Troubleshooting PlayStation Plus Problems

PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) is a premium subscription service that offers a wide range of benefits for PlayStation console owners. However, there are instances when users may encounter issues with their PS Plus service not working properly. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind this problem and provide step-by-step solutions to fix it.

Why is PS Plus not working?

PS Plus not working can occur due to various reasons. Understanding the potential causes is crucial for effectively troubleshooting the issue. Here are some detailed explanations of the common factors that may lead to PS Plus malfunction:

  1. Server issues: PlayStation Network (PSN) servers occasionally experience technical difficulties or scheduled maintenance. These server-related problems can temporarily disrupt the functionality of PS Plus. Checking the official PlayStation Network status page or social media channels can help determine if server issues are impacting PS Plus.
  2. Console-related glitches: Like any electronic device, PlayStation consoles can encounter software or hardware glitches. These glitches can interfere with the proper functioning of PS Plus. It could be a minor software bug or a more significant system issue. Restarting the console or performing system updates can often resolve these glitches.
  3. Internet connectivity problems: PS Plus relies on a stable and reliable internet connection to function correctly. Issues with your internet service provider (ISP), wireless signal strength, or network configuration can result in PS Plus not working. Checking your internet connection, resetting your modem/router, or using a wired connection instead of wireless may help resolve connectivity-related problems.
  4. Outdated system software: If your PlayStation console’s system software is outdated, it can cause compatibility issues with PS Plus. Sony regularly releases updates to improve system performance and address software vulnerabilities. Ensuring that your console is running the latest system software version can help prevent compatibility problems with PS Plus.
  5. Licensing error: Occasionally, a licensing error can occur, preventing your PlayStation console from recognizing your PS Plus subscription. This can happen if there is a synchronization problem between your console and the PSN servers or if the license file becomes corrupted. Restoring licenses through the console settings can rectify licensing errors and restore access to PS Plus benefits.

By carefully considering these potential causes, users can troubleshoot the problem more effectively and apply the appropriate fix to get their PS Plus service working again. Remember, if the issue persists or remains unresolved, contacting PlayStation Support is always a viable option for professional assistance.

Fix: PS Plus not working


Method 1: Check if PlayStation’s Server is working

  1. Visit the official PlayStation Network (PSN) status page: Start by opening your web browser and navigating to the official PlayStation Network status page. This page provides real-time information about the status of various PlayStation services, including PS Plus.
  2. Ensure that the PS Plus service is marked as “online” and functioning correctly: On the PSN status page, locate the section dedicated to PS Plus. Look for any notifications or alerts indicating service disruptions or maintenance. If the status is displayed as “online” without any reported issues, it suggests that the problem may not be related to the server itself.
  3. If there are server issues, wait for Sony to resolve them, as this might be the cause of your problem: In the event that server issues are reported on the PSN status page, it’s best to be patient and wait for Sony to address and resolve the problem. Server maintenance or unexpected outages can impact the availability of PS Plus and result in connection issues or limited functionality. Once the server issues are resolved, your PS Plus service should resume normal operation.

Checking the PlayStation Network status page is the initial step to determine if the problem lies with the server. It provides valuable insights into any ongoing server-related issues, ensuring that you stay informed about the status of the PS Plus service. Remember to periodically check the page for updates as server statuses can change over time.

Method 2: Reboot your PlayStation console

Rebooting your PlayStation console can effectively address various software glitches and temporary issues that may be causing PS Plus to malfunction. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Power off your PlayStation console completely: Ensure that your console is turned off properly. If the console is in standby mode, navigate to the power options and select “Turn Off PS4” or “Turn Off PS5.” Wait for the console to shut down completely before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the console and wait for 30 seconds: Locate the power cable connected to the back of your PlayStation console. Gently unplug it from the power source or the console itself. It is important to wait for approximately 30 seconds before proceeding. This allows for any residual power to dissipate from the console’s components, ensuring a full reboot.
  3. Plug the power cable back in and turn on the console: After the brief waiting period, reconnect the power cable to the console. Ensure it is firmly plugged in. Next, press the power button on the console or use the controller’s power button to turn on the PlayStation. Wait for the console to boot up completely before moving on to the next step.
  4. Launch the PS Plus service to check if the issue is resolved: Once the console is fully powered on, navigate to the PlayStation Home screen. Locate the PS Plus icon or access the PS Plus menu to see if the service is functioning as expected. Check if you have access to online multiplayer, free games, or any other PS Plus benefits that were previously unavailable. If the issue persists, proceed to the next troubleshooting method.

