Configure And Use Mic On PS5 Headset Or Controller

To record high-quality audio on the PlayStation 5, you’ll need an external mic until Sony announces its next game controllers with high-performance built-in microphones. If you want to have a fully immersive gaming experience on your console, a USB microphone is essential. Then, how does one configure a USB microphone on a PS5?

using a mic on PS5 headset

Using the PlayStation 5 microphone settings, you can ensure that your teammates can hear you properly during in-game chat sessions. Most gaming headphones are connected via a USB cable or wireless receiver. You can also attach headphones with a 3.5mm connector to your DualSense controller. Thus, you can communicate using the controller’s built-in microphone. We will describe how to alter the microphone settings for each headset type.

Ensure that the cable or receiver of your headset is connected to the PS5’s rear USB port. Does your headphone own a 3.5mm cable? In this scenario, the connector must be securely connected to the controller. Your controller’s batteries need to be charged. The mute button should be disabled. This feature is often controlled by a button on the ear cup or headphone wire.

Configure the PS5 Headset Mic

Make the headset the primary input device. You can accomplish this by:

  1. Open the game console’s main menu. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, then navigate to Sound > Microphone.
  2. Choose “Controller Microphone” under “Input Device.” Change the controller microphone’s status to “mute” via the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose your gaming headset as the “Input Device.” You are now prepared to converse with your peers.

Enable PS5 Controller’s Mic

Do you wish to use a 3.5mm cable to connect your gaming headset to the DualSense controller? Set up the controller’s built-in microphone as follows:

  1. Open the game console’s main menu. Select the cog symbol in the upper-right corner, then navigate to Sound > Microphone.
  2. Select the controller’s microphone in the ‘Input Device’ field.
  3. Set the status to “On.” You can now communicate with colleagues via the microphone on your controller.

Modify The PS5 Mic Settings

Through the main menu, you can easily modify the microphone settings. Navigate to Preferences > Sound > Audio Output. ‘Adjust Microphone Level’ allows you to alter the microphone’s transmission loudness. Thus, you can make yourself easily comprehensible to others.

With ‘Sidetone Volume,’ you can alter the volume of your own voice. Your headphones must support this function. Do you wish to adjust the transmission loudness during a game? Hold the PlayStation button down on the controller. Choose ‘Mic’ and adjust the volume level.

How to utilize the PS5 controller as a microphone for Party and game chat

Now let’s examine how you can use your controller as a microphone for Party and game voice chat.

  1. Simply press the PlayStation button on your PS5 to access the Quick menu.
  2. Scroll to the right at the bottom of the screen and select the Mic option.
  3. A window will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now, ensure that the Mic option is set to Wireless Controller.
  5. Select “Adjust Mic Level” by scrolling to the bottom of the window and clicking on it. The mic level may be adjusted to a rather low level by default.
  6. The Adjust Microphone Level popup will display when you click it. Using the Microphone Slider at the bottom, adjust the Input Volume to the desired level. Reduce the intensity of the Microphone slider so that the microphone does not pick up background noise or even your controller’s thumbsticks and button presses. This will ensure that your vocal output is clean and crisp, making it simple for others to hear you.

Make sure your PS5 controller is working as a Mic now

Your controller is now prepared for use as a microphone. Check whether the microphone on your controller is operational. In Game Base, navigate to any of your party chats. Click the Headphone option at the bottom of your party chat window to join the voice chat. If you like to talk immediately, you should adjust the microphone volume by your name. You may now confirm that your microphone is functioning properly and that everyone in your voice chat party can hear you.

In addition, directly beneath the PlayStation button on the controller is a microphone mute button. When you touch this button, your microphone is silenced. Now, holding down this button will simultaneously mute all audio and your microphone.

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