How To Turn Off Your PS5

The new UI hides the power options a bit. So here’s how to turn off your PS5.

You might be wondering how to turn off PS5 whether you are new to the PlayStation Network System or an old user. You don’t have to be silly if you are wondering how to turn off your PS5. The UI functionality for turning it on or off is hidden. Here are two ways to turn off your PS5.

turn off

Both the power button and the eject button are found in the PS5’s central glossy black panel. You’ll find two thin, pill-shaped buttons on the console’s bottom. If your console is vertically positioned, the power button can be found at the bottom. If you move sideways, it is the button to the right.

If you wish to disable the PS5 through the software, you can do so by pressing the PlayStation button.

You’ll find the power symbol at the right edge of the Control Panel. There are three options available:

turn off ps5

Rest Mode is a great option. This will allow your PS5 to do tons of maintenance behind the scenes, such as updates and downloading. If you just want to turn it off, that’s also possible. You’re all set!

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