PS5’s Internal SSD only has 667 GB of Usable Free Storage

The PlayStation 5 features an internal solid-state storage capacity of 825 GB. However, not all is available for consumers to download games and media onto consoles. The PlayStation 5 offers only 667.2 GB of usable storage capacity.

Sony aims to ensure that every PlayStation 5 always has space for things like the operating system, firmware, and software upgrades. Even still, 158 GB is a considerable portion of the PS5’s default storage to render unavailable.

However, it is not significantly different from any of the next-generation Xbox models. The Xbox Series X has 1 TB of storage with 802 GB of usable space, whereas the Xbox Series S has 512 GB with 364 GB of usable space.


Despite the fact that 667 GB is not a modest amount of space, it will be eaten rapidly due to the escalating install sizes of next-generation games. On PS5, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with Call of Duty: Warzone together could use up to 200 GB.

Unfortunately, PS5 owners cannot install and play games from an external hard drive, as they did with PS4.

Sony allows players to add an NVMe SSD to expand the PS5’s internal storage, which is fantastic news for space-starved gamers. Players are able to use and install any drive that satisfies Sony’s standard requirements.

PlayStation 5 gamers will be limited to the system’s basic 667 GB of storage until they upgrade it by up to 4TB of additional SSD storage, but it should be sufficient for the majority of the initial games that people will be playing – although you’ll run out of space faster if you want to install PS4 games to the SSD as well.

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