How to Sync a PS4 controller to a Fire TV Stick

Do you own a PS4 and are seeking instructions on connecting your controller to a Firestick? Your questions will all be answered in this post. Indeed, Amazon Fire Stick gadgets are fantastic and provide you with a wealth of capabilities. The main advantage of utilizing the Fire TV Stick is that it can be remotely controlled using a variety of devices, including the PS4 DualShock, wireless remotes from third parties, and mobile apps. In addition, you can connect to the Fire Television Stick through Bluetooth.

A physical gadget called a firestick can handle all of your issues with video streaming. You may use the Firestick to stream videos, install different apps, play music, and connect this to your TV.

Syncing a Fire TV Stick to PS4: Process and tips

Geolocation restrictions can be one of the biggest issues that can become an obstacle to connecting your Firestick to PS4. You can fail to connect to your favorite games or simply be unable to log in to your profile if you are using your PlayStation from a different location. To solve it, you can get a VPN for Fire TV and surpass the limitations. Check the list of the best VPNs for Amazon FireStick to choose the best VPN apps for your use. VPN is one of the most reliable providers and it is available to install on a Fire TV stick.

1. Check your connection

You must first verify that your Firestick is online and that the connection has not been lost. Make that the speed and signal strength are adequate as well.

The benefit of Amazon FireStick devices is that they can be wirelessly controlled by a variety of third-party control models, such as the PS4 DualShock, as well as a remote control, a mobile phone app, and their own remote control.

This well-known console controller may be Bluetooth-connected to the FireStick and take the place of any other related option, allowing you to play compatible video games in addition to navigating menus. Here, we demonstrate how to do it in a very straightforward manner.

2. Reboot your Fire TV Stick

You must first verify that your Firestick is online and that the connection has not been lost. Make that the speed and signal strength are adequate as well.

The next thing you will do is rapidly reboot your Firestick after you have verified the connection. Put your FireTV back in after unplugging the Firestick and waiting a few seconds. See if it resolves the problem.

3. How to resync Fire Stick and PS4

Sometimes, you wouldn’t know it, but your shoddy syncing can be the root of the pairing problem. Your PS4 controller synchronizes via Bluetooth, as opposed to other corded controllers that link to Smart TV with ease. We can guarantee that you’ll make pairing easy.

That is how it is done:

  • On your Firestick, select the Settings option.
  • When you get to the “Controllers” area, keep moving left and navigating.
  • Select the “Bluetooth Game Controllers” option after a little bit of scrolling.
  • Select “Add Bluetooth Controller” by tapping on it. A controller to synchronize with would be sought after by your Firestick.

Since you restart your Firestick, you can now successfully sync your PS4 controller with it. Pairing again after a reboot might be very useful, even if you are unaware of it.

4. Keep your firmware on PS4 updated

Your gadget works more efficiently thanks to firmware, therefore if the firmware is out of current, you might experience this problem. Update your device accordingly. This is the way you can easily connect a Fire Stick to a PS4.

Why you can fail in pairing Fire TV Stick to PS4

It must be fun to play games on your Firestick with PS4 controllers. Nobody wants to pass up that opportunity. Some Firestick owners, however, remain unable to successfully pair or sync them. There are several causes. Perhaps the connection is poor, or your FireTV hasn’t been hooked into the main hub tightly enough.

Sometimes the problem is caused by the outdated firmware on your PS4 controller. However, most of the time, the causes could also be unknown. Not to worry. You can connect your controllers with the Firestick once more and play games on your Smart TV with the help of the following troubleshooting techniques. Keep on reading!

The final note

Basically, these are all the steps needed to connect your Fire TV Stick to your PlayStation 4. In this article, we’ve covered all of them and unless you have some tech issues, you will make it successfully. We hope that by using the steps we mentioned in our article, you will manage to create a very smooth and pleasant gaming experience.

And if you have some issues, feel free to turn to the Firestick support and get consulted on the errors you face.

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