Minecraft Freezing On PS4 – How To Fix It

Minecraft is a fun game, but sometimes it can be frustrating when the game freezes and you are stuck on your screen. If this happens to you, there are a few things that you should do before giving up completely. The first thing to try is turning off your PS4 for 15 minutes or so and powering back on again. Sometimes just waiting for the system to cool down will solve the problem!

Minecraft game

We have published a comprehensive guide on fixing a frozen PS4 with many useful tips that help you work around this issue. Check our PS4 Freeze Resolution Guide.

Causes of Minecraft Freezing On PS4

Minecraft game may freeze on PS4 because of the unsuccessful game/update installation. This causes compatibility issues with the PS4 operating essential files to the extent that the whole system will crash at a point.

If you are using a power source other than the original Sony PlayStation 4 AC adapter, this can also cause your Minecraft game to freeze on PS4.

A third-party USB cable can also trigger that problem.

Furthermore, if there is not enough space on your hard disk for the game cache file, or the PS4 internal hard drive undergoes some sort of failure, it may also lead to Minecraft freezing on PS4.

Minecraft freezing on PS4

Fixing Minecraft Freezing On PS4

So, how to fix it when Minecraft game freezes on PS4? Well, there’s no specific fix that works for everyone. Each case must be investigated separately in order to figure out what causes the problem in the first place. Once this is done, the fix is determined accordingly.

For example, if what causes the Minecraft freeze on PS4 is a malfunctioning hard drive, the solution is to repair that hard drive or just replace it.

If it is a power issue, you need to find out where the problem exactly stems from. Is it the power cord, power strip, power outlet or even the PS4 power supply?

On the other hand, if it’s just system file conflict or corruption, you can simply initialize the PS4 and reinstall the game, and things will go smooth like before.

For more details on PS4 freeze and how to fix it, please check out this article.


Minecraft is a great game and it might crash or freeze on PS4. If a simple restart won’t fix this issue, you might need to initialize the PS4 before suspecting any hardware component of your PS4 game console.

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