PS4 External Hard Drive Beeping | Fixed by Experts

People often face the problem of PS4 external hard drive beeping when there’s a serious issue going on. No external hard drive brand has been invented to resist this issue. Today we will help you with things that cause beeping in the PS4 external hard drive and ways to fix them. Let’s get started.

PS4 External Hard Drive Beeping

Why Is the PS4 External Hard Drive Beeping and How to Repair it?

When something goes wrong with the PS4 external hard drive itself, or there is any problem with other hardware, it can lead your PS4 external hard drive to beep. It can also take place when your PS4 console doesn’t recognize the external hard drive.

There are a lot of reasons for this issue. In fact, you can fix it yourself in case of minor problems such as faulty cable. But while in major problems such as stiction or seized motor when the PS4 external hard drive is stuck to the platter, you just can’t fix it by yourself if you’re not savvy or tech literate enough. It’s ideal to call in a professional hard drive recovery service to do the job for you.

When the PS4 external hard drive is beeping you need to follow some steps to fix it

However, when you hear the beeping coming from your PS4 external hard drive, you can follow these steps mentioned below in this article. Here are the five most common causes and ways to fix the beeping in your PS4 external hard drive:

1. Problem with Power Supply

If you notice that your PS4 external hard drive is not making any sound of spinning and rather it flashes and beeps, it can be more likely an issue with the PS4 power supply or even the PS4 power cord. External hard drives are supposed to get power through data cable from the PS4 console. The USB port of your PS4 should be able to provide enough power to make the drive spinning. When it fails to do so, it can lead to beeping.


You have to identify the ports on your PS4, at the initial stage. Besides, you can make use of USB Y-cable which helps to get power from two ports of your PS4.

2. Faulty Cable or Port

A malfunctioning USB cable or port could be another reason for external hard drive beeping. This problem is not about the version of USB port, rather it’s about the problem of the port itself. When the port gets damaged, it can cause beeping.


To determine this problem, you can try a different PS4 or a different port. You can also connect the external HDD to a computer or a different game console if you can’t find another PS4 console. If the PS4 external hard drive stops beeping after trying on a different device, then be sure that it’s faulty cable or port. Try a new port and see if it stops beeping. If it doesn’t, get a new cable.

3. Stiction of write or read-heads

A hard disk comes with delicate segments, for instance, write heads or read-heads. Sometimes it could be an issue with the heads when they get stuck on the platter. This can lead the PS4 external hard drive beeping issue. Dropping or bumping could be a reason behind the stiction problem.


Make sure you have tools around. Open the PS4 external hard drive. While turning the platter, pull the heads back. Make sure the environment is clean enough, you have the tools at your reach, and you are very careful. When the assembling process is done, plug your external hard drive back to your PS4. There should be no more beeping.

4. Spindle Motor

A motor issue is another significant reason that can cause beeping in the PS4 external HDD. Spindle and motor are like part and parcel to a hard drive. The platter stops moving if the motor is damaged. It can cause the beeping noise.


If you try solving the problem of PS4 external HDD beeping with the above-mentioned three steps, then it could be the motor issue that’s causing beeping in your PS4 external hard drive. It’s ideal to contact a professional hard drive repair service to deal with this issue. Don’t even try to do it yourself.

5. Typical Drive Failure

When your PS4 external hard drive is failing, it can make strange noises. Make sure that you rule out all the causes and steps mentioned above. When the PS4 external hard drive gets older or has been used for quite a long time, this problem of beeping could occur.


If your external hard disk is recognized by your PS4 system properly, but it’s making the sound of beeping, consider to move all your files away to another drive or upload them to a safe place for backup. It could lead to external hard drive damage so it would be foolish to wait for its death.

Hiring a hard drive repair service will not be a foolish idea if you can’t handle the issue following the steps mentioned above. That’s especially if the data stored in the PS4 external hard drive are valuable to you and hard to dispose of.

You are likely to be able to solve the problem yourself if the problem is with a lack of power, or faulty cable, or stiction issue. If the PS4 external hard drive stops beeping after comprehending the steps, plug the drive into your PS4. If your PS4 system does not recognize the external hard drive, try to fix it using the methods illustrated here. If the problem persists and you still cannot recover the beeping PS4 external HDD, then you might need to consider data recovery.

Consider Buying an External SSD for PS4

PS4 External SSD
A solid-state drive (SSD) is known to be much more reliable than the traditional mechanical hard drive (HDD). Without exaggeration, it can last for 10 years without a serious performance issue. It’s even much more resistant to power surges and vibration than the classical hard drives. That’s why external SSDs are the top choice for enthusiasts and power users.

If you could fix the beeping PS4 external hard drive, you can use it later as a backup storage. Use the external SSD as a PS4 extended storage instead of your old external HDD.

To read more on the benefits of external SSDs for PS4 and why you should seriously consider buying one, please visit this post.

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