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You might already have experienced PS5 Error Code [CE-107938-8] when you’ve tried to update one of your games after an unsuccessful/interrupted update process, then in the next attempt, you’ve got surprised by a message popping up on your screen saying: “something went wrong” with an error code [CE-107938-8]. Accordingly, the game won’t get updated and it might be corrupted afterwards and not working again.

What is [CE-107938-8] PS5 Error?

Let’s first have a brief knowledge about PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] in order to better comprehend the situation your console undergoes.

PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] occurs when the game you’re currently playing fails to connect to the server. Basically, PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] occurs when the particular game’s developers release updates and your system fails to install these updates properly. In other words, it’s a matter of an interrupted data transfer process that resulted in data corruption.

This process generates some glitches and crashes to your games. After installing updates, When you start your game, you start getting error code [CE-107938-8]. In this guide, you’ll find easy ways to fix the PS5 Error [CE-107938-8].

Why Does PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] Happen?

PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] occurs due to a sort of damage or corruption that happened to some game update files due to a failed update process.

When the update process failed due to internet connection interruption or abrupt PS5 turn-off during the update, some files might not be downloaded fully or correctly, and as a result, these files are no longer accessible or functioning. In other words, they are simply damaged.

Now, when you try to re-launch the update process, for some reason, these damaged/corrupted files won’t be replaced with fresh and intact copies. Rather, they are kept as they are which consequently results in PS5 Error Code [CE-107938-8].

How to Fix PS5 Error [CE-107938-8]

Fixing PS5 Error Code [CE-107938-8]

PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] is one of the easiest PS5 errors to fix. Often any average user can fix it flawlessly without any hassle if they carefully follow the instructions.

1. Restart the PS5

The easiest and quickest way to start your PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] troubleshooting is to restart the PS5 and try to update your game/app again.

Restarting the PS5 can wonderfully resolve so many issues related to the performance of the PS5 system. As a result, many errors would simply be fixed without any other method than just restarting.

Therefore, the very first thing we advise you to try is to restart your PS5 and go update your game/app again. See what happens now and verify whether this has fixed PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] or not.

2. Disconnect PS5 From Power

If restarting your PS5 has not resolved this issue, you have to turn off your console and unplug its power cord from the power outlet it connects to. Wait around 5 minutes before plugging the cord back to the outlet. Now, turn on the PS5 and go to the next points in this list.

3. Update the PS5 System Software

Updating PS5 System Software might be the fix for PS5 Error [CE-107938-8]
Now, once you have turned on your PS5, check whether there’s a new update for your PS5 system or not.

Go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Updates and Settings.

Updating the PS5 system is essential to resolve system-related errors. Therefore, if PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] is system-related, this will hopefully fix it. Otherwise, if there’s no update available yet, try the next method.

4. Rebuild PS5 Database

Since PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] is mainly related to data corruption, rebuilding the PS5 database is one of the possible solutions to fix it. In fact, every PS5 user must make rebuilding the PS5 database as a routine once every 4 or 6 months. That will maintain the performance of the PS5 and resolve many related issues.

In order to rebuild the PS5 database, please follow the steps below:

  1. To begin with the PS5 database rebuilding process, you have first to enter the “Safe Mode”. To do that, switch off the console via the Power button.
  2. Press and hold the power button of your PS5 until you hear the second beep, usually this takes somewhat around 7 seconds or a little less.
  3. Connect the PS5 controller to the console via the USB cable, and press the PS button.
  4. Now you have entered into the “Safe Mode”. Just select option #5 that says: “Rebuild Database”.
    rebuilding PS5 database to fix Error CE-107938-8
  5. You will now get a prompt that the process might take a few hours, hit OK to proceed ahead.
  6. Now your PS5 system will start rebuilding its database. The time the process takes to complete depends on the size of data on your PS5. If you have many games/apps, it may take hours. Otherwise, small databases are quickly rebuilt.

After the PS5 database rebuilding is complete, your PS5 will restart. Now, try to update that particular game/app that generated Error Code [CE-107938-8] and check whether the problem has been resolved or not. If not, please keep on reading the rest of the suggested solutions.

5. Delete the saved data on PS5.

You better backup your game saves before deleting them if you have something important you want to preserve.

The reason why you have to try this process is that the data corruption might be in one of the game saves, so deleting them might resolve Error [CE-107938-8].

  1. First of all, Close the Game completely in which you are getting the CE-107938-8 error.
  2. Now go to settings and Tap on Storage from the several lists.
  3. Click on System Storage and then choose Saved Data.
  4. There you will see all the games list, now select the affected game.
  5. You will see two files there, delete both saved data files. (You may lose your saved Comapigns by doing this.)

After deleting both save data, Restart your PS5, open the game and you will see that the CE-107938-8 PS5 error has disappeared.

6. Delete the Game and Install It Again

After trying all the possible solutions laid out above yet nothing has worked for you, you need to try to delete the particular game that causes Error [CE-107938-8] and reinstall it.

To delete a game on the PS5, please implement the following instructions:

  1. From the Home screen, head to the Settings app (the gear icon in the top-right).
  2. Scroll down and select Storage.
  3. Select Console Storage from the menu on the left if you want to delete games from your console, or select External Storage if you want to delete PS4 titles on an external SSD.
  4. Select Games and Apps.
  5. Select the title(s) you want to delete. (see image below)
  6. Press the Delete button in the bottom-left and confirm your choice to free up storage.

The game will then be deleted from your storage, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to re-download it again whenever you like via the Library app on PS5 or the PlayStation Store itself.

You need now to download the game again and re-launch it. See if PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] has been resolved or not.

7. Last Step Before Factory Reset

Here are two special methods to fix PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] before you go to the factory reset option.

First Method:

  1. Make sure your disc isn’t installed or inserted in the PS5 when booting up.
  2. Go to network settings and disable the internet connection.
  3. Insert disc and let it install.
  4. Once installed go to network settings and turn on internet connection. Then hit the options button on the game app and select check for update. It will load for about 1-3 minutes then the update will be added to your downloads.

Second Method:

This is another effective method to fix PS5 Error [CE-107938-8]:

  1. Uninstall the game, leave the disc in, go to the game library, and press ‘copy’, and just wait for it to work.
  2. The game won’t automatically copy/install. It just goes into an unending queue. Leave it in the queue and wait until the install screen comes up.

8. Factory-Reset the PS5

This is the last resort when PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] couldn’t be fixed with any of the above methods. You will need then to factory-reset the PS5.

For those unfamiliar, a factory reset is exactly what it sounds like. It resets your PS5 console to its default factory settings as if you were opening it and booting it up for the very first time. You’ll lose all of your game data, save data, and personal account data that are stored on the machine — basically anything on the system’s hard drive will be erased.

Because of this, it’s recommended you first backup any files you don’t want to lose for good. You can do this by transferring your files to an external hard drive or using the PS Plus cloud service. Once you have properly backed up your files, you can begin the factory reset. Thankfully, Sony makes this fairly easy on the PlayStation 5.

How to factory reset your PlayStation 5 (PS5)

  1. Go to Settings -> System
  2. Select “System Software”
  3. Select “Reset Options”
  4. Select “Reset Your Console”
  5. Select “Reset”

Once you confirm the reset, your PlayStation 5 will restart and go through all of the initial startup steps. At this point, the console hard drive will be completely erased and all of the settings will return to their factory defaults.


PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] is often an easy error to fix. If nothing works for you, you just need to factory-reset the PS5, reinstall the PS5 system software from scratch, and reinstall the particular game that caused the error. This shall fix
PS5 Error [CE-107938-8] in most cases.

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