PS5 Noise Player: How To Get Rid Of The Noise?

PS5 drive noise: Your PS5 seems to make a noise in its drive? A shrill noise that activates even when there is no disc inserted or when you are not running a game? There are many reasons for this unusual noise. In this article we will show you how to identify the problem and get rid of the PS5 drive noise.

PS5 Player Noise: Identify The Cause

PS5 Drive Noise: A Software Problem

One of the most common problems with the PS5 player is said to be a software problem that forces some consoles to activate the player even when you are not using it.
If you have your player making noise during a Netflix type application when it is not using a disc then you are probably dealing with this software problem.
To fix this you need to make sure that the console is updated with the latest version of the system, this will allow the console to stop activating the player every hour or so for no reason.

PS5 Player Noise: A Manufacturing Problem

Some consoles have a manufacturing problem, the assembly has been poorly done and this causes the problem that the noise of the player is poorly isolated.
This problem is rare and concerns only a few consoles on the market. To solve this problem, there is no other choice than to send the defective console to Sony’s After Sales Service.

PS5 Drive Noise: A Drive Problem

If a “mechanical” noise emanates from the console when you are playing a game with a disc inserted then it is very likely that you are facing a drive problem.
It is possible that the drive mechanism is not working properly, to avoid this problem we advise you not to move the console while it is running.
If the console makes this noise when running a game with the disk, then the drive should be changed.

PS5 Drive Noise: A Fan Sticker Problem

Even if it doesn’t concern the player directly, many users have noticed a noise problem with the fan that sounds very much like a malfunctioning player.
A sticker on the fan gets stuck and causes this noise. To get rid of it, you have to dismantle the fan and remove the sticker.

Be careful, this manipulation removes the warranty of the console. If you are not sure, you should call in a professional.

To remove the sticker:
• Remove the stand from the PS5, vertically you will have to unscrew the screw that holds the stand to the console.
• Locate the face of the panel with the “PlayStation” logo
• Place the console on a flat surface with the panel containing the “PlayStation” logo facing the sky.
• Hold the console with your left hand and slide the panel down to remove it.
• Remove the other panel in the same manner.
• Unscrew the 4 screws holding the fan.
• Remove the fan, you should see a sticker that is slightly loose which is causing the noise.
• Remove the sticker completely.
• Reassemble the fan and the console.
• These steps are complex and require expertise, we advise you to contact a specialized repairer to repair the problem safely.
• We advise you to watch this official video from Sony to see
• how to disassemble the console.

If your problem concerns a noisy PS5, follow the article: Prevent And Repair A Noisy PS5.

Hoping that this article has helped you to identify and solve the problem of the PS5 coil whine. Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions about the PS5 coil whine and the content of the article!

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