PS5 Crash: The Different Problems

PS5 Crash: The PS5 has been out for a few months now, it is the spearhead of the new generation of consoles with the Xbox Series X. It brings several technologies, but who says new console also says new problems. Whether it’s crashes, freezes or errors, the console also has its share of failures. In this article we will help you to identify the crashes of the console and how to fix them.

PS5 Crash: What Causes Crashes

There are several things that can cause crashes, freezes or errors on the PS5, we will help you identify them in order to fix the problem.

Power Problem

If your PS5 shuts down shortly after you turn it on or if you experience crashes or freezes while playing then the problem may be with the power supply of your console.
The PS5 is a very power-hungry console, so you need to power it accordingly.
Check your electrical installation, when there are too many devices on the power strip, it may not deliver the necessary energy to your PS5, so prefer to connect it to the wall socket.
If the problem persists, it may be the power supply of your PS5 that is the problem, but before that we advise you to continue the article because the problem may be something else.

Rest Mode Crashes The Console

It can happen that the rest mode of the console causes it to crash. The rest mode is used to suspend the game, allows remote play and keeps your game up to date.
There have been several cases of crashes reported by users using the rest mode, with critical errors and sometimes even rebuilding the database becoming necessary.
Update your console as the latest updates from Sony seem to fix the problem. If the problem persists, then we advise you to disable the rest mode.
To do this:

  • Go to “Settings” > “System”.
  • Go to “Power Management” > “Set the delay before the PS5 goes into rest mode”
  •  Select “Do not enter rest mode” for the option “While playing multimedia content” and “While playing”.

Your console will no longer go into rest mode automatically.

Overheating In Cause

Most of the time, crash problems are caused by an overheating console, if you get an error message saying that your PS5 is overheating before it shuts down or crashes then that’s where the problem is.
If your console is making a very loud noise in the ventilation then it may be having trouble cooling the console.
We advise you:

  • Not to put your console in a closed place,
  • Not to obstruct the ventilation with objects,
  • Not to put objects near it and to leave a space between the console and the walls.

If the problem continues, you will need to call a specialist repairer who will be able to identify the problem and repair your problem. For more information you can follow the article: How To Prevent PS5 From Overheating

Software Problem

It is possible that the problem comes from the console software.
In this case, you will have to update the console in order to fix the problem.
If your console crashes during certain games specifically we advise you to update the game and reinstall it if the problem persists.

To update the game, you must:

  • Connect your console to the Internet and it should automatically update the game.
  • If this is not the case, you must go to “Settings” > “Game data/saved applications settings” > “Automatic updates”.
  • Activate “Auto download or Auto install in rest mode”.

Your console should now update your games automatically. If the problem persists you can reinstall the game.

To do so:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Storage Space” > “Console Storage” > “Games and Applications.”
  • Select the game you want to delete and select “Delete”.
  • When the game is deleted, you can put the disk to reinstall it or go to the PlayStation Store if you have a dematerialized version.

Your game is now reinstalled, this problem frequently occurs with the error code CE-108255-1, for more information on this problem follow the article: Error code CE-108255-1: How to do?

If the problem persists then we advise you to rebuild your database first, otherwise you will have to do a factory reset of the PS5.

PS5 Crash: Rebuild The Database

If the problem persists and the crashes do not seem to disappear despite everything, then you will certainly have to rebuild the PS5 database.
To do this, you need to start the console in safe mode and follow the steps:
• Turn off your PS5 by holding the power button for 3 seconds, the light will flash before turning off.
• Press and hold the power button again for about 7 seconds, you should hear a second beep.
• Connect your controller with a USB cable and press the “PS” button on the controller.
• A screen stating that you are in Safe Mode should appear, choose option 5 “Rebuild Database” (see image below).
• Follow the steps to rebuild the database.

Your console has now rebuilt its database, the crash problems should disappear, but if it continues then you will have to proceed to the factory reset of the console.

PS5 Crash: Factory Reset

The factory reset allows the console to completely reinstall the system software in order to remove all the elements potentially causing the problems of the console.
But be careful, all of your data on your PS5 will be erased, whether it is user data or game data, so it is best to back up your data on an external storage device or on the PS5 cloud beforehand.
In order to reset the console entirely, you must start it in safe mode as for the reconstruction of the database:
• Start the console in safe mode in the same way as for rebuilding the database
• Now choose option 7 “Reset the PS5 (reinstall the system software)”.
• Follow the steps to reset the PS5.

Now your PS5 is completely reset, all data is erased and the system software is fully reinstalled, it comes back as if it was new.

If the crashes persist then the problem is probably with the console hardware, if your problem concerns another PS5 crash, you can follow the article: PS5 On The Fritz: We Tell You Everything

Hopefully this article will have helped you fix the PS5 crash, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about the failure or the article.

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