How to Expand PS4 Memory The Right Way

Once you feel that your PS4 memory is too limited to meet your storage requirements and that the games/apps you desire to install find no enough room in your PS4, then it’s surely the time to expand PS4 memory to a higher volume that satisfy your needs for years until you decide to trade your game console for another one.

PS4 allows easy memory expansionYou might not be aware that PS4 memory can be expanded either internally or externally, and both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and their own fans as well. What makes expanding PS4 memory internally appealing is that it offers a significant performance boost, especially if you upgrade PS4 HDD with an SSHD or an SSD. Additionally, upgrading the internal memory of PS4 helps reduce the physical space on the table your game console is placed on, and helps also keep all your data in-house without risking them to loss, unlike the case with external memory add-on. You can read more on that in this article that compared the two solutions and illustrated their pros and cons.

Why Expand PS4 Memory

Use extended storage feature to expand PS4 memoryIf you take into consideration the limited memory size of PS4 that comes in either 500gb or 1tb of capacity, and if you’re a little savvy, you’ll realize that this amount of memory cannot meet the modern storage requirements of regular users, in a world that the top titles are released in up to 80gb of file size and even more.

Add to that the numbers of new applications you have to install, and the movies you need to store locally on your game console. All that contributes more and more to the concept of upgrading/expanding PS4 memory to a larger volume, in order to avoid running out of space any sooner. This matter is explicit in enthusiasts/power-users who have exceptional needs and cannot get enough from the available storage space offered by the manufacturer. Moreover, users who share their PS4 with other family members will need more memory to cope with this situation.

What if you get to know also that the stock memory device provided by PS4 is an obsolete and low-quality drive, and if you replace it with a modern one you’ll get a noticeable performance boost and enhance your gaming experience with PS4 like you never expected to happen before (Read more about PS4 HDD specs).

PS4 Memory Expansion Process

As stated above, you can expand PS4 memory either internally or externally, depending on your preference. In this section you will learn both methods and it’s up to you then to pick the one that suits you best.

As for internal memory expansion, you need first a PS4-compatible internal hard drive that meets the following specifications:

  • 2.5-inch form factor, in order to fit into PS4 drive cage.
  • SATA interface, as PS4 motherboard only support this interface.
  • Maximum height is 9.5mm. That’s also to fit into PS4 drive cage.

If you notice, this is a laptop hard drive in fact that PS4 accepts for upgrading its memory. But you can though use a desktop hard drive with the help of an equipment called Data Bank. We don’t currently support this method anymore for some reasons we preserve lest prolong this article.

As for the tools you will need to carry out the upgrade process, they are:

  • Philips-head screwdriver in order to unfix the screws that hold the stock hard drive.
  • USB flash memory to store the PS4 system software and re-install it on the new drive.
  • A USB 3.0 external hard drive enclosure, to make use of the replaced hard drive as an external memory.

Once you have all that in hand, you are ready to expand PS4 memory internally. Just make sure to download the full package of PS4 system software and store it on your USB flash drive before starting with the process.

Now watch the following video and carefully follow the instructions illustrated:

As for external memory expansion for PS4, you’ll need first a PS4 compatible USB external HDD that should meet the following specifications:

  • Support USB 3.0 standards. If your external hard drive is configured with USB 2.0 standard, it won’t work on PS4 as an external memory expansion.
  • Memory capacity ranges from 250gb to 8tb. Any number outside that range will be rejected by PS4 system.

You can read more on PS4 external HDD compatibility for additional information and insights.

Now, once everything is read in hand. follow the instructions illustrated in the video below, and you’ll be done.

That’s all for all methods. Now you can get the memory space you desire for your PS4 and install extra games and apps without fearing to run out of space in the near future.

About PS4 Pro and Slim

PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim memory can be upgraded exactly the same way, no difference at all. You may want though to read more about PS4 Pro HDD and PS4 Pro SSD to gauge your needs accordingly and make your option for memory expansion. Otherwise, this article is supposed to be enough to provide a general insight about the material addressed.


Sony has made upgrading/expanding PS4 memory very easy that even a non-savvy can carry it out successfully without any hassle, as long as the instructions are followed and implemented carefully. Just make sure to backup your data before making the first step in upgrading the internal memory of PS4, as you’re going to integrate a new device with zero data, and you have to fill it again. So it is starting from scratch, and when you have a backup copy of your games and apps, things will go much easier with you.

If you follow the easy instructions of any method, you’ll get the extra memory you want for PS4. Any problem or error occurs can be easily fixed if you ask around for a solution.

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