Is PS4 Overheating After Cleaning, What to Do?

PS4 overheating is one of the most common problems that PS4 owners are facing. We have already published a comprehensive guide on PS4 overheating and how to fix it. But the issue addressed here is a little different. It’s about a PS4 overheating after cleaning. That can be a major problem, especially after you have made sure that you’ve thoroughly cleaned the PS4 in hope that it won’t overheat, but that didn’t work and the PS4 is still overheating.

PS4 is still too hot even after cleaning

Dust As the Main Reason for PS4 Overheating

There is a high probability that the overheating issue has something to do with dirt. In fact, it’s the most common reason for PS4 overheating. So, the first step to fix the overheating issue is to clean the DUST from the air vents. This can be done easily, by using a can of compressed air to clean the vents.

Dirt and Dust is the main reason for PS4 overheating

When you are cleaning your PS4, take care not to damage any of the vents on it and make sure there’s no dust or anything blocking them. Inspect how clean all vent holes are and then use compressed air (or can be done manually) to remove any dust or dirt.

What If the PS4 is still Overheating After Cleaning

Properly cleaning the inside of PS4
If your PS4 still overheats after cleaning the dust from the air ducts, then you need to open the PS4 cover in order to clean the dust from the CPU cooler and to change the thermal paste of the heatsink. Since this is specialized work, I suggest it be performed by a PS4 service shop to avoid damage.

Note: The Thermal Paste is used to increase the thermal conductivity between the processor and heatsink by filling in microscopic holes between the heatsink and processor. By time and excessive use of PS4, the thermal paste might degrade and not function as properly as it did.

Other Possible Reasons for the Issue

If thorough cleaning of the PS4 didn’t help fixing PS4 overheating, your game console might have an issue with the cooling system represented by the air fan. When the PS4 air fan is declining, intuitively the CPU would get more hot causing the PS4 to overheat.

So, make sure that your PS4 fan is working properly and rotating at optimal speed.

Other reason might be a defective power supply. If PS4 has been plugged in for a long time and the power supply starts to become defective, this could be one of the reasons why your PS4 is overheating.

Lastly, a power issue like power surge or short circuits may be the cause of PS4 overheating.

In order to figure out what exactly causes the PS4 to overheat even after cleaning, you should take your game console to a repair shop and let them help you recover your PS4.

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