PS4 Hard Drive Size – Everything You Want to Know

PS4 stock hard drive sizePlayStation 4 (aka PS4) is a mighty game console in all aspects, except when it comes to the storage device it utilizes to install games and store user files, which is featured by a traditional mechanical hard drive. Regardless the low performance of the stock hard drive of PS4, it comes with a limited storage size that no longer meets the storage needs of modern gaming.

We have already outlined the major specifications of PS4 hard drive and manifested why it’s a worthless drive that must be replaced with a modern one that offers larger storage size and faster performance. But today we’ll address the PS4 hard drive size in specific, in order to have an elaborated view on the whole issue on hand.

PS4 Internal Hard Drive Size Limit

PS4 stock hard drive size quickly decreases by the new games stored on itThere are two versions of PS4, one is the initial version, which is the most common, and comes with a 500gb hard drive, and the other is the so called: “PS4 Ultimate Player Edition” which comes with 1tb hard drive.

But, regardless the advertised storage size of each hard drive, will you really get the whole of it to use for your personal needs? The answer is NO. The usable storage size of the 500gb drive is 408gb only, and the other offers 861gb only.

In modern age, these two sizes are too small, especially when you take into consideration the dramatic increase of game size that can reach, in some AAA-class games, 80gb, and this number keeps increasing. For this reason, we always advise to upgrade PS4 hard drive to a new drive that offers larger size and allows you to install more games without the need of deleting old ones.

If you’re serious about enhancing your gaming experience with PS4, you must seriously considering replacing the stock hard drive of PS4 with a powerful drive like Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD, which will not only increase the size of your PS4 hard drive, but also will remarkably improve the overall performance of PS4, and make gaming on it a new nice experience.

PS4 Slim Hard Drive Size

PS4 Slim had the same start as the base PS4. It was initially released with a 500gb hard drive, then updated, after a few months only, with a 1tb hard drive. This makes the situation of PS4 Slim similar to that of base PS4.

Therefore, you’ll get 408gb storage size in the initial version, and 861gb in the updated version. and again we speak here about upgrading the internal hard drive of PS4 in order to get a larger storage size alongside better performance that will enhance your gaming experience. You can opt for 2tb replacement hard drive that can last with you an additional year or two, and if you don’t find it enough, you can simply use an external hard drive to support PS4 hard drive size and expand it.

PS4 Pro Hard Drive Size

As for PS4 Pro hard drive size, the hard drive employed here is 1tb, which means it offers a usable storage size of 861gb. We have already discussed the specifications of PS4 Pro hard drive and illustrated why it is not worth to be in a powerful game console like PS4 Pro. On the other hand, we have made a special guide to teach readers how to upgrade PS4 Pro internal hard drive with a new hard drive that offers larger size, faster performance and solid reliability.

Expanding PS4 HDD Size

There are some major benefits from expanding/increasing the size of PS4 hard drive, that are:

  • Getting more rooms for additional games and movies. This is a clear advantage of increase PS4 hard drive size to at least 2tb.
  • There’s no need to add an external hard drive. To a variety of users, adding an external hard drive to PS4 is another headache. By replacing the internal hard drive of PS4 and increasing its size, you’ll get rid of that problem.
  • More flexibility for multiple users. If your PS4 is shared by others, say family member, then increasing PS4 hard drive size makes sharing more flexible and easy.

That’s it. In all cases, it is good to have a larger size hard drive for PS4.

How to increase PS4 HDD size

There are two fundamental ways to increase PS4 hard drive size:

  1. Either replace the internal hard drive of PS4 with a larger drive, or
  2. Add an external hard drive as an extended storage

Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and to learn more on that in detail, please visit our article: Best 5 methods to expand PS4 Hard Drive Storage.


It’s true that PS4 hard drive size is too limited to meet the modern storage standards of today’s gaming. What can 500gb or even 1tb do today with tremendously huge games that can easily occupy almost 100gb of storage space? Think about it seriously if you want more than just storage size for PS4, and the performance of your game console is one of your major concerns.

If you’re looking for a larger hard drive size than 2tb, know then that you can increase it to up to 16tb as has been already stated in our article: Largest hard drive for PS4.

After all, PS4 hard drive is not limits in size only, but also in almost all aspects, whether it is speed, performance or reliability, and must be replaced by every serious gamer.

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