PS4 Compatible USB Flash Drive Stick – The Best Options

USB flash drive on PS4Being a PS4 user, it’s nearly mandatory to have an external storage solution for your game console, whether for purpose of backup in case of emergency, or just to get an additional storage option that helps you better organize your games/apps by expanding the capacity of PS4 system storage by adding an external hard drive that works as an extended storage.

Although a USB flash drive can be used exactly the same as a USB external hard drive on PS4, the overwhelming majority of PS4 users (if not all) discriminate between the two drives in terms of use, as they would give the large storage tasks to external hard drives, and small tasks to USB flash drives, and that’s absolutely justified logically, especially if you consider the price per GB for both drives.

Here, in this guide, you’ll go through everything you want to know about using a USB flash drive stick on PS4, whether you want to buy one and looking for the best option out there, or you need to know how to use a flash drive on PS4, or even to learn about USB flash drive vs external HDD on PS4. Simply you’ll acquire almost all the knowledge of this issue that you need to educate yourself about.

Let’s start first with laying out the best USB flash drives for PS4 in order to make it easier for a variety of visitors who have landed on this page just for that.

Best USB Flash Drives for PS4

Best USB sticks for PS4The selections here are primarily based on considering the purposes that most PS4 users get a USB flash drive for (i.e. copying game saves and/or use it to reinstall/update PS4 System Software). Therefore, the items listed in this section are not classified as “high-end products”, rather they belong to the entry-level class, as we believe it’s a waste of money to go for a high-end, super-fast USB flash drive just to use it for small storage needs on PS4.

Accordingly, our top priority here is reliability/stability, and speed is not of our top concerns, because all modern branded USB flash drives come with adequate speed that fit very well for the purpose.

We’ve made sure also to only recommend prominent brands that are highly-reputable in the market, in order for you to rest assured that each of these USB flash drives is worth it. Moreover, we have only listed 16gb and 32gb USB sticks here, because they offer huge capacity with a price tag less than $10 or a little more. That way you can invest your money in the right place without regret.

It’s important to note that we don’t recommend paying extra money for a USB 3.0 flash drive if you’re going to solely use it for PS4, as this will be a real waste of money since you’ll only use this device for small storage needs. Therefore, we have confined our selections into USB 2.0 flash drives, as they come with a great value for their purpose.

Finally, all the drives here are fully compatible with PS4, as long as your PS4 runs version 2.5 or later of its system software.

32gb USB Flash Drive

Here are our recommendations on the best 32gb USB flash drives for PS4. These drives offer a huge storage capacity that fits the needs of enthusiasts who have lots of game saves to store externally.

SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33
SanDisk Cruzer Glide CZ60
Transcend JetFlash 360
Monster Digital USB Flash Drive
USBCS-0032-L 32GB

16gb USB Flash Drive

Here are our recommendations on the best 16gb USB flash drives for PS4. This storage capacity is good enough for mainstream users who want to use a USB flash drive for basic tasks on PS4.

SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33
SanDisk Cruzer Blade CZ50
PNY Attache USB Flash Drive
SanDisk 16GB 2.0 Flash Cruzer Glide

Using USB Flash Drive on PS4

It’s way too easy to use a flash drive on PS4 as long as you know exactly for what purpose you want to use it. Because, depending on the purpose of use, the flash drive must meet some special specifications in order to fit for this purpose. These specifications are what determine the compatibility of flash drive with PS4 system.

In brief, a USB flash drive can be used in two ways:

  • Either as a regular external backup storage device that you can use for the backup of your data or to storage PS4 System Software to perform an offline update to your PS4 system or even do a complete system installation from scratch.
  • Or as storage extension that works almost the same as the primary system storage of PS4 to store/install games and apps.

Each purpose has its own compatibility standards that a USB flash drive must conform to in order to be approved by PS4 system.

USB Flash Drive Compatibility

If you’re going to use the USB flash drive on PS4 as a regular external storage device in order to keep a copy of your game saves or PS4 System Software update patch, then this flash drive doesn’t need to meet any specific standard unless that it’s formatted with a FAT file system (either FAT32 or exFAT).

As for the second purpose, which is to use the flash drive on PS4 as an extended storage, then the drive must conform to the following standards:

  • It must support USB 3.0 connection. The earlier generation of USB won’t work as extended storage.
  • The storage capacity ranges from 250gb to 8tb. Smaller or larger drives are not supported by PS4 system.

Both purposes have the same standards as with using an external hard drive on PS4. For that, we strongly advise that you visit this article to learn more about this issue in detail.

USB Stick Advantages on PS4

The advantages of using a USB stick on PS4 varies according to the purpose you want the USB stock for. But in general, as a miniature of the ordinary external hard drive, these little USB sticks offer nice advantages to their users, that are:

  • Too lightweight, tiny and portable. This offers an extreme flexibility to users who like to play their games on their friends’ consoles.
  • Safer and more secure. Due to its small size and the flash memory technology implemented in its manufacture, USB sticks offer more safety and additional security to its users over the regular external hard drives.
  • More reliable than external hard drives. The failure rates of USB stick is way too less than that with external hard drives.

That’s it. If you can afford buying the largest USB sticks for your PS4, then you have to in order to gain all these nice advantages.


USB flash drives (or USB sticks) are largely used on PS4 for lightweight use like keeping a copy of the game saves and storing the installation pack of PS4 System Software so as to perform an internal hard drive upgrade. It’s not often used as an external hard drive is used, although it can be used that way.

In all cases, we don’t advise to go for high-end USB sticks if you want to use them only on PS4. Mainstream class USB sticks should do the work perfectly without any issue.

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  1. Jonny Heslop says:

    Bought the SanDisk 32gb Cruzer Slide, incompatibile with PS4 as devices have to be 250gb or more. Why then are you advising it for use?

    • PS4 Storage says:

      You are using it as extended storage not as backup storage. That’s why it wouldn’t be compatible. If you use it as a backup storage, even 1gb will be compatible.

  2. Vic Arios says:

    What an extraordinary inane and misleading article. As already evidenced by poor Johnny H’s comments – the article is titled: “PS4 Compatible USB Flash Drive Stick – The Best Options” and then recommends 8 flash drives all of which are too small work to be of any use as extended storage (BTW “too” means “excessively” NOT “very”). If the author trying to sell a load of cheap old flash drives, he could do better than this effort – a waste of time which is likely also going to cause more readers to waste their money as well… Crap article of the month award! PS Storage Expert – sure…

    • PS4 Storage says:

      Not my mistake if you haven’t fully read the article. It states clearly that these flash drives are just for use as backup storage devices not as extended storage devices.

      Be little more active and continue reading to figure that out.


  3. James s says:

    Can I use a SanDisk ultra sub 3.0 with 64 gb to update version 6.0 on ps4?

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