How To Alter The Intensity Of Haptic Feedback On The PS5

The DualSense controller, which is the PS5’s basic attachment, has been one of the device’s finest features. The DualSense includes a lot of diverse capabilities not seen on the DualShock 4, including adaptive trigger, haptic feedback, the Create key, and much more. Many of these characteristics could also be changed to best suit your needs. This is how to modify the haptic feedback vibration intensity and strength on the DualSense using the PS5.
PS5 haptic feedback

What Is Haptic Feedback, And How Does It Work?

Haptic feedback is a modern type of augmented reality technology which has received a lot of attention thanks to the PlayStation 5. While controller rumbling has long been a staple of PS5 gaming accessories, haptic feedback is a completely separate creature. Its purpose is to use the controller to elicit a teammate’s physical sensations. You could experience the varied environments while exploring Astro’s Playroom. If you roll across such a concrete shoreline, for instance, you can sense every bump, yet skating on ice looks extremely smooth.

So, why should one desire to deactivate the DualSense controller’s most immersive feature? This new update may have an impact on how longer you can play for. Owing to hand cramps, I have switched off the haptic feedback and sensations on my DualSense. I could play a game for extended lengths of time when the settings are disabled or reduced. It’s a crucial accessibility characteristic that gives gamers the freedom to play the way they desire.

How To Modify The Ps5’s Haptic Feedback?

It’s rather straightforward to reduce or eliminate the settings. You could do so simply by turning on your PlayStation 5. Here’s how to do it.

    • To access the PS5 start menu, switch on your PS5 and login into your account.


  • Choose the settings located in the upper right corner of the screen from the main screen.
  • Choose Accessories from the configuration menu after pressing X to verify the option.
  • To access the Controllers-specific option, click X.

You can adjust the intensity of the DualSenses movement and haptic feedback in the subsequent option. You can choose from high, moderate, or low settings, or you can fully eliminate the functionality.

You can’t test your changes while in the menu bar, regrettably. To test how the new settings react and appear in your DualSense, you’ll need to start up a game. To check your config files, I strongly recommend utilizing Astro’s Playroom. The game is available for free download and comes preloaded on the PS5, and it demonstrates all of the DualSenses features.

Play The Game Your Way

Excellent, you’ve learned how to modify the settings on your DualSense controller. You could now play the greatest PS5 games in whichever way seems most comfy to you, whether you’d like to make absolutely sure your haptic feedback is tuned to powerful so you’ll need to deactivate the function.

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