PS4 Storage Expansion Guide – Discover the Best Options

PS4 Storage Expansion Guide
When it comes to realize that your PS4 storage is full, you have to think of a way to expand it. That’s in order to get more storage space for your new games.

In fact, there are different methods to expanding PS4 storage capacity. Some are easy and straightforward, and some are little harder.

Here in this quick guide you’ll discover the most common methods for getting more storage for your PS4. Additionally, each method requires a storage device to carry it out. I have made recommendations for each method to make it easier for readers.

So, let’s start with this guide.

What’s PS4 Storage Expansion?

PS4 storage expansion, as the text implies, is the process of expanding the storage capacity of PS4. That happens in order to enable PS4 system to handle more storage requests.

This process can only be carried out with the help of an additional storage device. You add the storage device to PS4 either internally or externally. The only difference between the expansion and upgrade method is in the purpose. PS4 storage expansion mainly focuses on getting more storage for PS4, regardless anything else. Whereas PS4 storage upgrade mainly focuses on improving the PS4 system storage in terms of performance and capacity together. This can only be done via removing and replacing the internal hard drive of PS4.

The largest storage space PS4 system can handle is 16tb. You can do it by expanding the internal storage to 8tb and add an 8tb external storage solution. (read more)

Why Expand PS4 Storage

PS4 system storage

Some users ask: is it worth to expand PS4 storage capacity and pay extra money for it? Or is it better to just free up more space on the current storage device?

The answer depends on your needs and how you identify yourself in the first place.

If you’re an enthusiast who plays AAA titles, you’ve to think beyond expanding PS4 storage to performance improvement. This is possible by replacing the internal hard drive of PS4 with a faster and more reliable drive. PS4 Pro model is no exception here. Although it offers better performance, its performance can be improved by replacing/upgrading its internal hard drive also.

As for mainstream users who are content with the performance of their PS4, just free up more space by deleting old games and apps and you’ll be fine.

But if that’s not you, and you feel you need more storage than what PS4 offers, continue reading.

Essential Knowledge

Before going through the process of expanding PS4 storage, you need to acquire some important knowledge first.

First off, it’s strongly advisable that you know what kind of hard drive is inside your PS4. Get to know its specifications and whether it’s worth to replace or not.

Additionally, learn about the compatibility issue with PS4 system. Not all storage are compatible with PS4. That’s for both, external and internal storage devices.

Also, you have to acquire basic knowledge on the types of storage devices that you can use for that purpose.

This section will handle all that.

PS4 Hard Drive Specs

The specifications of PS4 stock hard drives indicate that it’s a cheap, low-performance drive. Once replaced with a better drive the performance of PS4 will noticeably improve.

This drive comes in either 500gb or 1tb of storage capacity, depending on the version you have bought. It is configured with SATA II interface, and comes in 2.5-inch form factor. It’s spindle speed is 5400RPM and has 8mb buffer cache. For more details on this drive, please visit PS4 Hard Drive Specs.

PS4 Internal HDD Compatibility

If you have decided to expand PS4 storage by replacing the internal hard drive, you must be aware of the compatibility standards first.

The internal hard drive you pick for your PS4 must conform to the following standards.

  • 2.5-inch form factor.
  • SATA interface.
  • Thickness is not more than 9.5mm.
  • Maximum capacity is 8tb.

You can work around the form factor restriction by using a special accessory called Data Bank. It allows PS4 users to add 3.5-inch form factor desktop hard drives to their console. This option is not available for PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim models (read more).

For more details on PS4 internal hard drive compatibility, visit the PS4 Internal Hard Drive Compatibility Guide.

Internal Storage Device Types

There are three different types of internal storage devices that fit for expanding PS4 storage. They are:

  • Classical mechanical hard drive (HDD). This is the same as the one that PS4 employs for its primary storage. For more details about this type and how to install it in PS4, visit the PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD). This is the fastest storage device in history. It is much more powerful than classical hard drives and magnitudes more reliable. Read our ultimate guide on PS4 SSD for more information.
  • Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD). It comes second in terms of performance and reliability after SSDs. It can offer up to 80% of the performance of SSD for a very reasonable price. Check out our PS4 SSHD guide for more details.

Remember that all of these types must be configured with SATA interface in order to be compatible with PS4.

Best PS4 HDD Upgrade

If you’re looking for the best internal hard drive upgrade for PS4, I can’t recommend better than Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD. It combines both technologies of SSD and HDD in one device. That way you can enjoy the high speed of SSD and the large storage capacity of HDD. All of that for a budget-friendly price.

There are other internal hard drive upgrade options for PS4. Check out our guide on the best PS4 HDD upgrades.

External storage devices

Since Sony released PS4 System Software Update 4.5 it’s now possible to expand PS4 storage using an external HDD.

This option is a mere storage expansion. Don’t expect any performance improvement on your PS4.

PS4 Compatibility

To use an external hard drive on PS4 as an extended storage, it must follow two standards.

  1. Supports USB 3.0 connection.
  2. Its storage capacity ranges from 250gb min to 8tb max.
  3. Read PS4 external hard drive compatibility for more details.

    What makes this option unique is that it’s a very quick and easy solution. You can get your external hard drive ready for its purpose in just a few minutes.

    You want to read more about setting up and using external hard drives as extended storage on PS4 here. Moreover, you can read a short comparison between internal hard drive upgrade and extended storage here.

    How to Expand PS4 Storage

    Since there are two methods to expand PS4 storage, I will divide this section into two. One for internal expansion and the other for external.

    Using Internal Storage

    This is possible by replacing the internal hard drive of PS4 with a new drive. You need a few tools to carry out this process.

    1. The Replacement hard drive
    2. Philips head screwdriver.
    3. USB flash memory
    4. External hard drive enclosure.

    Download the full package of the latest PS4 system software update on a computer and save it on the USB flash stick.

    Now, follow the instructions illustrated on this video:

    Using External Storage

    Once you get a PS4 compatible external hard drive, just connect it to your console. Now, it is better that you restart your console and let the system recognize the external HDD.

    Follow the instructions illustrated in the video below for details.

    If you have any problem with your external hard drive, you can visit this post that resolves the most common issues in this regard.


    There are many reasons why people go for expanding PS4 storage. That’s especially with the dramatic increase of game and movie file size. According to modern storage requirements, 500gb or 1tb is too small. An average PS4 user nowadays needs at least 2tb of storage capacity for their game console. But how to get that? Either upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 to 2tb or just add an external hard drive that covers the shortage of space.

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