.
  8. Once you finish recording, press the stop recording button and make sure to save the file.


After recording your PS4 gameplay, you can maximize on different video editing tools to create captivating and exciting video gameplay. If you want to resize the video, you can use a video resizer, or if you want to add some background audio, you can use the feature from a video editor. 

Considering that there are many game video-sharing sites, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, where you can upload your video gameplay, it is best to edit your videos before uploading them. That way, you can attract more viewers and build your own audience. 

Final Thoughts

One cannot deny the fact that game streaming and recording is a popular industry, especially for people who love to play video games and entertainment. 

If you are playing on a PlayStation 4, two of the best ways to record your gameplay are through the built-in recorder of the PS4 or a capture card. But with the built-in recorder, take note that the duration is limited to up to 60 minutes. 

Meanwhile, for the capture card, you need to have a built-in video recorder on your PC or an installed recorder software so you can record your gameplay on PlayStation 4. 

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