How to Play PS3 Games On PS5 Without Limitation

PS5 backwards compatibility, or, in other words, the ability of PS5 to play games that belong to prior generations, is a crucial feature to have in PS5 in order to persuade as many as possible to buy it without the worry of being deprived of their old favorite games.

Historically, PlayStation consoles haven’t always been backwards compatible, as evidenced by the PS4’s inability to play PS3 or PS2 games (unless they’ve been transferred to the PS4 format). But, is that really the case with the PS5? Is there any way that you can play PS3 games on it?

PS3 games can be played on PS5 but with caution

In fact, a quick answer is that it’s NOT totally impossible. There’s a way to play SOME PS3 games on PS5. How? Well, the answer varies depending on the game you’re trying to play, although Sony has made backwards compatibility a priority with this device.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to play PS3 games on PS5, assuming that the particular PS3 game is already compatible with PS5 system.

Can You Play PS3 Games on PS5?

We’re sorry to say that MOST (not all) PS3 games won’t work on PS5, and just a few PS3 games are excluded from this verdict. Many PS3 games, such as The Last of Us, have been remastered for the PS4, thus can be played on the PS5, because virtually, almost all PS4 games can be played on PS5 except 6 of them that are deemed incompatible with PS5.

Play PS3 Games on PS5 Via PlayStation Now

Remastered PS3 games on PlayStation Now can be played on PS5
You’ll be able to use PlayStation Now with the PS5, which is a streaming service that lets you play games from cloud-based servers. You may play games from both the PS3 and the PS2 with this service. You’ll have to pay a monthly charge to use PlayStation Now, but you’ll have access to all of these titles.

So, games purchased on the PS4 through the PlayStation store are automatically linked to your PSN (PlayStation Network) account. This holds true for any digital game, regardless of generation. All of your digital games from your PS4 should be available when you register into your PS5 with your PSN account.

This simply means that you’ll be able to play digital copies of previous PlayStation titles (including PS3 games) on the PS5. If you don’t want to buy any digital editions of these titles, you can use PlayStation Now, much like with PS3 games.

This service includes not only PS3 games but also PS2 games from the past. This makes it simple to play any game without having to purchase it if you don’t want to. Playing PS1 games may be more difficult due to the lack of a library of them on PlayStation Now, but remastered versions of several titles are available for the PS4.

While the PS5 cannot officially play PS3 games, many of your favorites from that generation will be playable in some fashion on the PS5.

Why It’s Not Easy to Play PS3 Games On PS5

Ways to play PS3 games on PS5
You may wonder why Sony did that with older versions of PlayStation and doesn’t support their games on PS5? Well, there’s a reason why backwards compatibility for PS3 games on PS5 is not that easy at all, that the inner makeup of the PS3 system is vastly different from that of the PS5. As a result, porting PS3 games to the new console is a waste of time.

The PlayStation 3 had a proprietary processing technology that was extremely difficult to duplicate and copy. In comparison, the PS4 is more compatible with the PS5. Sony hasn’t felt compelled to embark on such a challenging mission because there are currently numerous ways to play PS3 titles on the newer consoles.

As for previous consoles, their systems are even more off from the PS5, thus instead of making a tough modification to the platform as a whole, Sony chooses to change and remaster specific games.

More Options With Remastered PS3 Games

You’ll certainly see more remastered versions of your favorite PS3 games as time goes on, so don’t get too discouraged if some of your favorites PS3 games aren’t yet accessible on the PS5.

So, which remakes and remastered PS3 games would you like to see on the PlayStation 5? Share your thoughts with us.

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