How to Restart PS4 Without Controller

You want to restart your PS4, but you don’t have a controller, or your PS4 controller isn’t working for some reasons? What do you do? The answer is surprisingly simple. You can actually power cycle the console without using a controller! To learn how to restart PS4 without controller, keep reading this article.

restarting PS4 without controller

We will also discuss why some people might want to restart PS4 without controller. Maybe they are experiencing problems with their current setup or they just want to try something new.

Why to Restart PS4 without a controller

Let’s learn first why do you want to restart your PS4 system without a controller first, which is an exceptional case in fact, because usually PS4 restart is done “safely” using the controller.

You may want though to learn about the benefits of restarting PS4 and how it fixes many PS4 system issues.

But when the PS4 controller is not working/stopped responding because the PS4 has frozen or the controller itself has malfunctioned, you will need to restart the PS4 without the controller in hope that the PS4 will revive from this bad situation.

Luckily, it’s very easy to restart PS4 without a controller, just follow the steps illustrated below.

How to Restart PS4 without Controller

PS4 power button
Now, let’s learn how to restart PS4 when your controller is unable to work for some reasons.

The easiest and simples way to do that is to hold the PS4 Power Button for 10 seconds. Now, this will turn off the PS4 and reboot it in such a way that it’s not necessary to unplug or connect any cables, so you can follow these steps without risk of damaging your console.

But if your PS4 won’t restart for any reason, you want want to turn it off. The difficult part here is when the PS4 won’t turn off also.

Don’t worry, we have covered almost all issues in our guides on our website. Just search for the problem you’re facing and most probably you’ll find a solution here. Otherwise, you’re welcome to comment below or contact us with your issue.

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