PS4 2tb Hard Drive Upgrade Guide – The Best Options

PS4 2tb hard drive upgrade
I don’t wonder at all when gamers want to upgrade PS4 hard drive to 2tb, especially enthusiasts. PS4 2tb hard drive upgrade is all the rage now among all types of user. All look for extra storage space and better performance.

During almost 4 years after the first release of PS4 game console in the 15th of Nov. 2013, lots of developments occurred in the video game industry to the extent that each high-end, AAA-grade game now requires minimum 50gb of storage space to install. That indicates that the original 500gb stock hard drive of PS4 is too small in capacity. Therefore, it cannot meet the modern storage requirements of a game console. Sony realized this fact early. Accordingly, specifically in July 2015, it released an updated version of PS4 under the name: 1TB Ultimate Player Edition PS4. It included, as the name hints, 1tb of storage capacity.

Since then, plenty of things happened, and games kept increasing in size, and now Sony added more features to the PS4 System Software that support storing movies on the internal hard drive of PS4, which intuitively means more storage requirements of ordinary users, let alone enthusiasts.

Additionally, the PS4 stock hard drive is an old, obsolete hard drive that was manufactured in 2011 and implementing outdated storage technologies, and when you upgrade it with a new modern hard drive, you can get more space and better performance for your game console.

Best 2tb HDD upgrade for PS4

Before we elaborate more on this topic, we think it’s better for quick readers to foremost present the best 2tb hard drives for PS4 that offer the top performance level over their kinds.

Since we recommend here 2.5-inch form factor hard drives only, this limit of capacity is only offered by Seagate which is still developing 2.5″ mechanical hard drives whereas other HDD manufacturers abandoned this segment of industry long time ago in favor of SSD.

This capacity limit is the most suitable for the overwhelming majority of PS4 users. If we do a simple calculation and assume that each high-end game require 50gb of storage space, then a 2tb of storage capacity can handle almost 40 games. That’s pretty much enough until Sony releases PlayStation 5.

Seagate FireCuda 2TB Gaming SSHD

Best 2tb hard drive for PS4: Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD

Seagate Firecuda ST2000LX001 is our top choice for PS4. Although it’s specifically classified as a solid state hybrid drive (SSHD), it belongs to the general category of hard drives.

The primary concept of an SSHD is to combine the technology of HDD and SSD in one place. That way the SSHD guarantees the capacious, low-price storage space of HDD. and the blazing speed of SSD at a minimal cost. Therefore, it features a good compromise for space, speed and price.

Every hard drive has a caching memory (cache buffer). It’s an embedded memory in a hard disk drive (HDD) acting as a buffer between the rest of the computer and the physical hard disk platter that is used for storage. It’s used to accelerate the data transfer speed between the CPU and the hard drive. Therefore, the larger this memory, the faster the drive is.

In SSHD, in addition to the cache buffer, there’s a 2nd tier caching memory. It utilizes a much larger portion of SSD in order to increase the data transfer speed to much higher levels. That, although cannot match the speed of a mere SSD, will significantly increase the performance of the drive.

This nifty drive is backed by an industry-best 5-year limited warranty. A warranty that beats most competitive drive warranties by up to 2 or 3 years. The cutting edge has never felt so safe.

Basic Features

  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • 128mb cache buffer (1st tier)
  • 8gb SSD memory (2nd tier)
  • Slim design—7mm z-height
  • SATA III interface
  • 2tb storage capacity
  • 5400rpm spindle speed
  • 5-year limited warranty

Detailed Review

You can read more on this drive in the Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD review.

Full Upgrade Kit

Alternatively, you can get a complete upgrade kit like “Fantom Drives PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit” that includes, in addition to the above drive, everything you need for a seamless upgrade process.

Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDD

Best classic 2tb hard drive for PS4: Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDD

If, for any reason, you don’t like to opt for an SSHD, you can go for a traditional hard drive. Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDD should be your choice then. It’s exactly the same drive as the above except that it doesn’t have a 2nd-tier SSD caching. Plus the warranty is only 2 years.

