Error Code CE-108262-9: How To Solve The Problem?

CE-108262-9: You have a PS5 but you sometimes get an error code CE-108262-9? Error codes are commonplace on new consoles, it allows you to identify a specific problem on your console. Sometimes these codes are not important, but sometimes they are important indications of a possible problem with the PS5. If you regularly have the error code CE-108262-9 then this article can help you fix the problem.

CE-108262-9: What This Error Shows

The error code CE-108262-9 is a relatively common code that affects the
Sony console software.
It is a minor software problem, but one that can persist over time if the cause is not fixed.
The error does not pose a problem for the console, it is not a problem of overheating for example, the problem of this error is its very random side, the error code can occur at any time without warning.
Whether it is during the launch of a game, in the middle of a game or when turning on the console, this problem does not seem to have an exact cause.
However, some users have noticed that this could be due to the fact that they are plugging an accessory into the console’s USB port, especially those on the front of the console.
If you regularly have this error, avoid plugging an accessory into the USB port and prefer wireless or the jack port of your controller if you are using a headset.
You should also avoid using external storage on the console for the time being as this can cause problems.
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CE-108262-9: Update Your Console

The solution to this problem is often very simple, just update your console.
Sony has improved the problem on the latest PS5 updates, so you won’t have the problem anymore.
We advise you to connect your console to the Internet as much as possible and activate the automatic updates to have the latest software version of the PS5.
To do this:

  • Go to “Settings” > “System” > “System Software” > “System Software Update and Settings.”
  • Activate the option “Automatically download update files” or “Automatically install update files”.

Activating “Automatically install update files” allows your console to automatically install updates when it is in idle mode, which is very practical.
Now the error code CE-108262-9 should no longer appear on your console.
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Ce-108262-9 : Safe Mode

If despite downloading the latest update the problem persists then you should try to start the console in safe mode. This mode allows you to start the console with the most basic functions and allows you to identify most software problems.
To start your console in safe mode you must:

  • Turn off the console by holding down the “Power” button for 3 seconds, the power light will blink for a few seconds and then turn off.
  • Once the console is turned off, hold down the “Power” button again and release it when you hear a second “beep” which occurs about 7 seconds after the first.
  • Now connect your controller with a USB cable and press the “PS” button on it.

You should see a menu (see image below) that will offer you different options, we advise you to choose “Reset PS5 (reinstall the system software)”.
Be careful, doing this will erase all the data on your console, we advise you to store it on the cloud or external storage if possible. This is a last resort solution if the two previous options do not solve the problem.

Hopefully this article has helped you identify and fix the CE-108262-9 error code, if you have any questions about this problem feel free to leave a comment in the article.

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