PS5: The Guide On How To Install And Move Games To M.2 SSD Memory

Just recently Sony has announced that a new firmware update is coming that will allow PS5 users to be able to expand the console’s internal SSD storage. To accompany the announcement, the Japanese company has posted a bunch of additional information on the official PlayStation website. Among this information you can find some very useful things, such as a small guide on how to install and move the various games and applications on the M.2 SSD memory.

Games installation on M.2 SSD Memory

As Sony also has pointed out officially, this feature will first be made available only to users in a beta version, and then it will be released to the public at a later time not yet better specified. If you’re going to install an M.2 SSD memory in a console on which the beta system software is not installed, you’ll first have to remove the M.2 SSD before you can update the PS5 system software.

It is important to use only M.2 SSD memory that is supported by the Sony console to expand PS5 storage space. So, make sure you use an M.2 SSD that meets the necessary requirements. To find out which ones are supported you can safely rely on the official PlayStation website, within which an entire explanatory section has been included highlighting which M.2 SSD models are supported by this feature still in beta.

What are the steps to move or install games on M.2 SSD?

To install and move the various games (or applications) on the M.2 SSD, you have to follow these simple steps:

    1.  Go to your games home and select Games Library.
    2. Highlight the data you want to move, then press the Options button, and then select Move games and apps. When you’re using both an M.2 SSD and a USB Extended Storage Drive, simply go to the “Items you can move to the M.2 SSD Storage tab.”
    3. Select all the other games and apps you want to move and select Move.

With that done, you can also check the space available to you by going to the M.2 SSD Storage setting.

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