Error Code CE-108255-1: How To Proceed

How to fix Eerror code CE-108255-1?

CE-108255-1: Some PS5 users may get the error CE-108255-1 during a game session. This error is often accompanied by the message “A problem has occurred with this game or application”. This can prevent you from fully enjoying your PS5. In this article we will help you identify the cause of the CE-108255-1 error code and find solutions to solve the problem.

CE-108255-1: Causes Of This Error

The causes of this error can be multiple, it prevents the game from loading or the game can block unexpectedly. It also happens that this error appears when trying to access applications or the PlayStation Network.

Game Problem

If the CE-108255-1 error code appears only on a specific game or application and the rest of the games work perfectly, then the problem may be in the game.
It is possible that the game files or saves are corrupted, this happens regularly when a game update has been done incorrectly or when the console has shut down in the middle of a save.
It is also possible that the problem comes directly from the game’s disk which is defective.
We advise you to check if the disk is dirty, cracked or scratched as this may cause the error because your console cannot collect all the information to load the game.

Software Or Hardware Problem

Sometimes the problem may come from the game system software, to avoid this you need to update the system software through an internet connection.
It is possible, even if it is very rare, that the problem comes from the hardware like a defective hard disk or drive.
If the error code is displayed on most games and applications, then you will need to send the console back if it is still under warranty or have it repaired by a specialized repairer.
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CE-108255-1: The Different Solutions

Now we will show you step by step how to solve the problem of this error code CE-108255-1.

Update The Game Or Application

If you encounter the error when you play a game specifically or when you launch a particular application then you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the software.
Connect your console to the Internet and it should automatically update the game.
If this is not the case then you will need to:
• Go to “Settings” > “Game Data/Saved Apps Settings” > “Automatic Updates”.
• Activate “Auto download or Auto install in rest mode”.
This should allow your PS5 if it is connected to the internet to download the latest versions of games and applications.

Update The Console

As before for the game update, in order to fix the CE-108255-1 error, you must also update your console with the latest version of the system software.
To do this, you just need to connect your PS5 to the Internet and the console will propose the update that you have to accept.

Reinstall The Game

If even after updating the game or application and the console, the error code persists on a particular game, we advise you to delete and reinstall the game.
To do this:
• Go to “Settings” > “Storage Space” > “Console Storage” > “Games and Applications.”
• Select the game you want to delete and select “Delete”.

Now you can reinstall the game entirely from your disk or from the PlayStation Store if you bought a dematerialized version of the game.

Rebuild The Database

If the previous methods didn’t solve the problem, you will have to rebuild the console’s database.
To do this, you will first have to start the PS5 in safe mode:
• Turn off your PS5 by holding the “power” button for 3 seconds, the power light will blink for a few moments before turning off.
• Press and hold the power button again.
• Release the button after hearing a second beep about 7 seconds after the first.
• Connect your controller with the USB cable and press the “PS” button on the controller.
• Choose option 5 “Rebuild database”.
• Follow the steps on the screen.

Now your console has rebuilt its database and this should correct the problem.

Factory Reset Of The PS5

If despite the rebuilding of the database the error code CE-108255-1 still persists then you will have to do a factory reset of the PS5.

Beware that this will erase all the data on your PS5 whether it is user data or game data, we advise you to save your data on the PS5 cloud or in an external storage.
To factory reset the PS5 you must first start it in safe mode as above:
• Start the console in safe mode as mentioned above
• Choose option 7 “Reset the PS5 (reinstall the system software)”.
• Follow the steps on the screen.

Your PS5 will be completely reset with all data erased and system software reinstalled, this will allow you to fix the error code CE-108255-1.

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If the error code persists, you will have to call a specialized repairer.

We hope that this article has helped you identify and repair the error code CE-108255-1. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any question about the article or about the code CE-108255-1.

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