Fixing The PS5 says “not enough storage” but there is

It happens sometimes! If you’re a PlayStation gamer, you might have noticed that the PS5 says “Not enough storage” even though there’s plenty of space on the console.

The PS5 comes with a built-in 825 GB hard drive, which should be plenty of space for most people. For that reason, you don’t see many of PS5 users care about increasing the storage capacity of their console or worry about the lack of storage. However, suppose you’re someone who has a lot of digital data to be stored. In that case, you may need to think about either freeing up more space for the more important data or getting additional storage for your PS5, whether internally or externally.

In fact, you should use the PS5 internal system storage just for important data, like games or apps you frequently use, and other data like photos, videos, and audio files that you often access.

If you want to buy an external storage device for your PS5, please check this article that offers the best drives for that purpose.

Otherwise, if you care more about increasing the internal storage capacity of your PS5, you may want to know the best internal SSD expansions for PS5.

Anyway, back to the topic.

Here’s everything you need to know about the PS5’s storage situation and why you’re getting the “not enough storage” message although there is.

How To Fix The “not enough storage” Error Message On PS5

When you get the “not enough storage” error message On your PS5 although you’re sure there’s enough space for the game/app you want to download or install, then there is a problem either with the PS5 system software or that you don’t really have the required free space regardless what you think.

Here you’ll find the solutions you need to this problem.

Make sure you really have enough storage space

It may happen when you want to download a game/app or install it, you see its size and you compare it to the free space you have on your system storage, and you find that there’s already enough storage for it. You try to download, and ops! The PS5 says there is there is not enough storage for that file you want to download or install.

In fact, in order to work around this issue, you have to keep at least double the required space for the file you’re downloading/installing. The extra space is used by the system for caching purposes and if it’s less than required, the system will tell you there’s not enough storage for the file you want.

Finally, make sure to maintain at least 10% of free space on your PS5 internal storage device in order for the system to run at its utmost performance, or else, errors such as “not enough storage” may occur.


Make sure your PS5 has the latest system software update

Staying up to date with PS5 system software updates is key for making sure you have an optimal gaming experience.

If you want to make sure that your PS5 is running the latest system software update available, all you have to do is hit “Settings” on your PS5 home screen, and then choose “System Software Update”, and follow the steps outlined on screen.

You do not need any cables or wires to complete this process! Regularly checking for updates ensures that your PS5 can keep up with enhancements introduced by Sony, as well as improvements in stability and performance of the system.

Try deleting the unimportant games/apps to free up space

If you want to increase the storage of your PS5, try deleting any games and apps you no longer need or use. By doing this, you can free up space in order to accommodate any new downloads or games. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of the available space on your system and won’t run low while playing or downloading something.

So take the time to go through your settings and delete unimportant games and apps so that you can increase your storage capacity today!

If you’re still seeing the “not enough storage” error, try deleting some save data or captured video
If you are still encountering the dreaded “not enough storage” error, fear not! There are several steps that you can take to gain some extra space on your device.

Try deleting some of your save data or captured videos; these will provide a great amount of extra space without sacrificing too much content. Make sure to back-up any important photos or videos before freeing up the digital space.

Once you have made room on your device, you should no longer receive the “not enough storage” message – enjoy your gaming experience again!

Use an external hard drive to store games and data that are less important

External hard drives are becoming increasingly popular for storing games and data that are important, but less frequently accessed.

For example, with the release of the PS5 came an amazing new gaming experience, but what’s not usually thought of is that these consoles take up a lot of storage space leaving gamers feeling restricted to what they can install.

External hard drives provide a practical solution to this, as it allows you to store games and data which are less important than the ones you currently use on your console or PC. By freeing up much-needed space on the internal drive you have more room for those essential games and experiences which never back down!

When using an external hard drive with the PS5, you also get additional features such as quick boot times and extended bandwidth, so don’t hesitate to use one with your console.


If the error “Not enough storage” on your PS5 is still showing up after you check for updates and re-install games, don’t worry. There are a few more things you can try before resorting to uninstalling everything. Next, try deleting some save data or captured video.

And if all else fails, connect an external hard drive to your PS5 and format it for use as extended storage. With these tips, you should be able to solve the issue and get back to playing your favorite games in no time!

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