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Sometimes when you’re playing on your PS5 console you will notice that the PS5 controller light bar turns orange. Is that something normal or should you worry about it? Well, in most cases, the orange light neither indicates a problem with your console nor the controller. But in rare cases, the PS5 controller orange light, especially when it is blinking, can indicate a hardware failure that you have to take care of.

In general, when your PS5 is entering the rest mode, the controller’s light bar turns orange as an indication of charging mode.

In other words, when your PS5 is in rest mode and the controller is connected via USB to the PS5 (i.e. the PS5 controller is charging), the controller will slowly blink orange until it is fully charged, then it will turn off.

But what if the orange light doesn’t turn off and keeps flashing?

PS5 controller orange light

One additional cause for the PS5 controller orange light could be that your controller isn’t correctly linked to the PS5, or that there’s a malfunction—either hardware or software. Don’t worry, though. We’ll go over the various colors and how to resolve the issue.

This article can help you fix the following issues:

  • PS5 controller blinking white then orange
  • PS5 controller turns orange then off
  • PS5 controller flashes orange once only
  • PS5 controller solid orange light

So, let’s get started.

Meaining of PS5 controller Orange Light

Depending on whether the PS5 orange/yellow light is unblinking or blinking, it could mean one of two problems. If this indicator is solid and not blinking, your PS5 is in standby mode or the controller has been switched off while being charged before completing the charging process (i.e. it’s not 100% charged yet).

PS5 controller light turns orange when charging

If the PS5 controller orange light flashes or blinks, that means it’s simply plugged in to charge. It should turn off after the charging process is complete.

Generally, the PS5 controller orange light in these scenarios is not a sign of failure or a problem. It’s just a normal sign that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

But when does the orange light on the PS5 controller indicate a problem? Well, read the section below.

Why PS5 controller Orange Goes Light

If you have an issue with your PS5 controller and the orange light comes on, it could mean that something is wrong.

One of the issues indicated by the PS5 controller’s orange light color is that when you plug the controller in through USB, it does the slow orange light blink thing, but when you push the PS button, it stops working completely.

The most common reasons for this issue are:

  • It’s possible that the wire connecting your console and controller is broken or damaged. That’s if you’re using a USB connection, but if it flashes orange wirelessly, it can mean there’s a problem in the Bluetooth connection.
  • PS5 controller solid orange light is also caused by some adjustments you make to your controller and console settings. It can also mean the controller’s driver software installed on your PS5 is corrupted.
  • This PS5 controller orange light can be seen if you’re using the PS5 controller on several devices.
  • Battery issues and defective USB ports are also major contributors to the PS5 controller flashing orange light.
  • Your PS5 controller might undergo some sort of hardware failure so that it no longer works properly. For instance, it can mean that the PS5 controller PS button is not working.

There might be other reasons related to the functionality of the PS5 controller and its connectivity to the console that promote the blinking orange light, but these are the most common causes of the problem.

So, how to fix the PS5 controller orange light?

Fixing the PS5 controller Orange Light

If your PS5 controller flashes orange light once then turns off, or it blinks with orange light, then surely there’s a problem that you have to take care of.

PS5 controller orange light fix

You can learn how to resolve the PS5 controller orange light issue by following this step-by-step tutorial.

Method #1: Restart Your Console and Controller

This is the very first step you must make when you encounter any issue with either your console or controller.

To begin, switch off the PS5 console fully, then disconnect all connected devices and unplug it from the power outlet. This method allows the PS5 hardware components to fully “relax” from electricity by draining all electrical charges, resulting in a “fresh” and “strong” start when you power on your console again.

That’s concerning the console. As for the PS5 controller, you need also to turn it off completely and unplug it from any power source or from the PS5 console itself.

