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Coil Whine PS5: What To Do?

Coil whine PS5: Your console makes a strange noise? It doesn’t sound like a fan noise but like an electrical noise? Your PS5 probably has a coil whine problem, even if it is not...


Error Code CE-108255-1: How To Proceed

CE-108255-1: Some PS5 users may get the error CE-108255-1 during a game session. This error is often accompanied by the message “A problem has occurred with this game or application”. This can prevent you...


Error Code CE-108262-9: How To Solve The Problem?

CE-108262-9: You have a PS5 but you sometimes get an error code CE-108262-9? Error codes are commonplace on new consoles, it allows you to identify a specific problem on your console. Sometimes these codes...


PS5 Crash: The Different Problems

PS5 Crash: The PS5 has been out for a few months now, it is the spearhead of the new generation of consoles with the Xbox Series X. It brings several technologies, but who says...


PlayStation 5: Should You Keep Your PS4 Controllers

PlayStation 5 games will not be playable with a PS4 controller, although the latter is compatible with the new Sony console. However, DualShock 4 controllers can be used for cross-gen games, as long as...


PlayStation 5 And Noise: Not All Consoles Have The Same Fan

Several tests of the console, including ours, have stated it outright: Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a remarkably quiet gaming console. However, since the console’s public availability, some dissenting voices have been heard on social...


Dead Space: The Remake We Needed

These few words, sung by the delicate and disturbing voice of Iyari Limon, interspersed with the guttural sound of a Necromorph and adorned by the flashing lights of a cold corridor of the unforgettable...