By performing a complete reboot of your PlayStation console, you are essentially resetting the system’s software and clearing any temporary glitches that may have affected PS Plus. This method is often effective in resolving minor software-related issues that can impact the proper functioning of PS Plus.

Method 3: Check your Internet connection status

A stable and reliable internet connection is essential for the proper functioning of PS Plus. Follow these detailed steps to ensure that your internet connection is not causing the issue:

  1. Verify that your internet connection is stable and working: Check if other devices in your home can connect to the internet without any issues. You can do this by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer to browse websites or stream videos. If other devices are experiencing internet connectivity problems, contact your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance in resolving the issue.
  2. If using a wireless connection, move closer to the router or consider connecting via an Ethernet cable for a more stable connection: If you are using a wireless connection to connect your PlayStation console to the internet, check the signal strength. Move your console closer to the wireless router to improve the signal quality. Alternatively, you can consider connecting your console to the router using an Ethernet cable for a more stable and reliable connection.
  3. Restart your modem and router: Unplug the power cables from both your modem and router. Wait for about 30 seconds, then plug the power cables back in. Allow the devices to restart and establish a fresh connection to your internet service. This process can help resolve any temporary issues or conflicts with the network configuration.
  4. Attempt to reconnect to PS Plus after ensuring a stable internet connection: Once your modem and router have restarted, turn on your PlayStation console and navigate to the PlayStation Home screen. Access the PS Plus service to check if the issue is resolved. Test whether you can access online multiplayer, download free games, or enjoy any other PS Plus benefits that were previously unavailable.

By verifying and ensuring a stable internet connection, you eliminate potential network-related problems that might be affecting PS Plus. Moving closer to the router or using an Ethernet cable improves the signal quality and minimizes any potential wireless interference. Restarting your modem and router refreshes the connection and resolves temporary network issues. Following these steps can help you establish a stable internet connection and resolve PS Plus problems caused by connectivity issues.

Method 4: Update your PlayStation

Regularly updating your PlayStation console’s system software is crucial for maintaining compatibility with PS Plus and ensuring optimal performance. Follow these detailed steps to update your PlayStation:

  1. Access the Settings menu on your PlayStation console: Turn on your PlayStation console and navigate to the PlayStation Home screen. Locate the Settings icon, usually represented by a gear or toolbox, and select it to access the settings menu.
  2. Select “System Software Update” and check for any available updates: Within the Settings menu, look for the “System Software Update” option. Depending on your PlayStation console model, it may be located under the “System” or “System Software” category. Select this option to check for available updates.
  3. If an update is available, proceed with the installation: The system will automatically check for available updates and display the details if there is a new version of the system software available. Follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the update process. Make sure you have a stable internet connection during the update.

Note: Updating the system software may take some time, depending on the size of the update and your internet connection speed. Avoid turning off the console or interrupting the update process to prevent any potential issues.

  1. Once the update is complete, restart your console and check if PS Plus is working: After the update installation is finished, the console will prompt you to restart. Select the option to restart the console. Allow the console to reboot fully. Once it is powered on, navigate to the PlayStation Home screen and access the PS Plus service to check if the issue is resolved.