In opposite to what has been stated on the official sales page of Seagate Barracuda HDD, this drive does NOT support Multi-caching. Have a look at the official drive’s datasheet (download it from here) and skip to page 8. You can find there the drive specification summary. You will realize then that this is a mere classical hard drive without any multi-caching system. Whereas the drive specification page of Seagate Firecuda SSHD states clearly this fact. (download it from here and go to page 7)

Anyway, if you are mainly interested in expanding PS4 storage to 2tb, and the current performance of PS4 satisfies you to the extent that you don’t want to improve it, you can go for this drive and save around $10 only.

Basic Features

  • The thinnest and highest-capacity 2.5-Inch Hard Drive available
  • SATA III Interface
  • 7mm height, less than the 9.5mm height of the stock hard drive of PS4.
  • 2TB of storage capacity
  • 5400rpm spindle speed
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Single-layer caching system (128MB cache buffer)
    After this point there’s no other drive we can recommend. We stated already that all of the 2tb capacity hard drives are manufactured by Seagate only. Therefore, other options in hands are just obsolete models like Seagate Mobile HDD and Seagate SpinPoint M9T.

    PS4 2tb Hard Drive Alternatives

    If you don’t want to go through the hassle of upgrading the internal hard drive of PS4 (Although it’s a so easy process, but it takes up to 2 hours and requires additional work), you can opt for a 2tb external hard drive instead.

    While the internal hard disk drive (HDD) of the PlayStation 4 can be replaced, there’s a 2TB limit to it. Thankfully, there is now a solution for your storage issues. The recent PS4 software updates have allowed support for external hard drives. Say goodbye to deleting all those free PS Plus games, and say hello to keeping everything installed like a real fanboy!

    Attaching an external hard drive and use it on PS4 is way too easy. It can be properly set up within less than 5 minutes. But with this option you’ll barely get any performance boost on your console.

    Below are our top three external hard drive picks for PS4 2tb storage.

    Seagate 2TB Game Drive for PS4

    More 2tb storage eoption for PS4: Seagate 2TB Game Drive for PS4

    The Seagate Game Drive for PS4 improves your gaming setup by 2TB. That allows for storage of around 50 games, and much more if you are the type of gamer that enjoys playing a lot of indie games. The Seagate 2TB Game Drive comes with USB 3.0. That is one of the fastest ways of transferring data today in the common electronics market.

    The PS4 comes with multiple USB 3.0 ports. This type of connection also means that there is a plug n’ play setup. It lets you get going in around 3 minutes. Finally, the USB 3.0 connection means that the device does not need to be powered by another power source. The power comes with the connection to the PS4.

    A quick start guide is included in the package. It allows you to understand what you actually have to do in order to connect the device. However, PlayStation has made it easy for you to understand the installation process on-screen once the device is connected.

    In a nutshell, this drive is designed specifically for PS4. So don’t think you can get a better external hard drive for your game console. Unless it’s an external SSD.

    Basic Features

    • 2TB of capacity – store 50+ games, no more deleting your favorite games
    • High-speed USB 3.0 allows you full-speed gaming
    • Plugs directly into any USB port on your PlayStation 4 console
    • Simple guided setup through your PlayStation. Takes less than 3 minutes
    • Built and tested for PS4 gaming—inside and out. Compatible with any generation of PS4 (System Software version 4.50 or higher)

    WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

    More 2tb storage eoption for PS4: WD Elements 2TB External HDD

    Western Digital is one of the largest hard disk drive manufacturers in the world. If you are looking to buy a hard disk, you cannot skip considering a Western Digital product.

    WD elements portable hard drives with USB 3.0 offer reliable, high-capacity storage to go, relatively fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices. The small, lightweight enclosure features massive capacity and WD quality and reliability.

    like the Seagate Game Drive, the WD Elements’ simple design enables it to work well with both computers and games consoles as either storage expansion or a backup drive. That said, if you’re looking for an easy way to carry data around, or extend the storage of your PS4.

    This external 2tb hard drive has a very simple plug and play feature. Just take it out of the box, plug into your PS4 and wait until the PS4 system formats it within 3-5 minutes, and it is ready. There is no user manual because it doesn’t really need one due to its ease of use. Unlike some of the older external hard drives, it does not require an external power source. It works absolutely fine by just plugging it into the USB port.

