The Database Is Corrupted, Restart The PS4 | [Fixed]

If you’re getting the error message “the database is corrupted, restart the PS4 [CE-34054-6]” when trying to launch a game, this article will help you find out what that means and how to fix it. The error message appears after installing a new update or downloading an online game from the PlayStation Store. It can also happen if there is not enough space on the hard drive for installation or downloading files has exceeded capacity. This article describes the symptoms of the problem, how to identify which step caused it, and how to solve it.

The database is corrupted, restart the PS4

What Does PS4 database corruption mean?

The PS4 database gets corrupted when one or more of the reasons below occur:

PS4 database can be corrupted due to various reasons. When the primary database files holding the user data get corrupted, that can corrupt the entire PS4 database. There are multiple reasons that can cause the primary database file corruption, such as:

  • Storage media corruption where PS4 database primary files are stored.
  • Changes in PS4 user accounts.
  • Accidental data deletion by a systematic error.
  • File header corruption.
  • Bugs in disk drivers.
  • Network failure when PS4 database is in working condition.
  • Hard disk failure, sudden power failure, unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks are some of the reasons that can cause the primary database file corruption.

when the PS4 database is corrupted you need to restart the system first

When the PS4 system recognizes this corruption, it displays a message on a blue screen saying: “The database is corrupted, restart the PS4 [CE-34054-6]“.

That is how the PS4 database is corrupted. So, how to fix that error and get your PS4 system back to norm?

Fixing “The database is corrupted, restart the PS4” Error

The very first step to fix “The database is corrupted, restart the PS4” Error is, as the message indicates, to restart the PS4. I strongly recommend that you completely turn off the PS4, then unplug it from the wall outlet for 3-5 minutes, then turn it on again. The is the best way to restart the PS4 in pursuit of error fixing.

If that doesn’t help still, there are still other ways to try in order to fix PS4 database corruption, that are:

  • Rebuild the PS4 database if possible. This should do the trick and fix the PS4 database corruption in most cases.
  • Update the PS4 System Software to the latest version. Simply go to “Settings” > “System Software Update” and download the latest version of the software for your system, then install it on the console;
  • Check if you have enough storage space left in order to store new games or applications that you want to get from PlayStation Store. A full PS4 hard drive might cause the database to be corrupted.
  • Full or soft initialize the PS4. If the soft initialization doesn’t work, you have to try the full with the PS4 system software reinstallation. As a result, all your data will be erased and you’ll have an intact and clean copy of PS4 system software installed.
  • Clean the Inside of the PS4, as system overheating promotes the PS4 database corruption.
  • Full format the PS4 internal hard drive, as it might undergoes some bad sectors that cause the PS4 database corruption.

These are the most common resolutions for this problem, if none works for you, feel free to contact us by commenting below or send us an email.


When you get Error Message: “The database is corrupted, restart the PS4 [CE-34054-6]” and you restart your PS4 yet this message doesn’t disappear, it means it’s time to do more troubleshooting for this problem. You have to try to repair the PS4 database first, and if it doesn’t work, go to the more extreme level and initialize the PS4. If you do that yet it still appears, then the problem is most probably a hardware-level. Either your PS4 CPU is overheating or the PS4 internal hard drive is failing or having performance issues.

We have covered almost everything you can do in order to get rid of the Error Message “The database is corrupted, restart the PS4 [CE-34054-6]”. Hope we have helped you in a way or another working around this issue.

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6 Responses

  1. Lurns says:

    My PS4 started performing strangely around a month ago. When I went to play GTA: SA one day, I initially noticed that it was skipping. Although it only skipped about every 25 seconds, it was like to seeing a stop motion video. I was running the 4.00 Beta at the time, so I assumed there were issues with the beta version and tried to roll back to the previous OFW. That turned out to be very challenging because it just would not let me.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      – Turn OFF the PS4 console completely. …
      – Start PS4 in Safe Mode by pressing the power button and holding it until you hear two beeps.
      – Connect controller to the console via USB cable.
      – Scroll-down to reach Rebuild Database option.

  2. Arthur says:

    The message “database is corrupted, restart the PS4” appeared on my screen. Never previously have I seen this. It said “rebuilding database” when I rebooted. My games were all redownloaded. Do I need to worry?

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Here’s how to Fix a Corrupt PS4 Database

      – Turn the PS4 system off entirely.
      – Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps to launch PS4 in Safe Mode.
      – Connect the controller to the PS4 via USB.
      – Select the Rebuild Database option and follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. FH23 says:

    The PS4 hard disk is reorganized and indexed during rebuilding to make it simpler and faster for the system to retrieve your contents. It resembles Windows’ chkdsk command in certain ways.

    Additionally, rebuilding the PS4 database will try to fix damaged data, so it’s quite important to rebuild the PS4 database when it is corrupted.

    • PlayStation Expert says:

      Yes, rebuilding the PS4 database can really fix the problem, but not always. The PS4 internal HDD might have bad sectors that cause all these issues and it must be repaired. Thanks for sharing that with us.

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