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How to Cool Down Your PS4 and Avoid Overheating

With the amount of stress that can impact a PS4 game console throughout its lifespan, it’s critical to understand how you can keep your PS4 cool. Maintaining your game console’s overheating temperature is a...


Is PS4 Overheating After Cleaning, What to Do?

PS4 overheating is one of the most common problems that PS4 owners are facing. We have already published a comprehensive guide on PS4 overheating and how to fix it. But the issue addressed here...


PS4 Is Overheating But Not Hot | Fixed by Experts

Have you ever had your PS4 system say it’s overheating but actually it’s not hot? This might be an indication of a specific problem with the cooling fan or even the PS4 system software...


Why Does My PS4 Keeps Overheating?

Do you own a PS4? If so, then you know that it can be really frustrating when your PlayStation 4 starts to overheat. One of the most common questions that PlayStation 4 owners ask...


Can a PS4 Overheat? If yes, What to Do?

Many new users wonder whether can a PS4 overheat. The fact that every savvy knows is that all electrical/electronic devices do overheat, especially when they get old. So, asking if it’s possible for PS4...


Does Your PS4 Consoles Feel Too Hot?

Game consoles like the PS4 come in compact design that all the hardware components are cramped in small space, and it is a common symptom that Ps4 consoles are getting overheated. Technology has done...


How to Keep Your PS4 From Overheating

Game consoles, like the PS4, in general are compact and easy to carry around. However, small frames mean less space for electronic chips, transistors, RAM, hard drives, and other hardware components. This leads to...


Signs and Dangers of PS4 Overheating

Just similar to laptop computers, PS4’s hardware components are in close proximity to each other with little room for air movement. Because they’re prone to overheating, watching for the signs of thermal stress and...