    Basic Features

    • Configured with USB 3.0 specifications
    • Works very well with PS4
    • 2tb of storage capacity
    • Adequate/relatively fast performance
    • Reliable drive. Works well as either a backup storage or extended storage
    • 2-year limited warranty

    PS4 Hard Drive Specs

    We think its useful to know the specifications of PS4 stock hard drive that you’re going to replace. That’s in order to realize the advantages you’ll gain once you employ a newer and stronger drive.

    Brand & Model HGST Travelstar Z5K500 (500gb model)
    HGST Travelstar 5K1000 (1tb model)
    Capacity (Size) 500gb (old version)
    1tb (updated version)
    Spindle Speed 5400 RPM (both versions)
    Interface SATA II (3.0 Gbps) (both versions)
    Form Factor 2.5-inch (both versions)
    Thickness 9.5mm (both versions)
    Memory Cache 8mb (both versions)
    Year of Manufacture 2011 (both versions)

    From the specs table above, it is easy to notice that the drive utilized by PS4 is a low-profile drive. It does not meet the minimum standards of a good hard drive of today. The drive’s capacity is small also (either 500gb or 1tb). Additionally, The memory cache is tiny (just 8mb, whereas modern hard drives come with at least 64mb).

    Notice that the stock hard drive of PS4 is pretty old (designed in 2011). Hence many PS4 users are experiencing functionality errors and failures with PS4 HDD. That’s because the new games are heavyweight and highly resource demanding that an old and obsolete hard drive cannot handle them constantly.

    Why PS4 2tb Hard Drive Upgrade

    Why to upgrade PS4 hard drive to 2tb capacityThere are several reasons that justify/promote upgrading the stock hard drive of PS4 to a 2tb hard drive, which are:

    • The stock hard drive of PS4 is an old and obsolete hard drive model that’s no longer developed. Replacing it with a new 2tb drive that meets the modern standards of storage technologies will grant you more space for games and movies, and even better performance and reliability, although the performance boost you’ll feel is not that big unless you go for an SSHD.
    • PS4 AAA-grade games are dramatically increasing in file size. Therefore, soon you’ll find that the 500gb or even the 1tb offered by PS4 is not enough. PS4 2tb hard drive can stay with you for a year or two without worrying about running out of space.
    • If you pick a 2tb hybrid hard drive, you’ll gain a good performance boost for your gaming experience. The games and applications will load notably faster than before (Check the Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD review for more details).
    • Modern hard drives in general offer more reliability and durability than old models. That means, the new 2tb hard drive you pick will be more protected from failure/error than the stock hard drive that many users started to experience defects with it. That’s all featured by the long guarantee time of new hard drives offered by the manufacturer (can be up to 5 years, like the case with Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD).
    • Upgrading the internal hard drive of PS4 to 2tb won’t require you to attach any external device (with the hassles it comes with) to your game console to extend the PS4 system storage. Now you can store everything in-house, and everything will be handy and accessible on the fly.

    You can also check the best 5 methods to expand PS4 storage capacity for more options and insights.

    How to Upgrade PS4 HDD

    Upgrading the stock internal hard drive of PS4 to a 2tb hard drive capacity is way too easy, and it can break down into a few steps only:

    1. Unscrew the PS4 stock hard drive using a compatible screwdriver such as T8 T10 Screwdriver Repair, and pull the hard drive out.
    2. Install the new 2tb hard drive inside the drive cage, connect it to the cables, and fix its screws
    3. Install the full PS4 System Software package on the new 2tb hard drive using an external storage device, such as a USB flash drive. To download the full-sized System Software click here.

    That’s all. But for more details, please watch the video below:

    This video elaborates, with deep details, on how to upgrade the stock internal hard drive of PS4 with a new 2tb hard drive. Remember that we always recommend Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD for this purpose.

