How To Use Voice Recognition In PS5 Messages

For PlayStation consumers, the PS5 offered a modern UI with a slew of new capabilities. One of several features that gamers may not be aware of is the option to use voice recognition in the PS5 controller, which allows you to speak comments to your pals instead of writing them. It’s tucked away a little, but it’ll save your fingertips from typing big words one line at a time. This article will show you how to use voice recognition in PS5  conversations.

What Is The Best Way To Use Voice Recognition In Ps5 Messages?

1. On your PS5 DualSense controller, click the PS button.

2. Use the Game Base to pick a mate’s profile from your network of contacts.

3. Select Messages from the drop-down menu.

4. Alternatively, you could choose the card for a PS5 Event that already exists.

5. Look for and pick the tiny microphone button on the electronic keypad when you’ve started entering a text.

6. If you’re using Voice Recognition for the first moment, you’ll need to accept Sony’s terms and conditions.

7. Simply say whatever you like and, and the text will be transcribed for you in a matter of seconds.

While establishing a PS5 Party for Voice Recognition is a possibility, you may also use Voice Dictation to quickly speak out large messages you wish to convey to your pals instead of typing them. If you’d rather be certain your voice is grabbed effectively or whether you plan to invest a lot of hours in voice chat with your pals, you would like to invest in one of the finest PS5 headsets.

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