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The PS4 controller is that essential piece of external device that helps you manage the PS4 system. If it malfunctions or is damaged, you won’t be able to work on the PS4 properly or even at all. For that reason, you always need to maintain the PS4 controller and make sure it’s healthy and intact. And, at the time you begin to observe weird behavior from the PS4 controller, like it won’t turn on, you have to immediately fix it.

PS4 controller won't turn on for various reasons

There could be many reasons why your PS4 controller won’t turn on including hardware problems or a bad battery issue.

If the PS4 controller battery is dead/failing, it’s clear then why the PS4 controller won’t turn on. In fact, that’s very obviously expected.

If your situation is that, that the PS4 controller won’t turn on, and you’re looking for a workaround, here you may find what you want. You can follow certain troubleshooting steps in order to fix the issue of the PS4 controller won’t turn on.

Figuring Out the Culprit

Before trying to fix this issue, you must first make sure where the source of the problem is. Is it with your controller or your PS4 console.

In order to do that, try to plugin the controller into a PC or a portable power bank and check whether it’s charging or not.

This is one of the methods to turn on your PS4 controller. It helps you also determine where to start with your fix.

Additionally, try top up the battery with your computer, charging power bank, or laptop to see if it does charge with any of these alternatives. And if it still doesn’t charge it means there is some issue with the controller itself, not the PS4 console.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Turn On

Fixing PS4 controller won't turn on
Below are several suggested solutions to help you get your PS4 controller turn on again.

1. Check The Charging Issue

Before turning your PS4 controller back on, don’t forget to charge it for about 30 minutes before using it, as it is believed that maybe your PS4 controller would have simply run out of power.

Also while charging, make sure that you are using the original charging accessories including the USB cable.

If accidently you use any USB cable or adapter that is non-compatible, this can damage your controller and make the condition worse.

It’s strongly advisable that you don’t move forward to any other step before implementing this advice.

Additionally, you need to “reseat” the PS4 controller battery. Just plug it out for a minute, then plug it back in. Now try to charge it for at least 30 minutes and see then if it works or not.

2. Check Your USB Port

Check the PS4 USB port to figure out why the PS4 controller won't turn on

A lot of times it is seen that the PS4 USB port gets damaged/failing and loses its ability to charge after some time. And if the controller won’t charge, it won’t turn on obviously.

This happens due to varied reasons, the most common ones are: the misuse of USB ports, a defective USB device connected to the PS4, and an abrupt power surge.

The damage might be confined to a particular USB port, and here you’re lucky, and it might be in the whole USB card.

You need to inspect your PS4 USB port with any magnifying glass to ensure that there is no dust inculcated. If you find some dust or debris, you can always clean it with some tiny object like a toothpick, compressed air to blow, etc.

Moreover, there is a front charging port on your PS4 controller which might prevent charging due to certain defects. To tackle this problem you can easily get a charging station that would help in charging your PS4 controller from the bottom.

This is far the best alternative method to charge your PS4 controller if you are not willing to replace it with a new one. However, this can be a bit expensive but surely worth it. Once your PS4 controller is charged it will probably turn on too.

Note: Any damaged connector inside the port can make it useless.

3. Reset The PS4 Controller

reset the PS4 controller
There could be many reasons for the malfunctioning of your PS4 controller, for example, one of the reasons could be a minor firmware glitch so it is advised that in such a situation you should first reset your PS4 controller to its defaults.

Steps to reset your PS4 controller are as follows:

  1. Press the tiny hardware reset button.
  2. Below the left trigger, you’ll find a small hole, to open this hole, you can use a toothpick or any other tiny Bobby pin to insert inside the hole.
  3. You can also press the PS4 button further to execute the reset.

Now check whether this works for you or not. If the PS4 controller is still not charging, you may need to change the battery.

4. Replace Your PS4 Battery

PS4 controller battery replacement
There could be a possibility that your PS4 controller is out of warranty, and so in such a situation, it is advised to replace your PS4 battery as the battery could be damaged. If you are unaware of how to change your PS4 controller battery, you consult YouTube tutorial videos to learn how to do it. Once you replace the battery with a new one, it will probably help the PS4 controller turn on and start working again.

5. Replace Your Controller

The main reason why your PS4 controller won’t turn on is a dead battery or hardware damage. And unfortunately in such a case, there is not much option left for you and so it is advised to replace your malfunctioning controller if it’s not turning on.


If you have found the problem is in your PS4 controller and you fail to repair it and get it back to turn on no matter what and how you do, you simply have to replace it and get a new one. Here, you don’t really need to seek help/assistance from a technician and pay money.

On the other hand, if the problem is in the PS4 itself, it might be either the particular USB port or the USB card itself. Something serious here is damaged. You have to run several tests to figure out more what exactly is happening, or just take your PS4 console to a repair shop to fix it for you.

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