    Compatibility Standards

    Searching for a 2tb hard drive replacement for PS4 requires you first to learn about the compatibility standards that any drive must meet in order to become a relevant drive. These standards are:

    • Maximum 9.5mm thickness. PS4 drive cage doesn’t accept thicker drives.
    • 2.5-inch form factor. 3.5-inch drives are not allowed into the PS4 drive cage.
    • SATA interface only, as the PS4 motherboard is configured with that SATA interface.
    • Must be formatted with FAT file system. PS4 system doesn’t accept other file system like NTFS or HFS.

    That’s it. Once you get a drive that meets all these standards, then rest assured it’s fully compatible with PS4.

    You have to note that based on the above premise, the maximum hard drive size available for this purpose is 2tb. There’s no larger drive available that meets these standards, unless it is an SSD.

    Consequently that mean it is only possible to get PS4 2tb hard drive without any third party accessory.

    Any workaround for a larger capacity?

    The good news is YES. You can get up to 8tb hard drive capacity using a special add-on called: “Data Bank“. It enables you to use a desktop 3.5-inch hard drive to your PS4 and enjoy the vast storage space.

    Please, check our two articles: Largest Hard Drive for PS4 – The Maximum Limit and PS4 4tb Storage Capacity Guide – The Best Options.

    Using 2tb External Hard Drive

    External hard drive for PS4Since Sony released PS4 System Software 4.5 in early Feb 2017, users are allowed to expand the PS4 system storage using an external hard drive that works like a storage extension to the main system storage.

    It’s indeed the fastest and easiest way to work around the storage limitation of PS4 HDD. So probably many users will be happy to try this option. You can use it to install games and applications on it and run them directly from there. But it has its disadvantages also that we cannot overlook, that are:

    1. You cannot benefit from the power of SSHD as an external hard drive, which means you’ll miss a considerable speed boost for your games. Moreover, you will miss the high reliability and consistent performance that modern hard drives boast.
    2. It’s not possible to install the operating system on an external hard drive, neither store the game saves on it.
    3. If you use the external hard drive as a storage extension, you have to totally submit it to PS4 System that will format and encrypt it in a way that it will entirely possess the external hard drive preventing it from being used on any other system.
    4. You will need additional room to place the external hard drive attached to PS4 body, which doesn’t look nice to some and can be nuisance.

    On the other hand, expanding PS4 system storage with an external hard drive can save up to 90 minutes of your time taking a backup of the stock hard drive, install the system software from scratch, then restore your backup file on the new drive.

    Therefore, if you’re happy with the performance of the stock hard drive then stick to it, and just get a good 2tb external hard drive that can get you the sufficient space you look for.

    Recommended 2tb External HDD for PS4

    The 2tb external hard drive is suitable for shared PS4 users with mediocre storage demands. It can store up to 40 AAA-grade games and movies that support 4k resolution (based on 50gb-file-size standard factor).

    To acquire this capacity limit, we recommend the following drives:

    Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB
    WD 2TB Black My Passport
    Toshiba Canvio Connect II 2TB

    Eventually, if you have opted for any 2tb external hard drive, just make sure it supports USB 3.0, otherwise PS4 system won’t accept it. Then, it is worth to read this very informative article on how to setup an external hard drive as an extended storage for PS4.

    Replaced Hard Drive Destiny

    Here’s a question arises: What should I do with the PS4 stock hard drive once I remove it and replace it with a new 2tb hard drive?

    The answer is simple—just go with one of the following options:

    1. Use it as an external hard drive after cramming it inside an external hard drive enclosure. That way you can use it as a backup storage or even as an extended storage.
    2. Give it away for free or sell it for a cheap price.
    3. Dispose of it (we are strongly against this unless it is totally not functioning).

    Just pick what suits you most and move on with your new upgrade.


    In conclusion, getting PS4 2tb hard drive is inevitable in the modern age of gaming, where games are getting larger in size that can easily fill up the stock hard drive within few months only. But storage capacity shouldn’t be your only concern that you just go for any option the offers 2tb of space. You should, rather, think beyond that and consider improving the performance of your games and applications, for which we recommend upgrading PS4 internal hard drive with a 2tb SSHD that will give you the space you need alongside an impressive performance.

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