The best skins in CS:GO under $10

Beautiful skin always gives you confidence in the game, but we do not always have the opportunity to buy expensive things. Our top includes bright, stylish, and most importantly, cheap skins that will fit perfectly into any player’s inventory.

A mixture of bright prints and a relatively minimalist design is perfect for all CS:GO players – both guys and girls. Each skin creates a unique atmosphere with its unforgettable story, quite at a budget price. Someone forgets these skins, but today is just the moment when we and our expert Volodymyr Huda decided to remember them. They will top our top 10 skins which you can’t see at CS:GO player rankings, but absolutely everyone can afford to buy, especially those who really want to stand out from the crowd, but for some reason do not have enough money.

M4A1-S Night Terror

We begin with one of the most popular weapons in the game – M4A1-S. Skin from The Dreams and Nightmares case. Like the USP-S, the M4A1-S Night Terror is inspired by nightmares. By the way, this gun has an interesting property. As the float grows, the pattern turns from red to purple. So decide for yourself what color M4 you need. Fortunately, with almost any wear and tear, the price of the gun does not reach five bucks, and the Field-Tested costs a dollar and a half.


The Night Terror minimal wear options offer exceptional convenience for less than 10 US dollars. With this option, you can still enjoy the striking aesthetics and clean lines of the leather without affecting your wallet too much.

AWP Worm Master

One of the first released budget skins for AWP. Back in 2015, there were few cosmetic skins for one of the most popular sniper rifles. And there is something to pay attention to. The entire trunk is covered with silver paint, against which you can see worms and skulls. The master of worms became the first cheap option, which to this day has retained its original beauty and, most importantly, the price. The price is $1.30.

Desert Eagle Oxide Flame

Let`s look at another one popular skin among CS:GO fans. This is due to the fact that the gun has a dear friend called “Flame”, which has a similar design, but with different colors. The difference is that the cost of this twin is much more. Therefore, given the popularity, the developers decided to release a budget version of the pistol, which you can see above.

P2000 Pulse

The P2000 Pulse skin appeared in the game one of the first, back in 2014, but now we are far from it and the volume of the CS:GO`s US market is now 3 billion dollars.

 But even now it looks good. A pattern of green fragments of different shades is applied over the black body of the pistol. The skin goes well with stickers and costs literally a penny – you can find copies in excellent condition for $2 or even cheaper.

Glock-18 Sacrifice

The commando featured on the Glock-18 Sacrifice is inspired by the graffiti on point B of the Overpass map. The graffiti itself appeared as a result of C4’s diffuse from Olof. He neutralized the explosive package and immediately after that burned down. A very epic moment. The skin will always remind of such a risky decision of the Swedish player. The price of the Glock-18 Sacrifice, excluding Factory New copies, does not exceed a dollar.

MAC-10 Allure

The MAC-10 Allure submachine gun is decorated with a picture of a girl on the shore. However, the design is deceptive because this is a real demon from Japanese mythology. For the possession of a skin for a demonic cannon that tears apart opponents without armor, you will have to pay less than a couple of bucks.

AK-47 Elite Build

The AK-47 Elite Build skin can be called a reference budget skin. Appeared in the game a long time ago, but from the first day, it remains an affordable and beautiful option for decorating the main gun – AK-47. A copy of the AK-47 Elite Build in Minimal Wear condition will cost about three bucks. Great value considering that the AK-47 skin should be in every inventory!

USP-S Ticket to Hell

The USP-S Ticket to Hell was added to the game along with The Dreams and Nightmares case. By design, it is obvious that it embodies nightmares rather than dreams. In the center of the exposition is a toothy mouth, and in addition to it, the gun is richly decorated with all sorts of technical elements, such as barcodes. With a good search, you can find a USP-S Ticket to Hell Field-Tested for just one dollar. Great deal.

P250 Inferno

The P250 Inferno skin is inspired by the design of the legendary card of the same name. On the hull, you can even find the direction to point B. Apparently, it is for those who like to rush the bomb site. We recommend that you add this skin to your inventory with the speed of the rush. Especially considering its modest cost. Minimal Wear costs less than two dollars.


MP9 Featherweight

The main decoration of the MP9 Featherweight is the perforation effect. In real life, this trick is used to reduce weight, but in CS:GO it does not make sense. However, this does not detract from the laconic beauty of the skin. Only the price tag is prettier. One and a half bucks and Factory New MP9 Featherweight in your inventory.

One of the reasons for the popularity of cheap, but at the same time stylish CS:GO skins, then for sure it would be the best value for money. Therefore, decorating your rifle or knife with stylish and inexpensive skin is the best way to give the gameplay new colors, both literally and figuratively. If you have a passion for collecting, then you can even collect a whole collection of such skins.

As you can see, cheap and beautiful CS:GO skins are not a myth. You can find anything among the variety. And what is important – cheap CS:GO skins are so affordable that there is no point in bothering with opening CS:GO cases. And the inventory with them, and you can evaluate it at Profilerr, will be really unique – after all, many seek to collect the most expensive and the most popular options. Let’s budget!


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