Additionally, you will need also to disconnect the PS5 controller battery.

remove PS5 controller battery

Now, leave the two devices turned off for 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes are over, do the following:

  1. Plug the PS5 power cord into the power outlet, but don’t turn on the PS5 yet.
  2. Connect the PS5 controller to the console via the USB port (Make sure the PS5 USB port is actually working).
  3. Turn on the PS5 while the controller is connected to it via the USB port.

Now check whether the PS5 controller orange light has gone or not.

Method #2: Clean the Inside of Your PS5

Dust isn’t just unattractive—it can potentially damage or even destroy parts of your PS5 console. Cleaning your PS5 regularly will help you keep it working properly and avoid expensive repairs.

Clean the inside of your PS5 to avoid PS5 controller orange light

So, in order to confirm that your PS5 console doesn’t have a connectivity issue with your controller, you need to keep it clean always.

Also, Make sure the PS5 USB ports are clean and there is no debris or dust inside them.

Method #3: Connect Your Controller To Another Device

How can you be so certain that the issue is with your controller rather than the console itself? Connecting your PS5 controller to another PS5 system or a PC will accomplish this. Check to see whether it works properly there now. Is the orange light on your PS5 controller still flashing or not? If not, you’ll have to focus on repairing your PS5.

But what if it works perfectly on one PS5 system but not on another? That means there’s a problem with the PS5 system software version that’s currently installed. The only option is to get a genuine DualSense controller.

Otherwise, if the PS5 controller’s orange light blinks on all devices, there’s a problem with the controller that needs to be fixed.

Method #4: Hard Reset Your PS5 controller

One of the best methods to fix most of the PS5 controller issues is to hard reset it. This method is one of the PS5 controller troubleshooting basics that you must always try when you encounter a problem with your PS5 controller.

Resetting PS5 controller can fix the orange light issue

You may want to learn how to reset your PS5 controller in order to do that process properly and effectively.

Method #5: Resetting the PS5 Connections

forget device on PS5 bluetooth

This method has helped many users overcome the PS5 controller orange light issue, and here’s how it goes:

  1. Go into you PS settings and go to Bluetooth devices.
  2. Find the unresponsive controller, press the options button and click forget device.
  3. Hold the PS button and Share-button simultaneously for some seconds while the PS5 is turned on. This will reset all connections of the controller and search for a new one.
  4. Wait until the PS5 controller bar starts flashing.
  5. You’ll see the controller pops up on the bluetooth devices screen.
  6. Use another PS5 controller to scroll down to it and pair it with the console.

If you don’t own another PS5 controller to implement this method, you can temporarily use your android/iOS phone to remote control your PS5. Download the Remote Play App and install it. You can disconnect the PS5 controller from Bluetooth devices and reattach it to your PS5.

Because Mac OS and Windows systems are slower, we encourage downloading the app on Android or IOS devices. The Remote Play App is available for both Android and iOS users.

So, here are the steps to how to do it:

  1. Log into your account after installing the Remote Play app. Note: Make sure the account you use to log in to your PS5 console is the same.
  2. A’start’ button will now appear in the app. Wait for it to connect to the console after pressing it.
  3. Go to settings > devices> Bluetooth devices > choose your DualShock controller using the touch D-pad.
  4. Choose options >Forget device > OK.
  5. Finally, on your controller, press the PS button and the Share button. A blue light will flash. You should be able to pair it and use it again at this point.

Method #6: Change Your PS5 controller Cable

If you constantly get a blinking orange light on your PS5 controller while charging, your PS5 controller charging cable might be defective and need replacement with a new one.

The PS5 controller cable might cause the PS5 controller orange light

You may charge your controller with an android charging wire or buy a replacement DualSock4 cord.

Then, connect the USB to the DualSense cord and check the light color. If the light turns solid orange, it means the controller is now charging properly and the problem was caused by the old cable.

Because USB cables are easily broken, this is one of the most typical issues. Replacing your USB cable may assist you in resolving the problem.

