When Will PS5 Eventually Support 1440p?

As Sony launches its PS5, everyone wants to try the latest PlayStation version. But somehow, some people are not so sure about what type of gadget the latest PS5 supports? Whether you can pair your PS5 with TVs or monitors.

PS5 was launched on 14th April 2021, but people are still waiting for changes in the latest version of PS5. PS5 can work perfectly ok on 1080p/ HD television.

1080p vs 4k vs 1440p

However, you cannot be able to enjoy the great picture quality as it could be. PS5 can provide high-quality picture quality if you pair the PS5 with high-resolution TV or monitor and 1440p for many devices is the best option for getting high resolution and the right screen for gaming.

Is PlayStation compatible with 1440p?

No, PS5 does not support 1440p yet, but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the 1440p display in the future. Sony has said that the latest gaming console will support the 1440p. In this way, people who have 1440p screens can be able to utilize their screens for gaming. 1440p is now becoming the best screen resolution for PC gamers.

PS5 doesn't currently support 1440p

What screen resolution does Sony PS5 support?

Presently, PS5 only supports 1080p or 4K, with other options. You can select your desired screen resolution among these options depending on the resolution of your TV. The latest monitors use 1440p, giving a higher solution for gaming needs.

Players who have monitors ask for the update of the PS5 console from 1080p to 1440p. The default setting of PS5 is for a 1080p screen. If you attach the console with a 1440p screen, PS5 will give you HD or 4K results by default.
As 1440p is in trend, Sony will take a look and decide according to it.

What should a consumer do when PS5 adds 1440p?

Sony has announced that there is no reality behind the rumors about the latest feature of 1440p added to the PS5 version. However, it is just a game of time as Sony sends an update to the console. It means that if you have the PS5 latest console and later Sony will add 1440p support, you do not need to buy a new console.

Options for buyers

New PlayStation 5 comes with so many options still for the gamers.

There are so many choices according to the need of the buyers or customers. Because everyone has not a single choice before buying a television for their gaming needs, you should consider these options before purchasing if you like to play as a single-player or multiplayer? Do you want to play fun games or competitive games? Further, I will tell you what type of screen is suitable for your PS5?

Find the right screen:

It isn’t easy to find a 1440p high-quality television at this time, but it is easy to find a 1440p gaming monitor.

In these modern times, 1440p gaming monitors are considered the basis for the gaming experience. Many 1440p gaming monitors are available for buyers to purchase high-quality gaming devices.

Tv vs. monitor:

There can be seen that tv and monitor are quite similar, but it is not the fact. Monitors and TVs have major differences between them.

Television is a different screen. You can enjoy your tv shows and movies better on TV. But sometimes, television cannot become a great means to give you a better gaming experience.

TV shows and films are designed to play at the standard 23frames per second. Although High-framing rate games are very popular, their popularity increases daily. Some high-quality games provide the option of 200 frames per second.

It means that gamers who have high-quality gaming monitors can enjoy intense gameplay with high refresh rates.

1440p or 4k?

There is a popular question that whether 4k or 1440p can make the best pair with PS5?

It all depends on your need and your choice. As of now, Sony PlayStation 5 only supports 4k or 1080p, but it is a nice choice to add 1440p support sooner.

Many games on the Playstation 5 can only output at 30 fps when viewed on a 4K display. The quality of these games will be poorer, and players will have a greater chance of failing the game.

Following this simple buying rule, you can find the right screen for your gaming needs.

If you are a single player and love to play a single cinematic game, then a 4k screen will be better for you. But if you are a competitive player and want to play complex games where you can replay precise gameplay, then no screen else 1440p is better for you.

1440p allows higher refresh rates, meaning players or gamers will get information on the screen faster than playing with a low refresh rate screen.

Screen size

A lot of people are under the impression that when it comes to television, it’s much better, but every time, it is not the case.

Larger television sets provide more room for viewing individual pixels on the screen.

Small televisions hide pixels better at the same resolution, even when viewed up close.

The screen’s actual size means that users should be aware of the extent to which they sit on their gaming setup.

People who like to stay close to the process will probably benefit more from small televisions.

Twenty-seven inches is a very popular choice for 1440p. It provides enough screen space to allow deep sinking, but it is not large enough that you will begin to see individual pixels.

On the other hand, people who like to play in the comfort of their sofa may prefer the big screen.

It is impossible to see individual pixels while watching 1440p or 4K television in a room.


Sony has confirmed that Sony wants its new console to pair with television rather than monitors. 1440p televisions are not so popular, so that’s why gamers are likely to pair their PS5 with 1440p monitors. Sony will survey the situation and if the popularity of 1440p remains to increase.

Sony must add the 1440p function to the console. It can be advantageous to buy a 1440p monitor in the coming years.

However, until the new version is released, gamers must be required to play their games at a resolution of 1080p on a screen. But, whenever the update is released to the public, game players would already have a suitable gadget with a screen resolution that is 75 percent higher.

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