PS5 Error State CE-108862-5: Adamantly Refusing To Link To Server: How To Solve

When your PlayStation is refusing to link to the server we have several suggestions. Issue codes on bright console versions, including the CE0108862-5 error state, are anything that initial PS5 adopters should be aware of. Sometimes it can be aggravating to sit quietly for some great gaming session only to be confronted with a bug that prevents you from connecting to the server.

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Fortunately, we are here to assist you, like a loyal friend. Here’s everything you want to understand about the PS5 release problem code CE-108862-5.

What is CE-108862-5 Error State Code?

The warning “Unable to link to server” appears with Error state CE-108862-5.

It typically appears whenever users attempt to launch a game. This shows that the issue is primarily with a single game’s servers, instead of the whole PSN system. Nevertheless, PSN does indeed have a propensity to go down from time to time, so this might be the source of the problem.

How to Resolve CE-108862-5 Issue

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That’s always a good idea to examine the PlayStation network availability for any issues. If everything appears to be in order, you can verify the gaming software on the developer’s site for just about any problems. It’s recommended reattempt for a while but then because it could be an indication of intermittent congestion control.

Throughout the end, it is an issue number that signifies an issue on the other end of the link, so it’s often just a case of patience until it’s resolved.

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