Beware of Seagate Barracuda Misleading Info

Seagate Barracuda ST2000LM015 for PS4
We have already talked excessively about the best internal hard drives for PS4 storage upgrade, and we always recommended two hard drives for this purpose: Seagate Firecuda 2.5-inch gaming SSHD [ST2000LX001] as the first selection for every serious user who wants remarkable performance improvement alongside additional storage space, and Seagate BarraCuda 2tb HDD [ST2000LM015] as the second selection for those who care most about storage expansion and put performance boost on the margin.

Purpose of this article

Although any tech savvy would easily distinguish between SSHD and HDD, and realize that Seagate FireCuda is much faster and has superior performance over any traditional hard drive like Seagate Barracuda, I see that many PS4 fanboys are misled by the wrong information about Barracuda HDD presented on Seagate official website and on online retailer websites such as Amazon.

This post is made to reveal the truth about this issue and correct the misleading information provided about Barracuda HDD.

Brief on BarraCuda ST2000LM015

BarraCuda (now with a capital “C”) is a traditional family among Seagate hard disk drives, usually naming high-performance models. This 2.5 inches model (therefore, aimed on laptops, PS4 and SFF desktop computers) has 5,400 rpm, 128 MiB cache, and SATA-III interface. The family offers capacities from 500 Gb up to 5TB, with the models up to 2 TB being 7 mm tall and the 3 TB and bigger models being 15 mm tall (note that this form factor will not fit PS4 drive cage, which support drives up to 9.5 mm tall).

Basic Specifications

Here’s a table of the basic specifications of this drive:

Type Classical Hard Drive
Form Factor 2.5-inch
Capacity 2 Terabyte
Interface SATA III
Spindle Speed 5,400 RPM
1st tier caching 128 mb cache buffer
2nd tier caching None
Dimensions 3.95 x 2.75 x 0.28 in
Weight 3.17 ounces
Warranty 2 years
Year of Release 2016


As we discuss the specifications of this drive, it’s important to note that the official page of this drive on Seagate Website, even the one on Amazon, both present misleading information about it by claiming that it has a 2nd tier caching with an SSD memory. We have a solid proof that this is totally wrong.

First off, if a classical hard drive has an SSD memory, it will be called SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive), and it will no longer be classified as a mere hard drive.

Secondly, let’s do a quick investigation on this matter.

  1. Visit the official page of Seagate BarraCuda HDD Series and scroll down until you reach the “Multi-Tier Caching Technology” section. See what Seagate claims about it. (screenshot below)

    All hard drives in the BarraCuda family come equipped with Multi-Tier Caching Technology (MTC). MTC takes your PC to new performance levels, so you can load applications and files faster than ever before. By applying intelligent layers of NAND Flash, DRAM and media cache technologies, BarraCuda delivers improved read and write performance by optimizing data flow.

  2. On the same page, Seagate has gone further by claiming that BarraCuda hard drives offer SSD-like performance, which is only SSHD is described with that, not traditional hard drives. Whereas there’s no mention at all of the SSD-like performance on the FireCuda SSHD official page.

  3. Now, let download the official datasheet of this drive and see how it claims that this drive supports multi-tier caching technology.

  4. Let’s go also to the drive’s page on Amazon and you’ll find the same claim, as seen below:

Let’s do the same investigation on Seagate Firecuda SSHD

Remember, an SSHD has multi-tier caching system, the 2nd tier is a NAND-flash memory. Just see how Seagate describes SSHD:

SSHD description

So, let’s start.

  1. Go to the official page of Seagate Firecuda SSHD. You’ll see that there is NO MENTION at all of the NAND flash memory cache or multi-tier caching technology, although SSHDs are very well known of it.
  2. Download the official datasheet of Firecuda SSHD. Again, there’s no mention of the 2nd tier SSD caching part. Whereas the datasheet of BarraCuda states it clearly.
  3. If you go to the drive’s page on Amazon, you’ll also NOT find any mention for the 2nd tier caching system.

That’s all quite strange, and it proves that there’s a serious mistake involved here.

Finding the Truth

So, how can you know the truth after all? Well, if you’re not convinced yet that there’s a blatant mistake in this, then do the following:

  1. Download the user manual of Seagate Barracuda. Go to page 8 where the drive’s specs are located, and you’ll see there’s no mention of any multi-tier caching technology.

    Seaagte Barracuda correct specifications

  2. Then, if you go download the user manual of Firecuda SSHD, you’ll find a clear mention of the 2nd-tier NAND flash memory.


Yes, big boys do make mistakes, and if you don’t have the sufficient knowledge you’ll easily fall into the trap.

When you go upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4, PS4 Pro, or PS4 Slim, I strongly recommend that you get Seagate Firecuda SSHD, as it is the drive that will make the real change to your game console. Don’t go for Seagate Barracuda unless you find the $10 price difference between the two drives justifies it.


As you can see in the first comment, Seagate Support was contacted to verify the certitude of this information, and this was their response:

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7 Responses

  1. Jan Klaassen JWZ says:

    Hi, great informative website, appreciate your efforts first of all 🙂

    I saw a great deal on the ST1000LX015 and thinking of upgrading me stock PS4 hdd.
    However I’ve noticed some reviews about the drive failing, which makes me hesitant to purchase the Seagate Firecuda 1TB drive.

    Are SSHD’s really suitable for the PS4? Is there a limit on how much cache a drive can have to be still working properly with the PS4 hard- and software? The RPM is 5400 same as the stock drive right?

    Some Reddit user mentioned it might be the 64mb cache or how the 8GB NAND flash memory actually works, but I’m not really sure about that?

    This drive comes with a 5 year warranty right? Obviously it hope it won’t fail, but if by any chance it would, I should be able to contact Seagate support and they replace it I guess?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Thanks for your nice compliment. We are here always to help.

      This drive is just like any other device in the world that might suddenly fail due to obvious or unobvious reasons. So, do not panic much.

      Seagate offers 5 year limited warranty on this drive because they’re aware of the solid quality of this drive, otherwise the wouldn’t risk giving that long warranty.

      And yes, if the drive fails within the warranty limit, you can easily contact Seagate and return it. No worries.

  2. Branson says:

    Thanks for alerting us about this matter. I have contacted Seagate Support team regarding this issue, and I got the following answer:

    Dear Branson Dumisani:

    Thank you for contacting Seagate Support. I apologize for the misleading information. I believe the reason why we had two different information was more than likely due to a typo on our end. Please review the two links I have provided for you and go of that information. – Firecuda – Barracuda

    I hope this answers your question but if it doesn’t please reply to this email if you require further assistance. We are available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central time, Monday – Friday.


    Seagate Support

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Thank you Branson for your efforts. I really appreciate what you’ve done. Also, thanks again for the screenshot you’ve provided that I will publish on this article as a proof of my claims.

    • Pharrell says:

      The only thing that is correct here is that Seagate have presented misleading information.. The SSHD makes basically no difference since its like 64mb, so unless youre just loading the same load screen in the same game over and over its not going to make a difference. Thats why the SSHD market went nowhere and nobody makes them, because its pointless..

      • PS4 Storage says:

        Yet so many users go for an SSHD as a budget alternative to an SSD. The hard drive companies stopped producing SSHD’s because the near future is for the SSD. That’s why.

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