Method #7: Factory Reset Your PS5

One of the basic PS5 troubleshooting methods is to fully reset the console to its factory settings and reinstall the PS5 system software from scratch. This will delete everything stored on the PS5 internal SSD and give you a new fresh start with your console.

initialize PS5 to fix PS5 controller orange light

But why do you have to factory reset the PS5 when your PS5 controller light bar blinks orange?

Well, the PS5 controller firmware driver files might be corrupted for some reason. As a result, the PS5 controller won’t function properly, especially if it is not the original DualSense controller. Therefore, in this case where the PS5 controller light blinks orange. a full factory reset of PS5 can resolve this issue.

Method #8: Try to Fix your PS5 controller

One of the ways to work around the PS5 controller orange light is to change the PS5 controller conductive film which might be defective/failing. This method is for specialists and tech-savvies. Don’t try to do it if you’re not qualified enough.

Additionally, the PS5 controller battery might be dying. You may deduce that when you feel that your controller is not charging well or at all. Get a good PS5 controller (LIP1522) battery and replace the old one with it.

Method #9: Use the Original DualSense Controller

Using a fake PS5 controller can cause the PS5 controller blinking orange light issue. One of the reasons is that the fake controller might have an incompatibility issue with the currently-installed version of PS5 system software (i.e. PS5 system software has troubles supporting it).

Eventually, if you don’t own the original PS5 controller, just buy a new one. You can buy a used one in a good condition, especially after the release of PS5 as many PS5 users are selling out their PS5 console for cheap prices.


PS5 controller light bar can turn to a variety of colors. Each color indicates an issue that a user must heed. One of the common light colors on the PS5 controller is orange. When the PS5 controller flashes orange light, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem unless it blinks. This guide will help you work around this problem and fix the PS5 controller orange light.

PS5 controller Orange Light FAQs

Why is my PlayStation controller light orange?

In normal situation, when the PS5 is in rest mode and the controller is connected to it via USB, it will flash orange light as an indication of the charging status, then it will turn off once charging is complete.

Why does the PS5 controller blink white then orange?

When the PS5 controller starts by blinking white then orange, it might be a problem in the Bluetooth connection. You need to reset your controller and reset your PS5 connections. Read this article for additional solutions.

Why does the PS5 controller turn orange then off?

If the PS5 is in rest mode and the controller connected to it via USB, it is normal to get an orange light for a while then it turns off. This indicates that the PS5 controller is charging, and when it turns off, it means charging is complete.

Why does the PS5 controller flash orange once only?

It can mean either that your PS5 controller battery is not charging properly, the light bar is dying, or you have issues with connecting the PS5 controller to the console. Read this guide for more details and solutions.

What does PS5 controller solid orange light mean?

A solid orange light on PS5 controller may mean that your PS5 controller is not accepting charging (most probably it's the battery or maybe the cable). You might also be using a fake PS5 controller and the orange light might be normal.

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6 Responses

  1. Khaled says:

    The dualsense is currently plugged in via the USB-C cable and has this fading loop of orange light, but it won’t turn on, and when I pull out the plug, the light simply stops. Is anyone aware of what might be causing this?

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      If you’re playing your PS5 and the light on your controller suddenly changes from blue to orange, it usually means your controller needs to be charged. Normally, this would not surprise you, as you would receive a warning on your TV screen as well.

  2. Georg says:

    So this morning I’ve turned my PS5 on, took a disc out and then the controller just turned off. Since then everytime I try to turn it on it just blinks orange twice and stays off.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      When the light on your controller suddenly switches from blue to orange while you’re using your PS5, it usually means that it needs to be charged. This shouldn’t surprise you normally because you’ll also often see a warning on your TV screen.

  3. Jan says:

    My PS5 Controller has an orange light and won’t connect What can I do

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Looking at the flashing lights on your PS4 controller is the simplest way to determine whether it is charging properly. When your controller glows orange, it is charging properly; however, if it glows white, it either has a low battery or you haven’t plugged it in properly.

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