Should a PS5 Be Horizontal Or Vertical?

Which Is Better: a Horizontal Or Vertical PS5? To know, Stay Here!

You have finally been successful in acquiring a PlayStation 5, and you are eager to display the console’s complete range of capabilities to your friends and family. However, there’s a major decision you need to make: Should you display it horizontally or vertically?

You’re probably asking this because you don’t want to lose all your effort into buying the console by destroying it, having it overheat, or any other dreadful situation. Keeping all of this in mind, the following is information that will assist you in properly positioning your PS5, either vertical or horizontal.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5)’s Two Models

The PlayStation 5 is available in two distinct models: the “regular” model, which has a disc drive, and the “digital” model, which does not include a disc drive. Both types can be put up vertically or horizontally, and the process is the same for both. The PS5 can be positioned either portrait or landscape on the provided removable base.

Vertical position

Vertical postion of PS5
When the device is being used vertically, the base is inserted into the console at the end that is the broadest, and it is then secured in place using the base screw provided. Because of the PS5’s huge dimensions, which are all over the place, the vertical orientation is a good choice for situations where you don’t have a lot of free space on your desk or in your sitting room.

When placed in a vertical position, the PlayStation 5 is more likely to topple over if it is jostled than when placed horizontally; therefore, the console must be correctly fastened to the stand.

Horizontal Position

PS5 in horizontal position

The PS5 may also be used in a horizontal orientation successfully. The irregular frame of the PS5 is deceptive; there is no obvious indication of which side is meant to be on top, and because the stand attaches to both sides of the frame, it is simple to place the console in an inverted position, which could potentially cause damage to the internal mechanisms.

Because it is such a simple oversight, official Sony advertisements have sometimes depicted the machine in an incorrect orientation.

If your PlayStation 5 has a disc drive, the port for the disc should be on the underside of the system so that the system is set up correctly. When using digital-only models, you should position the bulge to face downward.

Does the PlayStation 5 get too hot while it’s lying down?

When setting up a PlayStation 5 or a computer, cooling issues are a common problem.

It is beneficial to a machine’s efficiency to run at a cooler temperature; therefore, to keep your console operating at its optimal level, it is important to know which configuration is optimal. The excellent thing is that because of how the PS5 was designed, you can, once again, go that way.

When it comes to the PlayStation 5, cooling is accomplished across the entirety of the console’s back as well as the central black section. It doesn’t make a difference whichever way you have it because air enters through the front and exits through the back.

If you want to keep your console at a comfortable temperature and avoid PS5 overheating, you need to make sure there is room for air to flow out of it, and you should also avoid covering it up. Not only will the PS5’s ability to cool be unaffected even if you will place it horizontally or vertically, but there should also be no discernible difference in the amount of noise the console generates.


So, should a PlayStation 5 be horizontal or vertical? The great news is that you can do it anyway, but the method you choose will depend on a few factors, some of which are clear while others are not so obvious. The PlayStation 5 is an enormous gaming console; in fact, it rises above the refrigerator-like Xbox Series X, which means that setting it down requires a significant amount of space. If you’re putting together a gaming rig, you should give this some thought.

The main objective of writing this article is to aware you of the right position of placing the Playstation 5 to avoid physical or virtual damage to your new device.

Eventually, what is the ideal orientation for the PS5: horizontal or vertical? As a general rule, positioning your PS5 horizontal or vertical position should have little effect on gameplay, and your decision will come back down to how much space you have available.

When saving space and improving airflow, positioning your PS5 in a vertical position is the best option. Naturally, provided you’ve observed our home and home instructions. Putting it horizontally rather than vertically may spare you the hassle of dealing with liquid metal. Because of this, we suggest placing the PlayStation 5 vertically on the base and screwing it in place. Additional benefits include improved aesthetics and performance.

PS5 Vertical Or Horizontal FAQ

What are the overall dimensions of the PlayStation 5 console?

It is crucial to have a sense of the dimensions of your PS5 before making any decisions regarding how to position it. The following are the dimensions of the PlayStation 5: 390mm Width x 104mm Height x 260mm Diameter Whenever you add the core to either layout, the height increases by a fraction of an inch. Because of this, it is essential to understand how much room you have available before determining how to position your PlayStation 5 system.

How does the PlayStation 5 stay upright when it is laid flat?

You may well have observed that the device is not only quite large, but it also has a very strange shape. It may have caught your attention. You can also attach the stand to the PS5 to support it and prevent it from leaning to one side. If we were to provide our opinion on the matter, we would say that the vertical arrangement seems to be the most suitable for the console, as well as for the spaces of the majority of individuals.

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4 Responses

  1. Dive says:

    I have always preferred horizontal because it makes me feel better knowing that it’s not going to get knocked over by my cat or something.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      The good news is that PS5’s design allows you to once more choose your path. With the PS5, the entire back of the console and the middle black piece serve as cooling mechanisms. Whichever way you have it, air is drawn in and flows out the back, thus it doesn’t really matter.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Should a PS5 be placed horizontally or vertically? If it matters, should a PS5 (or a 3 or 4) stand vertically or horizontally? Perhaps it doesn’t.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      The good news is that PS5’s design allows you to once more choose your path. With the PS5, the entire back of the console and the middle black piece serve as cooling mechanisms. Whichever way you have it, air is drawn in and flows out the rear, so it doesn’t really matter

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