How To Use The PS5 To PS4 Stream Remote Play

What To Know

  • Go to Settings > Remote Play on a PS5 and highlight Enable Distant Play. Then, press X on the controller to turn on the switch.
  • On a PS4, access the PS5 distant Play App from the Home Menu. Select Connect to PS5XXXX or find your PS5

Remote Play

Best results are achieved with a wired connection. Sony recommends at least 15Mbps for your connection speed. This article describes how to use PS4 Remote Play to play PS5 Games on a PS4. These instructions apply to PlayStation 4 firmware versions 8.0 or later.

How To Stream To Ps4 From Ps5 Remote Play

The PlayStation 4 comes with a built-in PS5 Remote Play start application that allows you to stream games from your PlayStation 5. You can also connect to other TVs using this app and play games in another room.

You should have the PS5 Remote Play application installed on your PlayStation 4 if you haven’t updated the firmware.

  1. Choose Settings from the Home menu on your PlayStation 5
  2. Select a System
  3. Choose Remote.
  4. To toggle the switch, highlight Remote Play and press the X button on your controller.
  5. Open the PS5 Remote Play App from the Home Menu on your PlayStation 4.
  6. Select “Find Your PS5” at the bottom.

Notice: The button might also say “Connect with PS5XXX”, where “XXXX is a three-digit number.

  1. If you see a screen saying Before Connecting to your PS5, click OK.
  2. Your PS4 should automatically be connected to your PS5.

Important: To locate the app, your 5 must be turned on or set to Rest Mode.

  1. To disconnect the PlayStation 5, press and hold the PS button on your controller. This will open a Remote Play-specific menu.
  2. Select Disconnect
  3. An A-side Menu will appear to allow you to choose what to do next with your PS5:

Leave power on: This option disconnects the power source. Nothing will happen to your PlayStation 5. You can use it to continue playing on your PlayStation 5. You can put it in rest mode if you’re finished playing. This command will turn your PS5 into low-power standby mode until it wakes up.

  1. No matter which option you choose, your PS4’s Connect screen will appear in the PS5 remote play app.

Limitations To Remote Play PS5

There are some restrictions when streaming your PS5 from the PS4. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Remote Play PS5

  • It is not possible to pair a PS5 controller and a PS4 so you might have problems with games that use DualSense.
  • Remote Play will not work with titles that require peripherals, such as PlayStation VR.
  • You might experience input lag depending upon the speed of your network.
  • The PS4 will not be able to display the full 4K resolution of the PS5’s.
  • Your network will be more demanding if the PS4 has a higher resolution.

How To Change Resolution In Remote Play 5

Your PS5 may not be able to connect to the internet if it can’t handle the load from streaming the video from the PS5 or loading the image onto the PS4. You can fix this issue by decreasing the resolution of Remote Play on your PlayStation 4.

  1. On the Connection screen, press Options on your PS4 controller.
  2. Choose the resolution
  3. Press X to select a lower resolution.
  4. Reconnect.

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