Updating your PlayStation console’s system software ensures that you have the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes. These updates often address compatibility issues and enhance the overall stability of the system, including the functionality of PS Plus. By keeping your console updated, you minimize the chances of encountering problems with PS Plus and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Method 5: Restore your License

Restoring your licenses can help resolve any licensing errors that may be causing issues with PS Plus. Follow these detailed steps to restore your licenses:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Home screen: Turn on your PlayStation console and navigate to the PlayStation Home screen. This is the main screen where you can access various features and games.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and select “Account Management”: On the PlayStation Home screen, locate the “Settings” icon, usually represented by a gear or toolbox. Select it to access the settings menu. Within the settings menu, find the “Account Management” option and choose it.
  3. Choose “Restore Licenses” and confirm the action: In the Account Management menu, look for the “Restore Licenses” option. Select it to initiate the license restoration process. You may be prompted to enter your account password or verify your account details. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed and confirm the action. The console will begin restoring your licenses.
  4. Restart your console and check if the PS Plus issue persists: Once the license restoration process is complete, restart your console. Allow the console to fully power off and then turn it back on. After the restart, navigate to the PlayStation Home screen and access the PS Plus service to check if the issue has been resolved. Verify if you have access to online multiplayer, free games, or any other PS Plus benefits that were previously unavailable.

Restoring your licenses refreshes the authorization on your PlayStation console, ensuring that it recognizes and validates your PS Plus subscription correctly. This method is particularly useful when encountering licensing errors that prevent proper access to PS Plus benefits. By following these steps, you can resolve license-related issues and restore the functionality of PS Plus on your PlayStation console.

Method 6: Contact PlayStation Support for professional assistance

If you have tried all the previous methods and are still experiencing issues with PS Plus, it is recommended to seek professional assistance from PlayStation Support. Here are the detailed steps to contact them:

  1. Visit the official PlayStation website and seek assistance through their support channels: Open your web browser and navigate to the official PlayStation website. Look for the “Support” or “Contact Us” section on the website. PlayStation provides multiple support channels, including live chat, phone support, and community forums. Choose the support channel that suits your preference and needs.
  2. Provide a detailed explanation of the issue: When contacting PlayStation Support, it is essential to provide a thorough and precise explanation of the problem you are facing with PS Plus. Include relevant details such as error messages, specific actions that trigger the issue, and any troubleshooting steps you have already attempted. The more information you can provide, the better equipped the support team will be to assist you.
  3. Follow the guidance given by the support team: The PlayStation Support team consists of trained professionals who have expertise in diagnosing and resolving PlayStation-related issues. Once you have connected with a support representative through your chosen support channel, carefully follow their instructions and guidance. They may ask for additional information or walk you through specific troubleshooting steps tailored to your situation. Be patient and cooperative during the process.
  4. Explore community forums for additional assistance: In addition to direct support from PlayStation, you can also explore community forums where fellow PlayStation users share their experiences and solutions. PlayStation has an active community where you can post your issue and seek advice from other users who may have encountered similar problems in the past.

Contacting PlayStation Support allows you to access expert assistance and guidance tailored to your specific issue. The support team will work with you to identify the root cause of the problem and provide the most appropriate solutions. Remember to be polite and patient when interacting with the support team as they strive to help you resolve the PS Plus issue effectively.


Q1: Will I lose my saved data during these troubleshooting steps?

A1: No, the troubleshooting steps mentioned above are designed to resolve PS Plus issues without affecting your saved data. However, it’s always a good idea to have regular backups of your important game saves.

Q2: Can I use PS Plus on multiple PlayStation consoles?

A2: Yes, PS Plus allows you to access its benefits on multiple PlayStation consoles as long as you’re using the same account.

Q3: Is PS Plus a mandatory requirement for online gaming?

A3: While some online games require a PS Plus subscription, there are several games that can be played online without it. Check the specific game requirements for more information.



Encountering difficulties with PS Plus not functioning as expected can be a source of frustration for gamers. However, there are various troubleshooting methods available to address these issues. By checking the status of PlayStation’s servers, rebooting the console, ensuring a stable internet connection, updating the system software, restoring licenses, and reaching out to PlayStation Support, users can take proactive steps towards resolving the problem. Remember, the key is to be patient, thorough, and persistent in troubleshooting PS Plus issues to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences and make the most out of your PlayStation console.

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